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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn/ Purva Ashadha

Updated: Jul 7, 2020


July 05, 2020, at 05:44 am, London GMT time was the last Capricorn Eclipse we’ll experience for 18 years. Now, the influence and effects of the Eclipse is still highly potent at the time of me writing this and will continue to manifest over the next ⅚ months, until the next Eclipse.

As I noted in my stories on FB/INSTA, the Lunar Eclipse fell under Purva Ashadha, the invincible one, the war bringer the balancing out of power. We must recognise the lunar mansion because it shares so much with us. The Elephants tusk is one of the key symbols, one of significant power, but an elephant doesn’t just attack for the sake of attacking, and so we can see the war it brings is to cultivate change for ALL. To change anything and have it be sustainable longterm, you must dig out the infection from its root to avoid it spreading further.

The Lunar Eclipses is bringing awareness to power, structures, boundaries and standards. People in positions of power or the ultimate powers within our society are being evaluated right now. There’s been a power imbalance for a long time, and there’s a need to reflect, question and implement change.

The ruler of the Eclipse is Rx, meaning its hitting hard, right where it hurts. It’s asking what kind of world do you want to live in? What are you willing to actively take action upon… Elephants (Purva Ashadha) are not without compassion, but not all are being nurtured right now, not all are safe right now, and that is a problem.

There’s no place for saying one thing and do nothing. It’s basic math, there’s more of us (the herd) than there is of them. We give power to others with our time, attention, support and resources… if we simply stopped watching, supporting and investing with our time, energy and money that power would be null and void.

The way I see the energy is a sickness in society at large, I’m not even talking about COVID, although that’s a physical manifestation. We must listen to what’s being said as appearances can be deceiving at this time. Listen to what’s said and watch for the follow-through.

The energy on a more personal level can be assessed by looking at the house it falls in within astrology (from a whole sign perspective). It’s this house that’s showing you where we might give our power away to much or over/misuse it. Mercury Rx in cancer is showing who people are deep down… I’m sure in your own life you’ve seen changes in peoples behaviours over the past few weeks. An Eclipse is a humbling experience, it’s temporarily showing you something that you otherwise might have missed.

Eclipses can be exposing... they represent major turning points in one’s life, and it’s emotionally triggering because of the signs and what they represent. An eclipse doesn’t care if your King or pauper, right is right and wrong is wrong, you’re not above or below anyone else… if you’re not fit to lead someone worthy will replace you.

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