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Mercury is Retrograde

from March 5 - 28, 2019 (29* Pisces - 16* Pisces)

Last time Mercury was Retrograde in Pisces: February 23 - March 17, 2013

Mercury retrograde is the time of year we all upgrade/update our “software”.

What Mercury Represents...

Mercury is symbolic of our minds, memories, intellect, the ability to piece information together. Mercury governs over messages, communication, skills, travel, it’s reason, logic and thought processes. It’s our ability to do and create and interact with the world and all its inhabitants. It’s technology, signals, information so it’s safe to say Mercury is our brain and the brain is not emotional; it’s our hardware, software that helps the human function. It takes Mercury Six/Seven years to go retrograde through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac and when thinking of it this way it can also be linked to Uranus (our higher mind) the planet of innovation, change and progression. (Uranus stays in one sign for about 7 years). We know that when Uranus or any outer planet shifts signs that it creates a physical shift in our lives, so does Mercury when retrograde and you could even add it’s much more obvious because it’s a personal planet. Mercury Retrograde affects all of us because it governs over how we do life, we use Mercury in every aspect of our daily lives, and so each year it works on three/four areas of your life to help you run and function better. When Mercury retrograde it makes you take notice of that sign/area of life it transits as a way to upgrade, to spring clean, to create space for the next seven years of data you will be collecting. Each sign teaches or represents something different and each transit is helping you to grow and evolve. One thing is for sure during the transit you will feel like you’re operating on a backup generator because you switch your thinking and intellect abilities to the less dominant sign of your brain as a way to gain a new perspective and allow you to update. Patience is key, you cannot access everything while your phone, laptop or commuter updates, it’s slow, and you have to allow it to run it’s course, knowing that after completion it will run better than before, even if right now or during the process feels frustrating.

Mercury Rx in Pisces

First, let's discuss a little bit about Pisces to better understand what Mercury moving through this sign could represent. Pisces is the sign that connects you to the divine, it’s a place in which we all escape and where we can find peace and healing. It’s the deep unknown, it’s the oceans that surround us, and yet we do not fully acknowledge nor understand what's there, it’s another world altogether. Pisces is the invisible, mysterious, the idea or notion that science has yet to deem factual or evident. Pisces is a sense of feeling and knowing without touch or sight, it’s the sheer belief in the unbelievable. When Mercury moves through this sign, it’s as if you get lost at sea, in the unknown, in fear of what we cannot conceive yet. Mercury is in a state of needing explanations when there are none, it sees something that cannot be seen, and it almost tests the foundations of your reality and even more so when it retrogrades. It’s a time where you dream, you think of the future and all you have put on hold. It’s a time where you have to have faith and trust in yourself. You become very aware of all that traps and confines you, and it opens the doors and windows for healing. Pisces can also be a place in which we lack boundaries, a place in which we love unconditionally, and yet we have pain and trauma (not in the same way Scorpio holds pain and trauma). It’s the place we receive messages from the divine, and with Mercury retrograde the veil between worlds is thin, and we hear the beyond loud and clear. Synchronicity is at all time high during this time, but it’s up to you to follow the signs or ignore them. Mercury moving through the sign of Pisces is not logical or rational; in fact, it will make very little sense to the mundane. Seeing is believing in this case and finding the full story, or trying to explain things that cannot yet be explained will drive you loopy. It’s about trusting, leaning on your instinct and inner knowing to guide you through this journey. It’s about coming back to yourself, being one with the spirit within and relying on your reflexes and quitting the over analysing of things you will be experiencing. You could be faced with things you hid away a long time ago, the ghosts in the closet, the thing that has been haunting you in your life. A time wherein the presence of fear, things become silent and when you face fear, where you become present in that fear it melts away. It’s a time where you must trust that you will be guided and you will receive the answers you need to create greater freedom, bliss and joy in your life. Mercury in Pisces can be a confusing place to be because it's all we do not know. It's all that's hidden deep within and now is a time where that sleeping Dragon is awakening or the mermaid is starved and needs to swim closer to the store to feed. It's revealing the unbelievable. Pay attention to your dreams this month, the patterns, signs and synchronicity that takes place. Notice how you feel and the things that trigger you. Pisces is a sign that hates pain, suffering, cruelty on all accounts. It's a healing and deeply sensitive sign, and Mercury Retrograde will try to help you to release some of your doubts and fears and to send you back to the ocean to your hearts calling. Pisces is about authenticity, it wants to swim, to explore, to love to play to dance with the ocean. It's about flow. Pisces is a mermaid, and mermaids are said not to be real... Scientifically can we really say with 100% certainty that they don’t, when 95% of the Oceans have yet to be explored? Pisces is representational of the ocean, and the Ocean is a reflection of the sky, all we think, fear and project into the world. In truth, you only see the surface of the Ocean, and during this transit, with Mercury retrograde, you get to dive deeper. What you find might not yet have evidential bases but your experience, what you see, know to be true and yet cannot be. All because you cannot see something doesn't make it not real. Take love, radio waves, the wind, the air we breathe and gravity we can't physically touch it, but they are all very much real.

Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." #mercuryinpisces

So Mercury Retrograde is reflecting your true self, and for some, it could be needing to face who you are, what really brings you joy and happiness. As opposed to who you think others want you to be or expect you to be. Before you action anything, it's wise to ask yourself "what do I want". Pisces is magical energy that can manifest your dreams, being such a spiritual sign it very much is one of the signs linked to the law of attraction. Mercury retrograde is in a way upgrading your belief system, what you deem possible and it will give you experiences that will shift your perception on matters. I’m not saying everyone will have these insane awakenings or strange phenomena happen because Pisces falls within different areas of everyone's charts. What I am saying is you will gain a new perspective over your life, seeing something you didn’t or couldn’t see before. Something you thought impossible now being possible. Most of all Pisces is your connection to the divine. Your guides, angels and ancestors are with you, guiding you and sending you messages over this retrograde transit so be present to get them. Spirit speaks through us all, and in different ways, it communicates through dreams, patterns, cycles, animals, music, movies and through others. Listen this month to what is being shared. Where does Pisces fall in your astrological chart?

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