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Building your Dreams | Powerful Capricorn New Moon, January 13

Updated: Jan 23


January 13, 2021, under Uttara Ashadha!

The first New Moon of 2021 and joined by Pluto will gift you the power to make something stick for good this time.

On January 13, 2021, at 05:00 GMT the Sun will kiss the Moon for its monthly new Moon, only the cycles joined with the all-powerful Pluto.

New Moons are times for planting seeds, filled with new beginnings and hopeful potential. So, this one will have the power to make something stick, to empower you to see your goals through to fruition or to cut something away that's been keeping you stuck.

Under the sign of tropical Capricorn, we're all about our goals, what we aim to achieve and accomplish this year. Often, when we set our intentions, we can lack the structure, discipline and consistency to see it through. Well, the new Moon in Capricorn is the best time to organise, prioritise and create your game plan to make whatever you seek to accomplish this year come true.

Capricorn represents our legacies, status and title. The new Moon will provide the perfect space for you to establish new routines, systems and boundaries to ensure you build on a firm, but a strong foundation. What changes do you need to make to ensure your success? What is the one thing that distracts and takes you from achieving the goal you wish to fulfil? Sometimes it's about illuminating something old as opposed to adding or doing more. After all, it's your habits that make your success.

The only constant in life is that it's always changing and Pluto invites you to transform alongside it. You can plant your seeds of intentions, but you have to work to build it into reality. Pluto will encourage and allow for changes to see that you see it through to completion this time. If at first, you don't succeed, it says to try a different approach.

So as the Moon grows over the month, your intentions will require you to evolve and make changes along the way. Capricorn is noxious for bringing limitations, creating barriers and making you work for it. Ruled by Planet Saturn, in Aquarius the sign of innovation it'll bring up a need to reevaluate what's working and what's not working.

Over the month, you're asked to make some adjustments with whatever you've set the intention for this month. Pluto's energy will bring about a powerful change, a new beginning as long as you're open to making the adjustments needed and being honest with why you seek to manifest what it is you're trying to build. Connecting to your why will fuel you further to see it come to fruition.

You might realise when you take the time to connect with your why that what you think you want or thought you wanted holds no real purpose for you. To reach what you're striving toward, you might need to let go of something else that's standing in the way.

During this time, you'll begin to realise there's a better way to get to your goals.

Questions to bring to your Journal

  • What do you prioritise?

  • What's the one thing you can do that'll help you get closer to what you seek to accomplish?

  • What's the one thing you can eliminate that can fast track your success?

  • What needs to change to reach your goals this year?

  • Why do you want what you want?

The New Moon takes place under the lunar mansion of Uttara Ashadha the undefeated and final victory. It's not the time to quit on your dreams or dare fall back into past habits feeling defeated. It's time, your time to make it happen, to connect deeply with your why and radically change your approach. Uttara Ashadha says fortune favours the bold, so be BOLD & be fearless in the pursuit of all you seek to accomplish. It's not if you will achieve what you set out to do; it's only a matter of when. You only fail if you quit, so DON'T quit.

The New Moon requires radical honesty when it comes to this new beginning. It's vital you're serious with why you want what you want, feel it deep in the bones and resonate with it in spirit. What would it mean not to have it? What would it mean to have it? Get energised and invigorated and make the changes you need to make to make it happen. Uttara Ashadha is known to overcome the odds; you just have to be willing to make changes to see it through.

Below you can see where you might need to make a change to ensure your new beginning for your sign.

ARIES. Reassess your commitments to others, the give and take and the cost of certain connections. Is it worth it? Getting your affairs in order and asking for what's rightfully yours.

TAURUS. Are you waiting for permission? Are you worried what others might say? The change could be in those you collaborate with, connect to and maybe it's saying no more to the drama.

GEMINI. Routines, baby! It's all in your lifestyle and habits. Honour your time and find ways to lighten your load. If it's really important to you, make time for it. Say no to something that provides you with no results, and invest that time in what will.

CANCER. Make time for fun. If you're not passionate and enjoying yourself, how do you hope to make it happen? You are love, and you need to make time for what you love to cultivate the relationships and connections you want. Be love, and you'll attract love or whatever you seek because love is the most extraordinary vibration of all.

LEO. In order for any flower to bloom, you need to plant it in the right space, are you in the right space for what you want to bring to fruition? Location. Location my friends! Re-working your living situation could make a world of difference.

VIRGO. Streamline your to-do lists! Wasting time going here and then there. Something in your day to day is eating away at your precious time you could use to build your dreams. Maybe it's too much time on social media, being a slave to your phone and the drama in the lives of those you love. Prioritise and make a change, you don't need to go cold turkey but maybe limit your consumption.

LIBRA. Time and money management is what could need tweaking for you. Whatever you seek to accomplish, you need to save for it and invest your time and resources to build it. It requires your effort and making it happen means cutting something off so you can build it.

SCORPIO. The change you need to make comes from you and you alone. You might need to alter your approach, go at it from a new angle as it might not happen exactly, as you want it to happen, but it could be better than you imagine. Making changes to your approach is what I have for you.

SAGITTARIUS. Finish what you start! If you want this thing to work, you need to finish what you start. The change comes with putting an end to half-assing things, having a plan, sticking to your plan, and not making detours. You'll only fail if you hit pause and forget about it. Consistency is key, my loves.

CAPRICORN. Networking! The change could require you to branch out, connect with new people, join new communities and groups to see something through. You might just need an accountability partner, after all, you do best when you have someone to beat to the top.

AQUARIUS. Career management. The change is connected to your work environment, a change of location, more freedom, or even becoming your own boss could all be high on the agenda list. The change is that you might not be in the best environment to bloom to your fullest potential. It might even be that you should look at changing the mentors, authority figures you've been following to make the progress you seek.

PISCES. Finding the right mentor or making adjustments to your philosophy of life. The change could be connected to what you know and implementing and taking action on what you know. Knowledge can be good in theory, but you have to see a plan through, taking action is what's needed to see your goal come to fruition. It's not enough to believe it you must, must, must live it!

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