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Leo February 2021 | Being Honest with yourself

Today Leo, we'll walk you through the astrology of February 2021. We'll be looking at the astrology that has the most impact for your Sun, Moon and rising, covering Mercury Retrograde, the New and Full Moon along with intuitive insights and a card pull at the end.

Leo February 2021 horoscope by ask a little witch

February begins on a Monday, bringing about a great deal of uncertainty, knowing that this month there'll be lots of fluctuations and changes.


Falling under Virgo, with the Moon igniting the energy of your second house, placing an underlying focus towards money, assets and resources.

Let us not forget that for the first 3-weeks, Mercury is Retrograde in your 7th house of commitments, relationships and connection. You might be reconsidering your partnerships, looking at what you give and how much you receive.

Old issues in relationships can resurface now, you'll need to clear the air and come to some form of compromise. I've made videos going into how best to use Mercury Rx. I'll link the Leo video here.

I talk about all the transits of 2021, in the yearly guides for 2021 and this month you can get 10% off using the code 'Valentines'.

Leo Yearly Guide for 2021, yearly transits, yearly astrology, yearly horoscope, by ask a little witch

The overall theme of this month is really highlighting people's real intentions. It feels like there's a lot of people who are not who they say they are.


All that happens after the happily ever after

Uttara Phalguni being the Nakshatra to set off the month, is about bringing things back down to reality. Purva Phalguni, the one that came before this one, was the ideal, all that could be and the intent behind the coming together with another.

Uttara Phalguni is all that comes next after the credits roll to your favourite movie. It's all that happens after the lead character gets there, happily ever after. The Moon breaks away from Neptune, and by the end of the first-week things begin to get a lot clearer.

Uttara Phalguni wants to make it work and has a lot to teach us about relationships and successful commitments. The reality of love, of a truly successful relationship, is that it requires work and effort.

Everything in life comes through others, building and taking the time to forge quality friendships will always bring reward.

In summary, someone might not be who they say they are. Nobody is perfect, and placing people on a pedestal or trying to make them into something they're not will only lead to your own disappointment.

I believe this month is saying to see beneath and into the heart of a person. To honour your commitments and promises to be a friend first. Nobodies perfect, not you, not me, not them. Show understanding, practising honesty is a requirement this month.

Listen to what people, friends, your lover or even mother is trying to tell you. Just listen. Don't speak, allow someone to open up and really hear what they have to say.

How do you know who your real friends are?

Well, you know someone is a true friend when your dreams become theirs. Not because they want what you want, but because they want it for you, as much as you do. It goes both ways, the phalguni people in your life can make some of the best friends and lovers.

Moon Opposite Neptune | under a spell

The month begins with the Moon finishing its dance with Neptune, the planet of mystique, magic, spirituality and romance. Awakening from the spell cast upon us, illusions begin to dissipate as everything around us stops spinning. You can finally start to catch your breath and see things clearly.

The Moon in Virgo, and Mercury Rx, you need to stop looking outside of you for validation or confirmation. You already know what you need to know. Honour your instincts, what your other senses are telling you

AN AWARENESS of Commitments

Leo, you're ruled by the Sun, and the Sun this month will be in your 7th house of relationships, then moving into your 8th house of change around the 19/20 February.

There will be a strong focus and awareness being formed in your relationships and assessing what you've committed yourself to this month. I would also say that it's NOT the most ideal time to sign things with a Mercury Rx you may later regret and look for ways out of prior arrangements by the time Mercury turns direct around the 21st.

Again my overall, advice for this month is to do your research, and when it comes to the others in your life, you might want to find facts for yourself as there is someone who is not what they're portraying themselves as this month.

MERCURY RX | Ideal partners & learning to compromise.

Mercury Rx will also be impacting the Sun as it passes back through, everyone, mainly you will be reflecting upon who they are and who they want to be. A self-assessment of our goals and what is and is not working anymore in our lives.

You see Aquarius Energy, from where the Sun will be most of the month along with Mercury Rx it's connected to our hopes and wishes along with friendships and connections because everything comes through others.

It's super important to mention that if you don't take anything else from this video, you don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle this month.

Being as this month for you highlights relationships, and the planet of love and relationships sets the stage by colliding with Pluto and Saturn. There'll be some truths coming out, a change in the relationship dynamics. It's all about truth this month, and the changes that'll come as a result of those truths.

NEW MOON | Building a dream

The New Moon, on the 11th, will ignite your 7th house also, wanting to initiate new connections, signing of contracts that'll help advance your career or external goals, to create a boost. Just ensure you're ensuring that you know who, and what your agreeing to under the Mercury Rx influence.

Some of you might be considering returning back to a prior position under this influence. Others of you could bring a contact your way, that can assist, just ensure it's helping you long term not only for the short term.

FULL MOON | Return on Investments?

The Full Moon on the 27th will take place in your 2nd house, which can, of course, bring awareness over what's yours/theirs. Highlighting what matters most to you and what you actually need. It's an excellent time for you to assess your budget, and take a look at your expenses, the ins and outs to find a way to improve your financial situation further.

Whatever the situation at the start of the month, that was cause for concern, it'll get remedied at the end of the month around the Full Moon.

Leo TAROT Message

LEO: Open up about how you've been feeling & have that heart to heart. Express what's on your mind this month, and you'll find the solution you need.

Leo February Tarot 2021 by ask a little witch

The Queen of Cups being your energy card this month is about getting into your emotions, and connecting with what your intuition is telling you. There's clearly some practical uncertainty and anxiousness around money matters to do with the new beginning you or your partner wants to initiate.

It's so vital that you're open with your feelings and what you're worried about so you can come to a compromise and find a solution where you're both happy.

The month will reveal what you actually need and yes there might be a concern over how much you're investing into a new relationship, commitment or contract that'll need to be reassessed.

At the end of the day, you just need to be open with yourself and speak honestly about whatever events unfold.

I'm wishing you a fantastic February, please feel free to share this post if you took something from it & for personal sessions please feel free to check out my services.

Kerry-ann | Ask a Little Witch

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