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Making It Official | Weekly Horoscopes | June 1, 2020,



FOR JUNE 1, 2020.

Eclipse week the beginning of a new fated story with south node, Ketu, in Tropical Sagittarius under the lunar mansion of Jyestha. The one who conquers overall and the slayer of dragons.

During my channelled mediation for this weeks insight, I saw a mist clearing, a weight lifted, and a path is revealed. I believe that this is a week of clearing the air. It seems to be that we’re all gaining the information we need to move forward. 

I’ll do a separate post explaining the Eclipse on the 5th, but what I get is we’re all concerned over the future. Sagittarius is the future, the vision, the belief and our direction in life. It’s the big picture, the grand plan we have for ourselves, and we’re all asking to adapt that. 

I believe that this is the week to mark an official change, perhaps global changes yes, but also in our personal lives. Eclipses bring change, and this one is bringing the awareness to something that no longer fits. A week of big changes, moves and directions for us all as we re-soil seeds to build a better future. As I often say, to build anything new, you first have to remove what there in the first place.

Think of this week as gaining the guidance, clarity and direction for where you will build your future. Lots of official changes are what I see. I do feel there will be obstacles to overcome before you can change your life, but the point is there is clarity of what you need to do. 

Temperance is the card of working your magic. Every witch knows that they’re guided. You set your intention and do the work, and the universe aligns you the path of least resistance. Pay attention to the signs you’re given this week, they hold the keys to your future. 

Pay attention to whats going on in and around you. Take note of your feelings, intuition, what your eyes and hears receive. Breakthroughs are sure to arrive along with news or information of Page of Cups that might bring up a little tension, but it’ll be well worth it in the end. 

Have a good week =)

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