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The Rules we live by... Weekly Horoscope November 9, 2020, Magha.

Hey loves, we begin under Magha, the lunar mansion of our ancestors, the Pitris or spirits that transport us from this world unto the next. Magha corresponds to many things in the cosmic universe of which, inheritance is one of them. It's the things we gain as a result of those who came before us, the legacy left on to us from our forefathers.

Not everything we gain is welcomed, and I feel this week there can be some shocking revelations coming to pass. I see a judge and his gavel then the slamming of a book. Rules, Laws the very thing put in place to create the structure to our world, the guidelines by which we live our life being upturned.

Evolution is part of life. What structures, rules or laws are blocking real progress? I am not seeing a revolution per-say, but something that could pave the way for one in the years that unfold. I believe this week is asking us to focus on what we aim to achieve, no matter how far out the box it might seem. Change is upon us all one of which may divide us further, what with the New Moon under Vishaka.

It need not be left or right, but straight down the middle, joined not separated that’ll bring the changes we seek. When we stop looking at what separates and divides but what joins and unites, that's when the real work can be done.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead, pay attention to the synchronistic messages you receive this week… your ancestors are communing with you.

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