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The Gates of Hell... Blue Moon October 31, 2020 under Bharani.

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October 31st 2020 Blue Moon

Blue Moon, October 31, 2020, under Bharani.

How fitting that Yama, the god of death, governs our Full Moon on all Hallows eve, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. . . The Full Moon is always a time when the things that are hidden, pushed down, suppressed, are dredged out into the open. A time we instinctively feel pulled or torn in two different directions. It’s the time, we all act a little crazy… our true feelings and inner natures claw at us to be released.

When you couple this with Halloween, Samhain, all hollows, it shines a light on the things, not of this world. You see a full Moon on Halloween only comes once every 18-19 years, the time it takes the nodes (fate/destiny) to transit the zodiac. A spiritually charged time where the other side has a little more reach than any other, time. After all, the Full Moon illuminates all we’ve been blinded to. It's all that lurks in the unknown, in the dark and between the shadows.

The Blue Moon is sandwiched between Lilith and Uranus. The mother of demons and the planet of liberation. Sidereally, under the Zodiac of Aries, with its ruler Rx, and let’s say unable to control one’s desires and impulses. Bharani and the tropical placement ruler is Venus, the planet we journey through life on. Venus, the planet of entwined connections, people, desire and values.

Witches and women alike are connected to the Moon, for women control and contain, pleasure and desire. Lilith, the first wife, the mother of “demons”, the first witch, a woman who seeks more than to serve at the feet of men but to be equal. Women for centuries have been scorned for tempting the opposite sex for not being submissive and obedient. In a time where men sought to own a woman, and women to have nothing except what a man would allow.

Lilith, in so many ways, holds a place of fear. Fear of our true nature, sexuality, power and fear of what doesn’t fit into societal norms. It's a place we don’t negotiate but seek to fight for equality and a new way of doing things.

So, Lilith wedged between the Full Moon, and Uranus speaks of liberation. Might I suggest to those who are not so magically inclined to light a candle in honour of the women who came before us... The women who paved the way for us to have more freedom and equality in life. You don’t need to be a woman to do this, for every man came from a woman, give thanks for the pleasure women have brought your life. Hold space for them to open up in new ways without judgement but safety. Our ancestors live on through us, their experiences live on within our DNA.

The Full Moon is about reconsidering our commitments. It screams temptation, and the not honouring or taking responsibility of ones one impulses, actions and desires will anger Yama. The nakshatra of the Full Moon falls in Bharani, the cosmic vagina, the place from where all things are birthed into existence.

So themes highlighted under this Full Moon embody the fear of things we couldn’t see coming to light. It gives us the courage to face the fear that keeps us stuck and unfilled. It aids in breaking us free, destroying what was in preparation for the new creation to come.

Bharani, is the Lunar mansion of the cosmic Yoni (vagina), meaning creation, rejuvenation and purifying or cleansing. Bharani is governed by Yama, the god of death and the protector of our dharmas. Dharma, meaning, the right way of living. Again with Lilith here, living in secret, in fear and unable to be who you are is not a life.

We know there’s going to be some heavy stuff to deal with, Bharani governs over serious matters. When you give birth to a baby, for example, you’re then responsible for that life for a time, if not the rest of your life. Bharani teaches us the power of our creations, your actions will always have consequences. It’s endings and beginnings like Yama. The perfect fit for the nature of Halloween. A night you could experience some out of the box things, things that will change everything.

It presents an ending and beginning to perhaps right a wrong. It could indicate someone else’s perspective on something that happened in the past and denote your perception being vastly different, and a need to remedy it. Someone might be returning back into your life, or it could represent holding onto a relationship that's destructive for your well being.

A full moon to open the doors to all you couldn’t see before. A full moon of consequence and liberation. Once you see something, you cannot unsee it, rendering your perspective forever altered.

I am wishing you a magical Halloween night (all hallows eve) followed by all saints day (all hallows day), then all souls day or the day of the dead (dia de Los Muertos).

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