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A love letter from the universe | Weekly Insight, November 16.

Updated: Jan 24

Hey loves, we begin the week under Anuradha and for some Jyestha of which is in connection to the transiting south node of the Moon, Ketu. Anuradha speaks of something you wouldn’t expect, unlike Vishaka and Jyeshta, Anuradha keeps the ego under wraps manifesting in the “dark horse” notion, an unexpected something you wouldn’t see coming, type of a situation.

I feel that for many people this week can bring about an event that gets you to question your life's direction. Are you living in your potential? What do you seek for your life and what right now is less than satisfactory? It’s the energy that jolts one to action to go after and step forward to make or take some form of action to secure your future to lead a fulfilling life.

Anuradha can find happiness within others happiness. It’s not about you specifically, but by giving or doing something for another, it can bring fulfilment and joy as a byproduct. It’s being a good friend, even if you cannot understand someone's reasoning or their wanting or logic, it's finding happiness in their happiness.

I truly feel that whatever events unfold for you personally, that it’ll allow you the courage to not hide something from those who you love. Bringing the message to give yourself permission to be uniquely you.

Of course, with Jyestha also encompassing much of the day that starts the week, there will be falsehoods. Let love guide you, not fear. There's a reminder to be yourself this week. To be honest, and come to terms with what you feel about what you experience. It’s a week to get serious about the path you’re on and do not allow others to sway you off course.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead, let love guide you not fear.

Much love & thanks for clicking


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