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MAY 2020 | Monthly Insights For Your Sign


This Month brings a blessing to reinvent the way you do life. We officially embark upon the retrograde season from where innovation will bring great rewards. This Month can open pandora’s box, but we will start, emphasis on the start, to see small breakthroughs. The road ahead is a long one, but the sidereal nodes will not shift until September 23… It’s during the summer of which things happen and this Month that will seed the leads to the first remedies. 

At the start of the year, I told you I saw ruins, and that it represented the rise and fall of new world order that will usher in a new way of life... To build anything new, you first must destroy and break down what is broken before you can start to build. The Ruin represented the system we live in and that it was old, outdated and could no longer hold itself up, there’s just not enough bandaids and so the building/system crumbled and fell and we need to clear a path through the destruction, and that is where we are at in May.

Venus is also beginning her new journey as such birthing a new relationship story… I knew that online dating would be shifted from superficial to more conscious connecting in 2020, deepening a bond as opposed to jumping from one to another - the FOMO and too much choice equalling in lack of commitment. Well, I had no idea that it would be because of a virus. You see this is a rare chance to connect to potential partners in new ways, to develop the emotional and intellectual bonds before the physical. It means virtual dating, phone calls and face time that will bring people together in a whole new way and will most likely result in longterm relationships because there is time put into really connecting with someone.

May is saying for you to stop waiting for the hero and be the change you want to see in the world. You’ve been given a rare opportunity to work, to create in a new way. Businesses are forced to innovate, working online, focusing on your passions and your dreams and using your time to utilise your potential. A time to learn new things, to start at home projects and to focus on that vision and dream, coming up with new ways to make it happen.

The time is now, are you really going to wait to create the life you want until it’s safe to venture outside? You have the perfect excuse to not be distracted by social obligations to focus on building your dreams, reaching those goals, you just need to think outside the box. 

Read your Monthly Insight Message below...


Aries | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

I feel like you might be a little in your head this Month, overthinking matters that don’t need to be over thought. I feel you need to stay on the ground in May, it might not be the best time to take flight. A need for you to stand firm with a goal or target you set for yourself. Amongst the changes that take place try not let it or anyone ruffle your feathers and take you off course. 

I see the number 4 for you Aries, days that add to 4 could hold significance, 4, 13, 22, 31 if you know about numerology then look out for your personal 4 days. Four is the number of stability, and so there is a need to consider the future when making choices this Month. Four is about family, security and the foundations from where all things are built, ensure you have your eyes on the prize.

Taurus | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Look where you step in May. Taurus there could be documents or papers that need your sign off, and I would urge you to look at the fine print. If you’re not signing anything, then there is a need to look a something with more scrutiny to make sure everything is authentic and above board. Something feels a little off-balance this Month, and as such, perhaps you need to hold space and not feel rushed to make choices or decisions. It feels as if you want to run away or get away from someone or something in May… Seeking freedom and more independence, perhaps there is fear about something that you need to break the chains from this Month.

Gemini | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Gemini what I see for you, this Month is a Key opening a gold door. I feel this to be symbolic that something will happen that will require you to trust the process because it, in fact, is opening you up to your destiny. It’s like you see something for the first time, and as long as you trust, you will soon thrive. It feels like a new opportunity is coming our way that requires you to step out of your comfort zone. For some a change to your public status and for others it could bring you to a new place spiritually. I also see a Stag for you. The Stag is not where he needs to be, for a stag to survive the hunt he needs to be in the deep or thick of the woods not on the in-between or fringe… Could your fear be holding you back?

Cancer | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

It feels like you’re trying to catch your tail a little during this Month. There are these demands or expectations surrounding productivity that are during this time, let’s face it, outdated. The world is shifting and changing, and you’re being called to release the wild within. In other words, to go after what you truly desire. May to say the very least is transitional, you might find yourself at a crossroads from where you will be given a key to a new way of life. It’s not a time to push yourself so hard… It’s like I see a need for you to give thanks to the past for all it has given you and then to release and let go of the attachments to the story of what was. You are in this state of becoming. An innovative new venture is just beginning...

Leo | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Leo what I see for you, this May is shedding of old skin. I feel for many Leo’s they will be playing around with their self-image this Month. It’s like your morphing into someone new, it could be you playing around with your appearance or a shift in your mannerisms. It’s very focused on something new. I also saw an image of Venus of which as you might know will be going retrograde in May as she births a new relationship story. Could it be that you to reinvent yourself every 8 years or so? It might be the start of a new business model, a baby on the way, or a new network or online community that you’re embarking upon. Whatever this “new version” is it will change the way others see you. 

