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JUPITER IN CAPRICORN | December 3, 2019 - December 20, 2020


Every year Jupiter shifts signs and on December 3rd, 2019 he moves into a brand new sign bringing new opportunities, experiences and expansion. For my sidereal Astrology peeps, he already shifted signs in November. Grab a hot bevvy and let’s discuss...


Jupiter is a planet that rules the big picture, the experiences we have that shift and expand our perspective on life. I always look to Jupiter as the planet of the Guru, energy so filled with love and wisdom, think Santa Claus meets Professor Dumbledore mixed with the Buddha.

If you have a problem in your life or something you want to learn or improve then the Guru has the answer… It’s not his nature to tell anyone what to do, but he will guide you on a journey to experience things that will reveal the answers that you seek.

When Jupiter shifts into another area of your chart, aka your life, you will have your beliefs, perception and experiences to do with the said house, expanded. Jupiter is like a hot air balloon, he will take you on a journey to see the truth of where you’re heading and the bigger picture when it comes to that area of your life he is transiting (click here to find out where he is transiting).

Something to mention here is that Jupiter is a gift, a blessing in our life but not all gifts and blessings come in the time or way we would hope them to. I’m sure if you look back over your life you can find at least a couple of times when you thought the worst thing in the world was happening but then look back to realise it was the greatest blessing. So, not all of Jupiter's transits are going to be perceived in the vibration of abundance, luck and good fortune because not everyone takes the initiative to act on the opportunities that present themselves. He takes the house and adds more experiences to it, which can cause distractions and not enough action.

If you're struggling with that area of life he might blow it up to even bigger proportions just to get you to make a change. Jupiter wants you to know you can manifest whatever you seek, he wants more for you and if you meet him halfway he will open the doors to endless possibilities. Life is about growing, experiencing, learning and evolving… So Jupiter will be sure to teach you something new with relation to where in your chart he moves this year.


Even before Jupiter moved into Capricorn, we already had plenty going on within the area that Capricorn governs for us personally. For example, Aries have experienced these events in their career, public and duty sector of life (10th), Libra in their personal, home, family and private life (4th) and Cancers in their partnerships, public relations and the others in their life (7th).

Pluto In Capricorn...

It began subtly in 2008 when Pluto entered into Capricorn for the first time in 248 years. The last time Pluto transited Capricorn was the time that led to America signing the act that gave them independence from Britain, the famous declaration of independence. Fast forward to now, can you too see the same similarities with the unrest in the world, it will get a lot worse before we see the same resolve (likely around July 20, 2022).

Pluto’s energy is not something that lives in the physical realm per se, it’s hidden and it lives in the mind of our psychology. A lot is going on as there was 248 years ago, It’s underground, whispers and secrets but the energy is so powerful that everyone is sensing it, picking up the vibes and energy transfers and it has and is festering in the fear-based energy.

Let me tell ask you something, can anything new be created without first destroying something? It’s Pluto, it’s like a Volcano awakening from a long slumber. It first begins by creating friction, it’s subtle at first like a really old house on the edge of a cliff. The cliff gets slowly chipped away at by the force of the ocean and eventually the foundation’s collapse and its no longer safe, you have to make a change. It’s what’s happening all around us, it’s unrest that is building up pressure until finally, it bursts and erupts like a volcano.

Pluto rules our subconscious and we all know that what you believe especially subconsciously (and we are talking a mass scale of people all with the same thoughts) is what manifests, it will manifest it’s just a matter of when.

2017 Saturn Joins Pluto in Capricorn

Then back in December of 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn and we began to see the effect of the choices made when Saturn was in Sagittarius. You see the masses wanted things to change (pluto in Capricorn), so Mr T was elected (Saturn in Sagittarius) and the people got the changes just not in the way we thought.

When Saturn entered into Capricorn the secretary of defence resigns, major shifts were also seen in the UK with a shift in the prime minister and the Brexit situation. The collective as a whole want a change to happen and change is what was given, again not how we expected it.

The transit of Saturn in Capricorn has been about testing the strength of the foundations of what has been built or established. It’s apparent the old way was not working, so what progressed from that was a scramble of trying to control the inevitable destruction of what once was. The last time that Saturn was in Capricorn back in 1988, Margret Thatcher gave her Burges speech which led us right into the Brexit situation when Saturn (Karma) returned to Capricorn. What’s interesting at least for me is that Britain joined the EEC, which is the EU back in the ’70s and that was the time that Rahu (destiny) the North node and Jupiter was in Capricorn and now the UK is all about leaving when the South node/Ketu (release) is there. I always say everything is patterns and cycles and the planets guide the way.

Late 2018, The South Node, Ketu entered Capricorn...

Anyway enough about politics! That leads me into the year 2000 the last time the South Node/Ketu was in Capricorn. The launch of Wikipedia, J K Rowlings best selling book Harry Potter and the philosopher stone, the working draft of humane Genome and of course the never to be forgotten 9/11 attacks. The attack was more so set into action because of Mars joining with the South Node and other planetary aspects with Pluto and Saturn opposing.

