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Irreversible choices | Weekly Message June 29, 2020

Taking sides leads to INSTANT Karma.

Weekly Insights | June 29, 2020

Choosing sides is something that I see highlighted this week. People aren’t inherently good or evil. There's no such thing as remaining neutral, we can rarely stay in the middle for long if at all, we’ll always be swayed to one side or another.

The impression I get is INSTANT Karma. We must own up to and confront pain from the past, or the plane right bad choices that were made. There’s a distinct feel in the air about what's right and wrong. There is a notion of good and evil that’s being cast around us like a dark fog.

Every choice we make, past, present or future bares consequences. Some people go years without having to deal with those consequences, that's until the nodes and Saturn pass through, then they come to collect. The Nodes have no prejudices, they bring awareness to everything, and no level of power or influence gives you preferential treatment.

A major turning point is happening right now, and it’ll change everything. I’d say divine intervention, but it seriously feels like a destined event that’s supposed to happen to enact the change we seek. It’s like a course correction to get things, to get us, you, back on track with our life path.

The devil is illuminating truth, in perhaps the most inconvenient of ways. It’s EXPOSING energy. We’re seeing it all around with Youtube drama, cancel culture, people “jumping the gun” in defence of something they have no right to get involved with. For example, white people excepting apologies for racism or the backlash JK Rowling is getting about trans women (by people who aren't even trans).

The road ahead feels dark, scary with a sense of prosecution for past deeds when perhaps you should've known better. Everything feels triggered, thanks to Mercury Rx in Cancer. Sensitivities are high, a need to belong is higher, and Cancer asks us to confront the hidden things that lurk in the shadows.

I assure you though, that should you choose to face your demons that future is bright, you’ll gain something you’ve long desired. Saturn aims to teach and to strengthen, his not without rewards. We’ll all be learning some significant lessons this week that require accountability. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong, it’s all a matter of perception, and you should definitely question the narrative you’re being spoon-fed. Its Karma.

I'd advise against passing judgements for they could reveal a projection of your own undoing. Ask yourself what makes you qualified of judge, jury and executioner? Seek to learn, seek to understand this week, instead of picking up your pitchfork and adding more fuel to the fire. Attune to yourself, commit to dig a little deeper and ask the big questions to learn the motivations behind what is unfolding.

I see something being made official, a change of significant magnitude and changes that cannot be undone. Please, please, please think before you act. Be part of a solution, not the problem. You've so much more power than you realise, stand by your morals and principles. Remember that three things can not long be hidden, the Sun, the Moon and THE TRUTH... the truth always comes out eventually. Be honest with yourself first.

Omens are everywhere, follow the signs and heed the warning they give you. Know you’re protected, but the only way to eliminate this darkness is through light, through truth, question the truth and trust your intuition. It’s not a time to blindly follow. Those who have power, have power because you gave it to them, as quickly as you’ve given it, you have ways to take it back.

Have a safe and good week. If y’all having dark thoughts please speak out, you’re never truly alone.

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