Virgo | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

The impression I get for you Virgo is to keep your sights high and vigilant. It appears as if there could be some advancements socially or within your work sphere for those who work online or in the public eye (social media presence, YouTube, online brands, etc.) The message I also received was acceptance, a need to accept that this may very well be the new normal and waiting for things to go back to what was will most likely never be.

There is an opportunity here to evolve but also a need to present with what is unfolding, like stars moving through the night sky, when you leave or walk away to come back, things have shifted. Alas, you will be given omens and signs to follow, and by trusting in yourself, your intuition and natural-born instinct, you will make the right choices for yourself and future.

Libra | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Libra, it feels as if you think you’re being punished, a princess awaiting the hero to save the day. The word that came through for you is adaptability. The world is changing, and just like in the business world, there is a need to evolve, to not sit and wait, but to ignite that passion and fuel your own fire.

May is telling you to look at the bigger picture, your bigger vision for the future and you’re embarking up a new goal, vision or dream. If you wait around for the external to heal, be fixed, and for things to go back, you will be at a loss. Libra you don’t need to wait for permission to do something, you’re brimming with creative energy and May is asking for you to use it and to think outside the box. Break your dream down into actionable steps and watch how far you will go.

Scorpio | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

We all know that you Scorpio are the most secretive of all the Zodiac and May might expose something that you would rather keep hidden or on the down-low this Month. The word I kept seeing for you was “Flow” like a waterfall in continual motion. A Message to allow things to come out into the open and perhaps also a message of hydration to ensure your body is getting enough fluids.

A change is in the making this Month with the New Moon taking place in your 8th house also of which will be activated with Venus going retrograde mid Month. I guess what I am trying to say is the spotlight will be on you, and it’s up to you to control the narrative. 

Sagittarius | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Sagittarius, the Month of May is all about how you invest your time, resources and energy. I believe May will bring productivity, bounties, and a lot of projects to keep you busy as a bee. You seem to have this air about you of “what will be will be”, and acceptance for the way things are right now in the world. I also get the feeling that you’re investing in something that will bring an expense but will pay off in the long run.

May for Sagittarius is about doing things your way and not involving yourself in anyone else melodrama… As the saying goes, flies have no place telling bees how to make honey… And bumblebees are what I see for you Sagittarius. A Month of making plans and focusing your attention on things worthwhile in connection to your grand vision for the future.

Capricorn | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Capricorn, I get some similar vibes that I got for you in the last month of April. The word is “forgiveness”, holding onto resentments from others past wrongdoings is not serving you. There is a strong emotional pull again inviting you to connect with parts of yourself that have been tested to the core.

May brings you a new venture or shares with you a secret. The story you have weaved inside your mind could be holding you back from the truth of what you truly desire. May is giving you permission to open the heart space to give and receive. Remember that all because the last story didn’t go as planned it doesn’t automatically mean the next one will play out the same way. 

Aquarius | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Aquarius, May is all about making plans and having your sights set on the future. Keeping yourself busy and mind active will improve your energy levels this Month. You’re not one that likes to be couped up, and May is telling you its time to accept what is and make choices that best align with the hive. There can be setbacks to plans but focusing your energy on what you can accomplish here and now will serve you better than getting frustrated.

With Saturn Retrograde, there is this needing to stay grounded to work through and connect with things tied karmically to you. Planning for the future and letting go of the need to be anywhere else but here. Try to focus your energies on something that will aid you in the future.

Pisces | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Pisces, May gives me the theme song from the movie Jaws… It’s important this Month to trust your instincts when it comes to others around you. I get strong warrior Goddess vibes, a need to accept that when push comes to shove some people will feed you to the sharks for their 5 minutes of fame. It seems to me as if someone has shared something about you that may or may not be true. The point is they don’t really know the facts or they don’t actually know you but are making assumptions and presenting them as fact. The image of a false friend again, a Shark pretending to be a dolphin. 

There is a need to stand your ground and to trust your instincts when it comes to the truth of the matter. It’s not all doom and gloom… Whatever it is that is being said online, it actually just might be what’s needed for you to gain the freedom you need. What I mean is it feels like a weight being lifted, or something that was holding you back is no longer an issue any more.

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