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Mercury Rx in Pisces // Feb 17 - March 10, 2020

Distorted Views Lead to personal truths...


It’s that time again, Mercury R-e-t-r-o-g-r-a-d-e!!! Now, hold up, don’t panic, roll yo eyes or fret because Mercury Rx is 1000% necessary, and the transit is not out to get you it’s in service to you- I promise.


I go into a lot of detail about the transit in this more about Mercury in Pisces here when I first spoke about the transit >>

When Mercury ventures into the deep unknown of Pisces it can create a lot of confusion like a dreamscape. Mercury is logical, it processes data but in a sign like Pisces that data doesn’t make sense because it’s undiscovered, not tangible, its a feeling, sensation, awakening to something that you were blinded to, that your mind filed away under miscellaneous.

When Mercury moves through this sign, it’s as if you get lost at sea, in the unknown, in fear of what you cannot conceive yet. Mercury is in a state of needing explanations when there are none, it sees something that cannot be seen, and it almost tests the foundations of your reality and even more so when it retrogrades.

Pisces is a sign that governs over poisons, toxins, dis-ease, fragrances, spirituality, ghosts, supernatural, dance, movies, music, Photography, it takes something and applies a filter to it in a way that transport your spirit to another place. Think of it as a drug trip that distorts reality for a while.

Generally during this time, I advise that people stay away from heavy recreational drug use as well as Alcohol. I would avoid for those who eat meat to steer away from seafood. Cleanliness is essential, personal hygiene, cleaning of food prep areas and cleansing the foods before cooking and prepping. Whatever you use as an escape will not lead you to the escape you seek during this time but further down the rabbit hole. Also, practise caution around harmful chemicals.


I like to think of Mercury Retrograde as an upgrade or update to your state of mind. Much like when a computer or smartphone updates to correct, implement and improve the device. Mercury is sorting through, clearing, improving, upgrading and updating your mind.

The mind works non stop its ground zero to you running at full capacity think of it as your communications hub, or a major’s office, it is central to everything. It’s the most complex organ in the body and keeps you breathing, heart beating, eyes blinking, it runs your body for you… It governs body movement, communications, thinking, organs functioning, it controls everything. For it to run efficiently Mercury Rx needs to happen so checks and protocols can take place. Again like an update it accesses what is and isn’t working to fix.

It's a time that everyone needs to take a easy breezy attitude. Embrace the Pisces, connect to your emotions, practice self reflection, take time to cleanse, to feel and to connect with yourself.

The process can be confusing, slow, things are not working (at full speed) or going to plan but this is one of the 3-4 times a year where you’re being asked to slow the F down.


Mercury works hand in hand with Uranus (the higher mind) and every 7 years every cell in your body regenerates making you a new person. Mercury takes 7 years to retrograde through all 12 signs of the zodiac, helping you to update and upgrade wherever he visits when in Rx motion.

Did you know that the last time Mercury was Rx in Pisces (Tropical) was February 23 - March 17, 2013 (19 degrees - 5 degrees Pisces).

It’s true Mercury was retrograde in March of last year (2019) but the cycle completes this year what I mean is… Last year Mercury Rx was moving from 29 degrees of Pisces to 16 degrees of Pisces. This year Mercury moves 12 degrees back into 28 degrees of Aquarius, this ensures that all Pisces (or any energy in Pisces) gets serviced by Mercury Rx because there won’t be another for 7 years.


Mercury is closest to the Sun and Moon within the realm of Astrology and so everyone has a mind, everyone connects, communicates and uses information, technology and the other things Mercury Retrograde rules over… So everyone is influenced on some level by Mercury Retrograde.

He is essentially updating the area he is transiting...

I will add that those who are ruled by Mercury or have strong Mercury placements within their personal charts will notice more so when Mercury is Retrograde, Gemini and Virgo tend to be most influenced every retrograde cycle. Also, those who have Mercury transiting an angle, so those who are of the same sign Mercury is transiting, this transit will be Pisces (transiting the self, health, life direction and all areas of life), but also Sagittarius (4th house, home, belonging, property, family), Gemini (10th house, Career, public, responsibilities, status)and Virgo (7th house, contracts, others, relationships).


I have a page dedicated to Mercury Rx here on my website that you can check out for individual house transit predictions…


Aries // What have you been suppressing? What needs to come to a close and what actions are you making? It’s not a time to initiate but to get planning + to be on the lookout for solutions to the problem you have buried.

Taurus // Would you trade places with those in your friendship circle? If the answer is no, you might want to ask why you give them your time at all… Trust your instincts when it comes to people, the first initial feeling is the one to believe in.

Gemini // What have you been putting off when it comes to your career/vocation? What are you not saying? It’s time to review your external aims to assess if you’re truly fulfilled in your role.

Cancer // Where do you long to be a year, 5 years or even 10 years from now? A time to plan for the future, set yourself some goals and come to conclusions and paths you can take to get there.

Leo // What needs to change? What are you scared of? Time to clear your eyes and take a peek into the thing that scares you most right now. There is another way and its time to process. Pay attention to strange signs and repeating things, something from the other side is knocking.

Virgo // Are your needs being met? What have you not said or expressed? You deserve happiness and the only way you can get what you need is if you open up and say it out loud.

Libra // Have you been neglecting your health? Does your routine/habits reflect your goals? Time to take care of you Libra, how can you take of others if you’re not doing so well… Get a check-up and make time for self-care.

Scorpio // Who or what are you fantasising about? Dreams can come to true Scorpio, if only you make a move… Time to reconnect, to listen to your heart and chip away the ice.

Sagittarius // Are you trying to do it all by yourself? What are you not allowing yourself to feel? Time to ask for help and share the weight of the world you carry on top your shoulders. PS be on the lookout for strange vibes within the home and family.

Capricorn // How much fun have you been having lately? Do you have a healthy work-life balance? Time to connect, talk and get social you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find out.

Aquarius // What means the most to you? Money is not always happiness… Where do you need to be supported Aquarius? Are you taking someone or something for granted and are you being sensible when it comes to your future plans and budgeting?

Pisces // Where are you being called to go? What do you want for yourself, your life and your future? It’s time to put yourself first and review the past 7 years and the new goal and fresh vision you have. Time to also nurture and nourish yourself pay attention to your intuition through the entire transit.



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