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July Monthly Horoscopes

Updated: Feb 28

This post will be updated with individual scopes as soon as they've uploaded to YouTube

Hey, Loves, I hope June treated you well and not too much was exposed or broke down with more planets motioning Rx. Let me know in the comments below what word summed up June for you… #exposing

So today I’ll be walking you through July, touching on the Astrology, and my own intuitive insights for the month, as well as for your personal Sign (Sun, Moon + Rising).

Feeling Exposed // Eclipse transition season

We’re all still in this transitional phase, as we wrap up and finalise the Karmic build-up of Cancer/Capricorn. While embarking upon the abundant exuberance of Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses.

Whenever the nodes (dealing with fate and karma) reach those last few degrees of a sign and the beginning degrees of a sign, it gives a vibe of exposure... like cracking an egg to reveal the goo inside. Once Pandora’s box has been open, it becomes impossible to shut it away. After all, you cannot un-crack an egg.

Planetary Vibes

July 1st, the Sun in Cancer presses up on Mercury Rx with the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus.

Mercury Rx in Cancer, we find ourselves exposing things from the past. Usually, in true Mercury Rx fashion, we do this accidentally. The past gets brought up and then dragged out into the open. We discover something and are faced with remembering it in a way that actualises what really happened. Words like accountability come to mind with Saturn re-entering Capricorn to join with Pluto and Jupiter.

Mercury the messenger, travels between all realms to get you the information you need. Mercury Rx in Cancer unveils the part of you that needs to be heard and healed. Cancer deals with the things that weigh heavy on our hearts.

Emotions are heightened, as repressed memories resurface. There are themes surrounding belonging, childhood and the past. The inner child throws a tantrum, as things don't go as planned and make you feel like a child again, controlless. After all, we can only control ourselves, not the way others respond.

July is about owning up and showing up for yourself. Listen and hear what you’ve not allowed yourself to hear before. Own all that you are, not just the parts you feel are or will be deemed worthy.

July can expose themes around parenthood, and acknowledging the parts of us that are not our own, but generational patterns passed on to us through our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and early experiences. Your past influence forge who you are, but your responding actions or reactions are ALL YOU, nobody is to blame for what you do, but you.

Many planets are in Rx. We’re being forced to look back, way back and write/heal the wrongs. Cancer/Capricorn eclipses come about every 18 years. The cycle is even more significant because we have planets that haven’t been together for hundred’s of years, which is why BIG stuff is coming up, to pave the way for change.

We can clearly see inbalance within power dynamics. Saturn in Aquarius (entering again in December), the people realise the power lies within all along. The people we elect, into positions of power, fame and influence, are only there because we put them there, with support, attention and purchases. As quick as we give our time, energy and money, we CAN decide not to. The only person you can control (Mars in Aries issues), is YOU. You need to not only speak your standard, but you also need to take action upon it.

You cannot hide from yourself right now, people around you are seeing you for who you actually are. If you live in your authenticity, there's nothing to fear, you’re not hiding from the shadow of yourself. Those who live in the realm of make-believe, consumed by the external (no judgement, everything happens for a reason), but living in the Neptunian realms of social media… it can be a time where your mask will slip.

My Insights for the Month

I said that July has the element of continual exposure. I sense that information, correspondences and miscommunications are still likely for July. The central vibe is in CHANGE, sudden and unexpected, out of the box shocking stuff coming to light this month. Whatever is revealed, it will alter everything for you. So, it can change your home and family dynamics, it can change your beliefs about something or someone, and it can even bring about a change of careers or ambitions as a result of the events that unfold in July.

You might discover, learn or explore something that changes things for you. I honestly see a flip on the script that’s your life, be it love, home, work or even yourself somehow.

I must add that whatever happens, is somehow supposed to happen, there's a touch of destiny about all of it… So, I know some of the things I’ve mentioned about July, if you’ve made it this far, can seem triggering. I only tell you what I see, and sense and I assure you that there's a lot here aligning you to your purpose this month. Sometimes shocking events need to happen to trigger us into action, to make that change to move and shake things up. A lot of what I feel will build and perhaps combinate around November this year… but significant things are happening in July to inspire action and change.

Whatever you wanted, you might decide this month that you don’t want it. Mercury does go direct, and so if you’ve been making bad choices, falling back into the past behaviours, habits, relationships etc, you might in the second part of the month discover nothings changed, and all the old problems are still there.

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July for Your Sign | Sun - Moon - Rising

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