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Here's What the Moon in Astrology Means...

In today’s post I’ll be answering and clarifying what the Moon in Astrology means. So if you’d like a deeper insight into what your Moon Sign actually means in the realm of Astrology, then this is the post for you!

To clarify, I’m not covering the individual Zodiac Moon signs in this post, although I’ll link that later on in the post. Today, I wanted to provide gnosis to what the Moon itself represents in astrology.

The Moon in Astrology by Ask a little witch, all about the Moon in astrology

When you think of astrology, especially if you’re from the west, you think of your Sun Sign, Star Sign or Zodiac Sign. It all interchangeably refers to the same thing, the position the Sun was in at the time of your birth.

I’m sure you’ll agree not all people who share your Zodiac sign are EXACTLY like you. That’s because when you look to the stars, planets and other cosmic energies up there, you need to look at more than just one thing. You’re more than one thing, aren’t you?

Sure, the Sun is a vital and important aspect in the realm of Astrology. It’s insightful to decode and read into, but there’s 7 traditional planets that impact us physically and none more so than the Moon.

You see, the Sun stays in one segment of the sky (Zodiac Sign) for about 30 days, moving 1 degree each day. The Moon travels a lot faster, travelling around the entire zodiac every 29.5 days. So, for the time it takes the Sun to move through just one of the 12 segments of the night sky (symbolic to one area of life), the Moon has travelled through all 12.

If you do not yet know how to chart your birth chart and where your planets are located please read this post, to learn more.


We can think of the Sun, like a spotlight, centre stage, our eyes naturally focus on or are drawn towards the light. The Moon as it travels unfolds how we feel about what we’re experiencing and seeing, it’s the journey of self.

We all can witness the same thing but have very different accounts of what we experience. It’s because there’s the aspect of the Moon to take into consideration. How would you feel if you saw a dead body? People freak out in different ways, while others it doesn’t faze them, why?

It’s because of the Moon.


The Moon represents our emotional self and childhood experience. It symbolises the home, family and what we need to feel safe, secure and happy.

The Moon corresponds to our psyche, our psychology and our hardwired beliefs due to the childhood experiences we had. To understand a little further, think of the Moon as a brain, in fact in Vedic astrology, they label it the mind.

By the time a baby is born, the brain is 25% the size of an adult's. This means there’s a certain amount of precognitive programming even when a child is in utero. The early stage is significant for the babies' intelligence. It's why many people play (classical) music, read to and talk to their expectant baby.

By 3-years of age, the child's brain has grown to 80% the size of an adult's. The first 7 years of life, therefore, is imperative for a child's development. Skills that are ignored and not developed will disappear after this time frame. While skills developed, alongside, any experiences a child is subjected too will be ingrained in the child's mind into adulthood.

Essentially, in the first 7 years of life, the child is cultivating the foundations by which they’ll live their lives. A child learns all that is ‘normal' or expected societally in those first seven years.

It’s why subjecting children to experiences such as swimming and different languages, can allow the child to hold onto those skills for a much longer time. It would take much longer to learn that skill if you were to learn as an adult.

Children’s “flexible” brains provide a unique opportunity to create a solid foundation on which to build for the rest of their lives.-


The Moon has no light of its own, it relies solely on the Sun’s solar rays to illuminate and shine. It’s how we respond to what is being shown to us.

So, those early childhood experiences, that your baby brain soaked up, like a sponge, becomes paramount. I recall for example loving to play with bugs, especially spiders... until one day, I told my aunt about my pets (yes I used to collect them and bring them into my room), and she freaked out. It was from then on, that I subconsciously learned to be scared of spiders.

Children do not come into the world with fear, everything is new. The world is large, wonderful and an amazing place to be. We, therefore, learn behaviours through those early experiences.


The Moon in Astrology can show us where we might become ''needy''. Neediness is simply something that we need, that we felt we didn't get enough of due to early experience. Most times our apparent neediness is unconscious, we don't even realise we do it.

When you locate your Moon sign in your birth chart you can become aware of your needs and provide them to your inner child. The Moon becomes the seed of our happiness.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but it's highly unwise to place your happiness solely in the hands of another. Instead, we can take control and responsibility for our own happiness, by meeting our needs ourselves.

You can pull your chart and find the sign, house and aspects to your Moon placement, to learn more about how your mind works, and what you need to feel emotionally secure and safe.

The Moon being the psyche, the spirit, soul or essence of a person can show you a lot about that person's natural gifts and talents. The house can show the environment that should be nurtured healthily, and the Sign can inform you of how and what is needed.

The Moon is what lights you up when you experience it. A Moon in the twelfth house in Gemini might have a rich inner world, creative, imaginative and spiritually inclined. Someone with that placement should be allowed to experience unusual things. To play around with the what-ifs, to experience the world, to embrace spirituality and taught how to process emotions.

I’m in the process of updating my Moon Sign YouTube Series, but if you haven’t checked out your Moon sign interpretation you can do so here.


I already explained that each month the Moon moves through all 12 signs of the zodiac over the duration of the Sun moving through just one.

Well, you can follow the Moon over the month, as it waxes, wanes and begins a new cycle to align with the planetary energies. The Sun will draw your attention to a specific area of life, but the Moon will show your experience of the events and experiences that have been activated.

If the Sun is what’s unfolding the Moon represents how you’ll feel about it.


You probably already know that each month we have a New Moon, Full Moon and in between those, we have the first and third quarter Moon. It’s what makes up a lunar cycle in connection to the current energies manifesting in the world. Check out your Zodiac signs planets for this month.

I’ve created yearly guides that go into each month and cycle for each sign, you can check that out here.

What I want to discuss quickly is mapping your own energy levels. The Moon is your emotional, feeling and internal self. It’s your energy levels as they connect to your emotions, which fluctuate day-to-day.

You can find your Moon Sign, and Map it on an astrological calendar. When the Moon returns to the exact place it was at your birth, it represents your personal New Moon Phase. When it reaches the sign directly opposite your Natal Moon, it reaches your Full Moon phase. In between, it reaches your first and third quarter square of the Moon phase.

Let’s say you're a Gemini Moon, you’ll have a new moon phase when the Moon is in Gemini, A full Moon phase when it reaches Sagittarius, a first-quarter when it reaches Virgo and a third-quarter when it reaches Pisces. Each Moon phase is similar to a turning point in a story.

The New Moon is the hope the character has during the beginning of the journey. The ¼ Moon is the first issue or problem the character faces. The Full Moon represents the solution: it's the exciting part, the battle to reach the goal. Then the ¾ Moon is the overcoming of the issue. Learn more about phases here.

Of course, if you’re a woman, you can map this in alignment with your menstrual cycle. It’s a wonderful experience to align your tasks and actions for the month in alignment with yourself and your cycle.


To summarize and answer the question, What does the Moon in Astrology mean? The Moon in astrology represents how you experience the world around you. It’s your emotions, needs and perception of life and all you experience.

If you have a Question for me, you can comment below or tag me in a story on instagram @askalittlewitch for a chance for me to answer it next Friday.

If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it! & for the daily Moon transits follow me on Instagram and Facebook @askalittlewitch

Have a wonderful day or night wherever you are



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