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Mars Retrograde 2020 | September 9 - November 13

Updated: Jan 24

Hey Loves, today we’re going to talk about Mars and our upcoming very soon Mars Rx cycle happening September, 9, through Mid November 2020.

You can watch the video below, or you can read the transcript just under the video to learn about Mars and the Rx cycle.

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Okay, so we’ll cover what Mars Rx, the last cycle and what this cycle is likely to manifest along with how you can see where and how Mars will influence you on a personal note.

Mars, the planet of war, action and desire will go Rx September, 9th, until November 13, 2020. From September, 9, until October, 4th, he will Rx through Ashwini of which I’ll talk about in just a minute. From October, 4, until November, 13, he will Rx in the sign of Revati which I think will bring some intriguing things out into the open. In this video, I’ll be focusing more on Mars in Ashwini, as it’s pointing to an ending and beginning of something.

I mentioned in August that Mars is like the soldier getting into position, climbing or arriving to take action. What I will say right off the bat, is during Mars Rx years assassinations increase tenfold. It's usually aimed at people in high positions of power or has knowledge that could harm those in power. It's because Mars works for the king, the ruler and when Rx, underhanded things not in service to the big picture or playing into something are taken out.

Now, when Mars goes retrograde, It's when the soldiers are given a reprieve, before getting deployed and receiving the mission. It’s during this time that underhanded things tend to manifest and strategies are put into the works. It’s recon, you can prepare for the battle, but when you’re in a position, you’ll need to make adjustments and prepare for the action phase. On years when Mars is Rx, there does tend to be more assassinations on high governing officials. Remember Mars works for the King, the Sun or ruler, so when Rx it releases his reins and increases the power of Mars. JFK was assassinated during a mars Rx year, Abraham Lincoln, James A Garfield, William McKinley, Franz Ferdinand, Rabin the Israeli prime mister and many many others. I’m not saying when Mars is Rx that it happens, but it usually planned during the Rx.

Mars hasn’t been retrograde here since the late ’80s, his retrograde phases are pretty hard to track just like when wars break out, there’s a strategy, planning, preparing and then striking at the most unexpected time. It’s not like the governments discuss or schedule when to go to war, just like with terrorist attacks. Mars is about conquering, winning the war, obtaining the target and enforcing the Kings orders to reach the goal you desire.

Mars Rx kind of points to the fact that nothing is for certain, anything can happen, and things rarely go to plan. When a personal planet like Mars goes Rx, there’s a turning inward as his power increases, but also something material and physical manifests or is let loose.

Last time Mars was Rx back in 2018 it went Rx in Tropical Aquarius and back into Capricorn (it was Rx in Capricorn in sidereal). We saw the GDPR go into effect, changes with major laws, huge issues surrounding government leaders with Brexit and trump being accused by China of starting the largest trade war. There was a massive protest against gun violence and mass shootings. India changed its laws on homosexuality, and Saudi Arabia permitted women to drive. Canada legalised recreational cannabis. There were a few assassinations in connection to double agents. What I found interesting was a Scientist discovered a subglacial lake on planet Mars, while Mars was Rx.

Capricorn (the sidereal placement of Mars Rx back in 2018) is all about the constructs of society, its the government officials, laws and regulations. Capricorn is about things that have been around for a really long time. So Mars Rx can create a change, if not enforcing it, with the sign its Retrograding. Now, of course, Mars is a hot planet, and we did experience more awareness and information surrounding global warming. There were heatwaves, hurricane Michael, wildfires, volcano eruptions, and there was a tsunami… all things connected to heat that impact the people if not the entire world.