The Saturn, Ketu + Pluto Transit...

So fast forward with Pluto, Saturn and the South node, Ketu joining in late 2018 it almost acts as this aid to be able to move past the past, the fear and things that have held you down. We are dealing with generational things, the past, healing what is broken and releasing what no longer serves, untying the karmic ties and setting you free. Ketu enables the release, whereas Pluto and Saturn alone can be pretty stubborn and slow in there build-up for action.


A time in our lives where those blockages you have always felt, the area of your life that just seems cursed or troubled or tirelessly difficult, will begin to release.

Imagine a 5 year or 6-year-olds shoe laces all knotted up, or a jewellery box with 100’s of necklaces all stuck together… Now imagine you’re separated the knots and freeing them, this is the symbolic nature of what is happening. At first, you might get a little frustrated, there is the urgency when you have children to be at a certain place at a certain time or you have to wear that necklace its perfect for your outfit… Sure you can skip the necklace or ditch the shoes but there is this persistence energy so you will be working out, untying the things in your life that always seemed impossible, hard or cursed in a way to free yourself.

Jupiter can also put spiritual or a healing type personality out into the masses during this time. Jupiter can bring people into your life that will teach you a great deal, inspire you in some way… What with Jupiter being with Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, if we look back to the last time Jupiter joined with Ketu that was back in the summer of 2012, the time when Venus re-birthed a new relationship story and when the topic of twin flame came up into the masses as a lot of people experienced intense relationships.

Now, it’s just my opinion, but I feel those connections that took place were to connect you with the people about to enter your life in 2020. Of course, this could be a twin flame reunion situation happening… I just feel you had to undergo those lessons so you will be prepared for the connections that will be entering by the summer of 2020.

Ultimately, I see this vibe as healing from those past connections, experiences or situations in preparations to build something stronger and more aligned to the future you want for yourself.


Then Jupiter will connect with Saturn and Pluto and this will be the time of rebuilding, establishing a new foundation from which all things will grow. Again it can manifest for everyone differently it depends on how you are as a person. Jupiter connecting with Pluto for someone who is super resistant it will cause a tearing apart, but you will come to see how the things that grow here over this year will be the cause later for a great blessing.

There will be a lot of fated, divine timing or it’s meant to be’s taking place this year. Capricorn is energy so deeply connected to the collective, society it ties to our contributions to the world. It can be a time where a lot of people are aligning more with their purpose, but that’s a journey and a process…

It can be a time where there are sudden rises, leapfrog moments in your life. If you have already put the work in or are applying yourself, that it will pay off, you will receive the rewards and recognition that you deserve.

I know some people think of Capricorn energy as dark, or difficult, it is ruled by Saturn which is that Sensei energy, it requires your efforts, energy, patience, dedication, persistence and devotion to master something. A great example of Capricorn or Saturn energy is the skeleton, the bones, they are incredibly strong and the last thing of our body to decompose when we die. When a child breaks a bone, it grows back stronger but it takes time for things to fuse, it takes time for you to become the master. A metaphor of life, when things break the first time, it hurts, but we heal and we become more resilient and stronger having experienced it.


So yes, Jupiter moving through this sign is going to require you to apply yourself but it will gift you with experiences that can elevate you, materially, socially and otherwise.

Jupiter with Uranus's influence...

I said it before with my Uranus moving through Taurus for the next 7 years post…

The way we do life is changing, Taurus is the 5 senses, it’s our values, its what we have and what we need to survive, its money and what we invest our time and resources. So when a planet like Uranus moves through this space….Global awakening springs to mind, Jupiter is going to aspect and grow this energy and then eventually Neptune.

We are all learning to be more mindful of things, to question traditions, to question what is “normal” or the standard. We now look at for example where our food comes from in a totally new way, there is ethics attached to everything as we become more aware. It’s slowly not as common to play ignorant, we take the initiative to seek out truth and question everything.

Global warming awareness, how to save and heal the planet. Consumerism and how it plays into the harm of the planet we live on. There is less trust now in corporations that sell a story with clever marketing. It’s an age of being informed by doing your own research. In a slightly negative sense, it is a time where more people than ever are claiming to be experts in fields they have very little experience in, simply because they read a book someplace, which could be selling false information as truth. A rise in the messiah complex, false Gurus and “influencers”, large groups of people claiming to know all, or have spiritual gifts or be witchy simply because Spirituality is becoming a trend and can now be marketed for a profit.


Let me touch on that for a moment, spiritual readers, healers or teachers that have applied years and years of study in their field, absolutely should be able to earn a living. It takes a lot of energy to do this sort of work, working with spirit, energy transferring and healing is not like putting on lipstick, it takes a lot out of you. I am not just saying this because this is my whole life…

What I am saying is that there are now for example in the tarot and spiritual field on YouTube a lot of ‘pick a card’ readers, who when doing readings claim to be channelling or divining messages from spirit when in fact, they are not. I have zero issues with people reading the Tarot or Oracle cards, it can be a great gateway in connecting with yourself and beginning to develop and awaken your innate gifts but…

They shouldn’t be saying they are channelling messages from spirit because it makes them sound cool or it’s entertaining and gives them the perception of elevation when they are just reading the cards (as in the card says trust in yourself - and they say I am hearing, yes, from Spirit, that they want you to trust yourself). That is coming from the Mercurial side of the brain, the logic that recalls the meaning...

