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Jupiter Retrograde | Time to update your beliefs

Updated: Jan 24


Jupiter retrograde | May 15 - September 13, 2020

Jupiter is the planet within Astrology that we tie to luck, abundance and expansion. What Jupiter really represents is our beliefs, opinions, convictions, and our dreams and aspirations. If you know anything about the Law of attraction or have researched successful people, you will come to realise that they encompass a sense of certainty in the pursuit of their goals. In other words, they have strong beliefs, more on this in a moment.

Right now at the time of me typing this to you, Jupiter is Retrograde. When you think of any Planet turning Rx simply imagine the energy of that planet turning inward, it's felt more personal. The purpose of this post is to clue you into what Jupiter Rx will bring us all and how to use these four to five months wisely.


If we think about what Jupiter represents and turn it inward, we get our beliefs… During Jupiter Rx, this is the perfect time for you to assess your beliefs and alter any limited ones you may have. 

Beliefs are nothing more than generalisations about the past, based on INTERPRETATIONS of painful or pleasurable experiences. It's not the events of your life that make you who you are, but what we make those events MEAN. 


Jupiter is our grand vision, so taking the time to plan your future is also a good use of this time. Many of us coast along the river of life without consciously deciding where we want to end up or where we want to go. Take this time to set a course for yourself, and make every choice by where you want to end up. Question your self "Will this help me get where I'm going"?

Going back to what I said before, about beliefs… At the end of the day, we only experience what we believe is possible, and our beliefs set the standard of who we are, who we can become and what we're capable of doing.


Jupiter also governs over long-distance travel, places far away… So journey inward and get to know yourself in a way that maybe you haven't before. It's time to update and question what you believe to be true… remember it's what we believe that determines our success. What Story have you been telling yourself that has kept you stuck?

When we change our beliefs or perceptions of the past, be it pain or pleasure, our world changes. Question everything right now. Think of beliefs as universal permission slips. Use Jupiter Retrograde to update ad upgrade yourself, your life and world. Everything starts from within.

If you wish to learn more about Jupiter, where his transiting right now and how this could influence you, click here.


Right now, Jupiter is in Capricorn. What we see in the world are the powers that be (Governments/Capricorn) are trying to tell you what to believe. When people speak out of the scripted mass messaging that the media, news and other facilities are sharing they're silenced. The only reason I mention this is because Jupiter is Rx. Which means on a subconscious level, we're all updating our beliefs. When every news station, ad and media messaging are subliminally programming you... this gets embedded in your psyche deeper than it otherwise would.

My advice is to do your own research. Don't blindly trust people in positions of power. Check the sources and where they're coming from. If you can, ignore the news. Work on yourself. Give your body what it needs. Program your mind with empowering beliefs, not fearful and controlled ones. 

Have a wonderful week.

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