Sidereal Mars will Rx in Aries until October, 4, then transition pack into Sidereal Pisces. September feels brash, and we could be in for a bad storm season, especially when Mars moves back into Sidereal Pisces. Pisces is connected to so many things, but the ocean is one of them. We could get an increase of tropical storms, a potential tsunami, flooding and damages connected to water. Pisces also governs over confinements. Places like hospitals, hospices, jails, prisons, spirituality, secluded places, and healing. It’s also connected to music and entertainment and social media. Pisces is notoriously known for the escapist type tendencies, be it through drugs, alcohol but pointing to feels of being first trapped and wanted to escape. Pisces is the subconscious, its Neptune, all that lurks in the in-between and beyond, things felt not seen. Mars being a weapon, an enforcer of wills, weapons used that are unseen, be it submarines, sonic weapons, LRADS, or other subliminal weapons, or drugs, injections need I say vaccines.

Furthermore, we have Saturn going direct at the end of the month, as Rx Mars will bring confrontation. Now any time a planet like Saturn stops and shifts direction, we know something big will come about as a result of that. Saturn is the last visible Planet, acting as the gatekeeper of all that we know, and all that’s unknown. What's been happening behind the scenes is now likely to come out at the end of this month and into October.

I mean, we begin the month under Dhanishta, the drum… if that’s not an omen or a sign I don’t know what is. The sound of drumming can be symbolic for a great many things, but with the tension of the astrology, with that late cardinal energy bringing in a change, it feels to me like a warning. I either associate drums with trance-meditative state or the imagery of war. I see dark woods and drumming getting increasingly louder like ancient times when the war drums would sound.

I’m not predicting war, but at the start of the year, I did say the way we do life would be innovating and changing mainly with Uranus. When any planet goes Rx, we integrate we clear space to upgrade and update. We go back, and we make adjustments. So with Mars, which does signify weapons, machinery, cars, metal objects and then of course wounds, cuts, scars, army, military, protective fields such as police, first responders and the liking. . . I just feel with Mars in Ashwini, the Ketu influenced Lunar mansion its stuff we won’t see, but feel, and be internally influenced by.

Ashwini is connected to having, impeccable hearing, healing and medicines. Could it be that a vaccine will be preparing to launch and finding a way to ensure everyone takes it? Mercury will be in Tropical Libra until the 27th which could bring around relational choices, ignoring the emotions and basing our actions on more the factual evidence that's presented. Libra is Law, but we all know that the Legal system doesn’t always play fair, you get a good enough lawyer you can get out of almost anything.

Throughout the Saturn Rx and increasingly throughout Mars in Aries, there was a lot of talk about LRAD’s being used on protestors and strange experiments going on using them. LRADs are not a new weapon,n but with the technology advancements, it could show a new normalisation of using them.

Again, I am not saying there will be a war, but what happens during the Rx period could cause one or some serious unrest and conflict to mitigate.

How it’ll influence you...

In your personal life, you want to look at what whole sign house your Mars rules, what house falls under the sign of Scorpio and Aries to see how it will manifest for you.

Comment down below you ASC sign.

If you’re an Aries or Scorpio, have Mars in your natal 1st or 6th house, or if the sign Aries and Scorpio fall in your 6th house, you’ll want to ensure that if you take medications that you’re checking your prescriptions as you could accidentally get given the wrong prescription. It’s also a time to watch your health as Mars impacts this naturally in your chart.

Mars also governs over Machines, vehicles and weapons, so caution is advised during the first part from September, 9, - October, 4, when operating Machines, vehicle and weapons. It could be that if Mars is connected to the 4th house (of conveniences), the 8th house (of the unexpected, join assets and accidents), the 11th (of your gains or connected to work) or 2nd (your assets), you could have expenses. It could be that your car breaks down, or anything in connection to having to repair or replace machines.

Mars also governs over territory and movement there could be issues around movement, trade and travel. If you travel during this time, there could be complications, delays and more aggressive, stressed and high strung people.

I’m going to try to get up this weekend a video that breaks down how each sign will likely be influenced through the Mars Rx transit if this video gets 100 likes so please make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon. You can also leave me a comment below with your Tropical ASC, and I’ll try to respond to as many as I can with how this Mars Rx will be impacting you more personally.

Thanks so much for watching have a wonderful day.

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