It’s hard to explain, but I read peoples energies and a lot of these “new pick a card” readers are NOT authentic… There are some exceptions…but putting out readings for the public in a manner in which they are is an insult to Spirit. If your channelling spirit, there is no way you can be doing the volume, its exhausting to be in another’s energy which is what happens when you read for people.

And FYI, I am not saying that I am better than anyone else, I am saying I have spent my entire life experience in this field. All the trails and events I had to go through for me to deepen my practice for me to be able to do what I do now at age 30…

I’ve been on the journey of spirituality ever since I could walk and talk. My entire life experience and practice have paved the way for me to reach this point, it’s not like I woke up yesterday and was like “oh that’s trending I’m going to do that”. I will never claim to be an expert in anything because I believe you can study and put into practice your entire life and that will still not be enough time to know all there is to know about any subject field. I will always say I am a student of life because I am always learning and growing with what I Learn. My spiritual practice is not a job it’s my way of life, I live it, breathe it and it’s in all that I do.

I map the stars, I study the patterns and synchronicity in the realm of astrology. I have been reading cards for others since I was 13 years old. It’s strange I started “ Ask a Little Witch” to share my craft and my way of life, and ended up sharing my experience of Astrology and Tarot...

That was a bit of a tangent… I am just saying to be careful with who you listen to online when it comes to spirituality. When these people open themselves up (not meaning too), they inadvertently invite spirit in without any preparation, boundaries or protection eventually it will take its toll.


Back to what I was saying… The collective is becoming more probing, the law of attraction is blowing up the internet since Neptune moved into Pisces and now with Uranus in Taurus we want to know more about things we use, need or invest in. We want to know about the food industry, how production and agriculture work, words like sustainability and minimalist rise up. The fast-fashion business model breaks down, what is that made of, where does it come from, where was it made, are those workers paid right… Questions pose with do I really need to buy 10 outfits from a fast fashion store or should I save that money and buy quality items that I can wear over and over. Capsule wardrobes are becoming a thing.

People are awakened to the reality of things… We do not want to contribute as the collective to the harm, cause of pain or suffering to any living being. It’s choosing to buy a quality product because we believe in their ethics, not the price tag attached.

The global economy depends on the regular person being a consumer. When we stop buying so much, certain business models aka fast fashion “it” trends lose big, forever 21+ victoria secret all downscaling or closing down.

By being more conscious of the world, and your contribution to it, we make better choices that help change the world. To aid in cleaning the oceans, limiting the use of plastics, excess packaging, all excessive consumerism that speeds up global warming are themes that are taking off and what is being set in motion… So 7-8 years from now the way we all do life will massively change.

More and more people are working for themselves… and as long as people are doing things with purpose, not for the money, the expansion will be granted… new communities built and a successful new economy being formed.

Uranus is about innovation, progression and its a working system… Uranus governs over our cells in the body, when we talk about cells, they all need to work in unison as a whole. So Uranus moving through Taurus which is in a way represents Gaia, the Earth itself is bring awareness to the planet.

It’s looking at everything we have been taught, the beliefs we have and discovering that a large portion of our beliefs is not our own. Until we grow spiritually we adopt the same beliefs as our parents, who got theirs from their parents, your grandparents and theirs came from their parents… You will notice that so much of who we are is passed on through our family, its DNA… We are evolving as a species and let’s face it, with where we are at today there are zero reasons for anyone to be enslaved, homeless or hungry… it all boils down to greed, control and imbalance of power.


Capricorn obviously rules the powers that be, as in our governments, world leaders, banks, schooling the things that have been around since forever ago!!! So you don’t need me to tell you that we have all been seeing a lot, ALOT of friction globally within this area of life.

With Jupiter motioning in, what could happen is we get visionaries, big-picture focused individuals step into the spotlight and make major changes. It could be that there is a rise/increase or change in Laws, rules and regulations - We have already seen this with the online world, new laws when it comes to the internet when Saturn began aspecting Neptune we saw laws with copyright materials on Youtube etc…

We can expect that there will be more laws put in place, perhaps laws when it comes to travel and immigration also. When it comes to Schooling you could see more innovation being put into the curriculum, with an aspect to Neptune later in 2020 perhaps even more inclusivity, cultural diversity to help all children learn in new ways. The old way of teaching and school could change as a new way is birthed. Perhaps meditation sessions, with a rise in depression and mental health new subjects or classed added to the school day, grading changing in a way that is not so restrictive and pressuring on written exams. New things will also be implemented with courses available at university to study as more and more people are studying online than ever before. Perhaps changes in the healthcare system can be expected, remember everything that is established, been around for a long time is now in the process over 2020 to rebuild to find the solutions to the problems or blocks with that area.


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