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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius | January 30, 2021

Updated: Jan 30

It’s that time again, folks! Mercury Retrograde!!! If you want to learn how to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage, checked out my ‘Blessings of Mercury Retrograde 2021’ Video.

Today, in this post, we’ll journey through the ‘where’ it’s taking place and how it’ll impact your zodiac sign.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde does happen three-four times in a year, for all the zodiac dates click here. This Mercury Retrograde takes place on the 30/31 January, in Aquarius until February 20/21.

When was Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius last?

The last time Mercury went retrograde in Aquarius was back in 2014/2015. Obviously, this will stir up things emotionally and personally, but globally It was a time where cybersecurity and data privacy laws increased for review.

Here at Ask a Little Witch, we believe that everything happens in cycles, so think back to what was going on in your life around that time.

Around 2014/2015, Facebook introduced new features to restrict individual accounts access to view specific information. Security and privacy indeed increased on social media.

What happens when Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius?

So, why am I speaking about Social media? The Energy of Aquarius represents connection, community and well, trends and the Internet.

When Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, you can expect things connected with APPS, Social Media and the Internet, in general, to go through a sort of update/upgrade type situation.

We’re already seeing a change in the way business supply ads to those in the EU, needing to be GDPR compliant. That’s why every single site you go on that uses third parties, cookies and Ads will have a pop up upon entering the site to make you aware of it.

I’ve already explained in the ‘Yearly Guides for 2021’, that Saturn shifting through Aquarius will introduce more laws, boundaries, and limitations for the Internet and social media overall.

So, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius could begin to put into place a new standard for how we connect under the confines of Saturn, with regards to the internet and social media platforms.

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What Aquarius Represents?

When Mercury goes Rx, he influences the energy of the sign and all it represents. So Mercury rules it’s own set of things, all explained in the ‘Blessings of Mercury Retrograde 2021’ Video.

Aquarius rules over trends, the Internet itself, communication, inventions, science, theory, community, morals, groups of people, outcasts, nomads, technology, weird things, new things, social media, electricity, travel, research, friendships, startups, the path less travelled, Astrology among other things.

So, what’s the deal with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius?

So Mercury Retrograde could see an increase in bringing an old trend back, but packed differently. It might be a time where larger brands end up re-branding, changing logos or working on their brand message, marketing, relaunching old media campaigns, reverting back to something from the past.

You might see old posts recirculating as if its new information. Old products being relaunched and becoming popular. It might also just reinvent what’s trendy or trending.

It could recirculate and energize social activism campaigns that’ve laid dormant. Creating space for people to speak out about unconventional, taboo or silenced topics.

It might bring power outages, spotty Internet, or even the pushing for 5G on other levels. Aquarius is the future, so a back and forth discussion about what that future will be like could take precedence. Globally, personally, within medicine, technology.

Remember Saturn and Jupiter are both here, the last time Saturn was in Aquarius was the birth of the Internet, and now something new will come as they level up the control of the creation of the Internet itself.

How will Mercury Retrograde affect me?

I’ve created a short insight into where each Zodiac Sign will experience this Mercury Retrograde along with a link to a video that goes really in-depth beneath each short description, you can check that out here.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

In short, if you’re a FIRE sign, I’d watch for who you confide things too. It’s not a time to blindly trust people as the retrograde will take place in your social houses.

Don’t grant people access to anything you want to keep private. I’m not saying people will be malicious; sometimes they just let things slip or pass on messages you sent in confidence.

Also, make sure your internet security is tight, hackers, people taking your private files, and just watch out for cybercriminals. Otherwise, just watch what you say, people might twist or misunderstand you. Learn More.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If you’re a WATER sign, It can also bring up themes connected to security and past issues. It can be likely that things break down, for you to piece back together, change is usually a big part of that.

Mercury will retrograde through the most sensitive, private and personal spaces in your charts. How can you improve your situation should be something you ask yourself daily, during this retrograde cycle.

Use Mercury Rx to declutter your life, make space for what you want to call in and make amends with the past. It might be nostalgic time overall, but it’s a beautiful time to kick bad habits, make changes that last and improve your current situation. Learn More.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you’re an AIR sign, then the mercury retrograde is all about improving your life overall. You’ll be reviewing what’s working and what’s not working.

Mercury will retrograde in your life areas that connect to your purpose, goals and life path. During this transit, you’ll want to make adjustments to realign you with a goal that’s got sidetracked.

I’d also say it’s a time to reflect, not take action right away but plan and put systems into place. What do you want to manifest most in your life? What daily practices do you have in place that help you get closer to that goal? Learn More.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

If you’re an EARTH sign, then Mercury retrograde will be a little challenging. Things might feel up in the air and out of control.

Mercury will retrograde in your work and financial areas of your life. It’s a time to do less, simplify your routines and slow your roll. It’s about sustainability, not working harder when things inevitability gets derailed or don’t go to plan. Work smart, not harder.

Mercury Rx is also going to ask you, what’s this costing my health? Pay special attention to your stress levels, focusing on your health and well-being, which includes mental health, is going to be crucial.

Mercury Retrograde could provide you with clues to manage your resources better. How do you spend your time and money? Matters connected to time management and budgeting could come up for revisement. Learn More.

Final words

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius holds meaning as it connects us to our morals. What do you stand for? If you’re against bullying, but your BFF or partner is a bully, this will get called out.

Aquarius is a true humanitarian, it’s not what you tweet out, but how you show up every day. How do you stand by your convictions?

Lastly, Aquarius holds the power of influence, we all, each of us, decide what’s trendy, popular through where we give out attention, who we invest in and who we show up for. Use this retrograde to reinvent yourself, when you give yourself permission to be uniquely you, it gives others permission to do the same.

Use your influence for good! Be the difference to make a difference! If you watch any of my Mercury in the houses videos, comment below the video with the hashtag #usingmypowerforgood

Happy Manifesting!!

If you found this post useful, please feel free to share it with your tribe.

Kerry-ann | Ask a Little Witch

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