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Mercury Retrograde, October 13 - November 3, 2020

It’s that time again, Mercury is in Rx. From October 13/14 until November 3/4, Mercury will Rx in tropical Scorpio and back into Libra. You can find the video here.

So what typically happens when Mercury goes Rx? Well, we all get a little confused and, muddled, it’s as life is put on hold, delayed even… You see, Mercury Rx is aiding you to function better and do that you need to slow down.

The analogy I use around Mercury Rx is that it’s a lot like your computer, phone, gadget, upgrading and updating. It could also be described as editing the first draft of a book you’ve written. Things need to be removed so the story can flow better, some things are just filler in your life, and no longer hold importance. It’s time to file stuff away, to look at what’s not working, to fix, improve or remove it from your life.

When Mercury is in Rx, everything he rules goes into a reversal of sorts, slowing down and not functioning at best. The lesson is to slow down, gain fresh insight into matters connected to where he’s transiting personally. It’s actually the prime time to work on your manifestations.

Over the Mercury Rx period, I’ll be releasing videos and content connected to the blessing that comes three times a year, aka, Mercury Rx so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

To find out where Mercury will transit for you, scroll down...

Where Will Mercury, be transiting for you Zodiac Sign?

Where Mercury will Rx for you. // Please if you enjoyed this video share with fellow Astro enthusiasts & Keep me apprised in the comments with how your Rx transit was experienced. Time Stamps are at the bottom. Another post will follow explaining the current transit.

Mercury will be Rx from October 13/14 - November ¾ 2020, moving from Topical 11’40 Scorpio -25’54 Libra + Sidereal 17’37 - 1’51 Libra in Swati until October 28 + in then into Chitra.

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Mercury Rx through Houses Video Playlist >>

Mercury will Rx next in Tropical Scorpio into Libra.

Aries // 8th house into 7th house

Taurus // 7th house in 6th house

Gemini // 6th house into 5th house

Cancer // 5th house into 4th house

Leo // 4th house into 3rd house

Virgo // 3rd house into 2nd house

Libra // 2nd house into 1st house

Scorpio // 1st house into 12th house

Sagittarius // 12th house into 11th house

Capricorn // 11th house into 10th house

Aquarius // 10th house into 9th house

Pisces // 9th house into 8th house

Link to Website, more info on Mercury Rx >>

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