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LUNAR ECLIPSE | June 5, 2020, | How To Slay The Dragon


On Friday, June 5, there will be a Lunar Eclipse taking place in the tropical sign of Sagittarius under the Lunar Mansion of Jyestha. . . Before we get into the Insight lets, cover the basics.

But what is an Eclipse really?

Eclipses are markers of significant change, think of them as divine signs from the universe that things will shift in a big way. An Eclipse occurs at the time of a New or Full Moon when they connect with the North or South Nodes of the Moon otherwise known as Rahu and Ketu, creating an Eclipse. They act as door openers or portals that bring fate and destiny down upon us. Think divine intervention. 

You can look at the sign they fall in within your Natal Chart to find out what destined events will occur to align you to your purpose with that area of life, that ultimately aligns you to your higher calling in life.

How often do they happen?

Total Solar Eclipses happen a few times per year, but you can only see them from specific locations any given year. There can be up to 5 Solar Eclipses per year, but it’s considered extremely rare. 

Total Lunar Eclipses are even rarer, only 35% of Lunar Eclipses are TOTAL Lunar Eclipses again there can be two a year but up to five. 

This Year we have two Solar Eclipses, one Annual and One Total head over to to see if it will be viewable for your location. 

We have three Lunar Eclipses, all of which are Penumbral Eclipses. A Penumbral Eclipse means the outer part of the moon will be shadowed during the Eclipse. It looks as if a dimmer switch is on the Moon and as it turns a shade darker than a regular full Moon. They get mistaken as regular Full Moons, I view them as the significant changes we don’t see coming, its subtle but packs a punch.

Total Lunar Eclipse is the red/orange looking ones, and Partial Eclipses are when a part of the moon is blacked out. 

The last Total Lunar Eclipses were…

2011, 2014, 2015, 2018 (two each year), 2010 (December) and 2019 we had one in January… Again not all of them would have been visible to everyone its location dependant. All years that I know for me personally were turning points, where they for you?

The Next Total Lunar Eclipses won’t be until 2021, 2022, 2025 and 2026.

THE NEW DESTINY | LUNAR ECLIPSE JUNE 5, 2020, with the South node, Ketu.

A Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is about breaking free from limiting beliefs in the pursuit of your vision or quest… It speaks of freedom of information, knowledge providing power and truth in the pursuit of justice.

“Until you’re willing to lose everything you will not have it”. 

We must remember that there are more of us than there are of them… Right now we’re segregated. Separation and turning people against people is how for 1000s of years the Dragon (the powers) has remained. Through religion, through the law, through education, through race and ancestry. The world (the system, the Dragon, the powers) have programmed and taught us to look at what makes us all different instead of what makes us the same. Do you really need to put a single label on yourself... Until there is just one box/label there will always be a divide? 

The world was divinely made. It’s colourful and made up of creeds of all different sizes, strengths, talents and abilities. Those differences should be celebrated and put to good use. We all are equal, and so should all have equal opportunity, rights and lives. The old system needs to fall, and a new way needs to be welcomed. Trouble is when someone, a group that has (perceived) “all” the power they do all they can do to keep it… It’s medieval. 

Sagittarius is the sign we can associate with our higher aims, goals and aspirations in life. Part of the reason we have so many successful Sagittarius folks is they go at the thing they desire most until they get it... almost unrelenting. It’s about keeping the focus on the end goal, adapting and changing along your journey to reach your destination. 

A test of faith in what you believe to be right, just how much are you willing to fight for your rights.


Jyestha, the Lunar mansion that the Eclipse falls in is about winning. The dragon slayer in pursuit of the ultimate treasure. To acquire what they desire they must be willing to face the ultimate power, the Dragon (Capricorn). Jyestha teaches us that you will never be truly satisfied, its human nature to always desire more. As such, what you seek will be just the first quest of many that'll unfold.


