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Seeing is believing | November 23, 2020, Weekly Horoscope..

Updated: Jan 24

Believing is seeing

Hey loves, we begin the week under Shatabhisha, one of the most mysterious lunar mansions. Shatabhisha sees how things that appear to have no connection, in fact, connect. It’s represented by the empty circle, but nothing is empty, empty is space and space is energy. It’s all that we cannot see, things lost can soon be found.

Think of the week like a magic trick, revealing what was cloaked or hidden. It's a week that can help you better understand something, in a very unexpected way. Secrets revealed, stepping out of the boundaries of what's deemed possible into a world of endless possibilities.

Neptune is the planet of magic, illusion and dreams and will motion direct once more. Meaning we’ll fall back under the collective cosmic spell. The past 150 days while in retrograde, we awoke from the dream. It's like sleeping beauty awakening or snow-white no longer under the influence of those who hypnotised, poisoned and cast illusions before us. We got to see through the illusion shared with us through the realm of Neptune, and now we get sucked back in, as magic manifests before us through.… social media, movies, TV, media, music, drugs and the arts.

Mercury, no longer in shadow this week, breaks free to be able to commit to things fully, without the shadows of the past haunting us. Mercury joins with Juno, the asteroid of commitment while the Moon joins Uranus providing a fresh break, a new way and perhaps a better way.

We’ll also be coming back to reality, back to the way things were. Midweek, there could be some restlessness and anxiety rise. It's all leading us to be able to make the choices we need to make that we weren't able to before. Venus and Moon oppose, compromises will be required to ensure a smooth transition. It's a great time to get to know what you and another expects from the commitment or connection. It's a time to assess what you need, what you value and stand for, and how you can show up for a partner or commitment. Terms need to be evaluated, so both parties are happy.

The Monthly Horoscopes for your Zodiac sign will be up Thursday; Let me know if your November prediction has come to pass, you can check out your Sun, Moon and Rising sign predictions for December 2020 >> over on my website.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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