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My New Moon Ritual.

Updated: Feb 28

My New Moon Ritual.

On August 19, 2020, at 03:41 GMT we have the Magha, Leo New Moon. If you haven’t checked out my post about this lunar cycle, you can click here to read to see what it’s seeding and how it will impact your astrological sign.

The New Moon is the time we enter into a renewed cosmic space, a time of new beginnings, planting seeds and spiritual communion. The Moon appears to vanish in the night sky signalling a time to turn within, a reminder of the conception of a new path, door, idea or manifestation about to be birthed.

Think of a New Moon like the womb, the potential for new creation and endless possibility. It’s the place from where all things come, it’s where they originate. It's a time to go within, to connect to those who came before.

The New Moon for me is like a portal opening, you enter into a void in preparation for what’s coming. The Moon is no lit up, its cast over which allows subtle energies to roam free and be felt.

It’s a time of cleaning the slate and setting the direction from where you would like the energy to grow throughout the cycle. My New Moon Ritual consists of three days, the day before, the day of and the day after.

The Day Before The New Moon

The day before the New Moon I make a point of cleansing and clearing my space. Being as I am Governed by the Moon Astrologically I do perhaps go a little OTT.

I begin with spiritually cleansing my home, myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • I’ll smudge my home with spiritual assistance

  • I scrub the house top to bottom and anti-clockwise.

  • I set an intention for each room burning incense in favour of the new Moon cycle we’ll be entering.

  • I take a cleansing shower to remove any and blocks from me.

  • I take a spiritual bath to align with my intent

  • I settle into meditation to connect and channel the spirit

  • I light a working candle in honour of my ancestors (which will burn for all three nights).

  • I prep my candle for tomorrows working.

The Day of The New Moon

The day/night of the New Moon I’m on a high focus of what I am calling into my life for the cycle. I am communing with spirit all day and night long, I usually receive messages and signs throughout the day and respond accordingly. If I am working a candle that night then I’ll ensure the preparation work is cooked up.

I work a candle and write my petition during the New Moon. It’s best to whittle it down into an easily repeatable mantra that you can repeat throughout the day.

  • I’ll light incense first thing and go into mediation.

  • Throughout the day, I'm working a large candle for my ancestors. I'll pay attention to the flame and candle drippings along with messages and signs that come through all day.

  • Once the sun has set, I begin my petition, spend some time visualizing and repeating my mantra from yesterday.

  • During the New Moon, I’ll work a candle in accordance with what I am working to call into my life. I usually leave it to burn all the way down, I don’t snuff it. If you’re doing this, make sure it’s in a safe space, sandpit, the bathtub or kitchen skin wherever you feel safest. If you don’t feel safe working large candles, you can use a smaller candle and do your working earlier, or you can snuff it with a candle snuffer or with your fingertips. Be sure to relight it every day at the same time to continue the working.

  • I give thanks to my ancestors and regularly check in to see how the candle is burning for advice and guidance given to me.

  • I leave everything to burn overnight in a safe space.

  • I set an intention before bed for added guidance and advice and go to bed.

The Day After The New Moon

The day after the New Moon I am still paying attention to the candle burnings, both my ancestral one and my new Moon working. I continue my mantras throughout my day and during mediation sessions. It’s vital to speak to your candle and to your ancestors as they tend to be full of guidance and advice. Pay attention to your dreams from the night before and the signs you’re given throughout the process.

  • I’ll wake up journal my dreams, meditate and use my mantras

  • I take note of how the candles are working and journal.

  • This day the candles are usually burned well over halfway so I still check in with them, I like to see how long they take to burn down as it can offer clues of timing.

  • I go about my day.

  • That night I’ll repeat my mediation, visualisation and use my mantras.

The days that follow, I take note of the burnings like usual, but now I am releasing my intent but still following my usual spiritual practices.

I hope this post offers some insight or inspiration for you during this upcoming new Moon.

Many New Moon blessings


PS: If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to leave me a comment below in the comments section.

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