With Mars almost agitating the energy of the Eclipse, might I suggest that you control your impulses and desires… You seek the Dragon (the powers) treasure, but the Dragon knows what and how you will approach... just like the Dragon has burnt and prosecuted those who came before, he knows he will too be able to do the same if you proceed in the same manner. You must be careful of your approach to not play into the trap that is being set… Be wiser. Be smarter. Join forces with the many, for there's many of you and just one dragon. A reminder that the fight is a collective one, not a single battle but a joint one. 

FYI… The thing we seek we must be willing to continue to fight to keep long after we eventually acquire it. The reason I urge us to practice patience in this process is Jyestha lacks it. To win over the Dragon you must be patient, you cannot storm the castle and expect to overpower the one with the power. Sagittarius is for all people, for justice and although it doesn’t mind to bend the rules, you have to ensure that you’re thinking longterm… real change takes time, awareness, learning and evolving. Just as you don’t just plant a seed and expect a Tree to be standing the very next day, there needs to be a plan in place, and the collective needs to be informed. 


With the Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius over the next year and a half, we have to protect our information. We've already seen that media can be fabricated to best manipulate a story or narrative. Gemini and Sagittarius deal with information, connection, the present and the future. It’s education, community, social media and the internet… We already see that platforms have enforced new rules, and freedom of speech is dissipating fast. Saturn moving into Aquarius is only going to attempt to further control the connection, internet, groups and networks to gain control over it. 

The South node Lunar Eclipse is releasing what doesn’t serve the many but only seeks to serve the one. There's healing needed and a need to release those limiting beliefs and thought patterns to regain your power and take action on your truth.

The South node is with Pholus, hence why there is an uprising. With the Sun and Venus Rx, the way we do relationships is also innovating. To learn, we must listen… If everyone is talking, then nobody is listening. If nobody is listening there cannot be understanding. 

Think back to 9/11 this was around the time that the nodes were last in transition. Look at how many people came together during that time. Look at how the media manipulated specific stories. The news today is not news at all, just more stories to further control.


On a personal level, we’re all are collectively releasing limiting beliefs, re-learning in some place/area of our lives, adjusting who we connect with, and consciously choosing/connecting to a vision while disconnecting from the toxic and negatives in our lives. It’s about letting people know where you stand on the matter. Sagittarius/Gemini are all about sharing, what you belief, think and know about the current situation and future vision. What lies have you been told and could be presenting as facts because you trusted the source?

CHECK YOUR SUN - MOON - RISING... and click on the button below to see what this Full Moon Eclipse will highlight for you.

Remember It'll centre around your beliefs, things that have kept you stuck and limited in that area of life. A re-learning of something old to upgrade and update to reach your goal in that sector.



Map your own transits by thinking back and looking for repeating themes, patterns and situations... This will guide you in what could come up during this transit.

Last time the Nodes were in Gemini (Rahu) + Sagittarius (Ketu) | October 2001 - April 2003 | This Transit, June 2020 - January 2022 | Next Transit, February 2039 - August 2040.

Last Transit...

  • December 14, 2001, | Solar Eclipse Sagittarius SN

  • May 26, 2002, | Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius SN

  • June 10, 2002, | Solar Eclipse Gemini NN

  • November 20, 2002, | Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (NN Gem)

  • December 4, 2002, | Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius SN

  • May 31, 2003, | Solar Eclipse in Gemini (NN Taurus)

  • November 23, 2003, | Solar Eclipse Sagittarius (NN Taurus)

This Transit...

  • June 5, 2020, | Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius SN

  • June 21, 2020, | Solar Eclipse in Cancer NN (Gemini)

  • July 4, 2020, | Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn SN (Sag)

  • November 30, 2020, | Lunar eclipse in Gemini NN

  • December 14, 2020, | Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius SN

  • May 26, 2021, | Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius SN

  • June 10, 2021, | Solar Eclipse in Gemini NN

  • December 3, 2021, | Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius SN

NN=North Node/Rahu + SN=South Node/Ketu.

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