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Full Moon in Leo, January 28, 2021, | The Answer to your Problem

Updated: Jan 30

Let us take some time to talk about the upcoming Full Moon, January 28, 2021, at 19:16 GMT, 9' Leo under Pushya nakshatra. If you haven't checked out this week in Astrology, I'll link it here for context.

In this post, we'll be talking specifically about the Astrology of the Full Moon and elaborating on some intuitive tarot insights toward the end of the post. To find out where the Full Moon will be for you, click here.

Full Moon in Leo, blog post by ask a little witch, full moon in the houses,

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun form a 180' angle to each other in the night's sky. The Moon with no light of its own soaks in the solar rays of the Sun to reveal onto us something that was previously concealed.

During the Full Moon, something that began around the time of the New Moon comes to fruition, allowing us to reap the rewards of prior work.

LEO/AQUARIUS | The Path by which all dreams come true...

The path by which dreams come true. What was planted (during New Moon), in the hopes of reaching a higher position or status, and asking yourself, is it best for you, and those involved?

Many have tried, but you cannot control what people think and what they do to the same extent. The royal Full Moon under Leo really brings your awareness to what your heart already knows to be true.

You see, the Leo/Aquarius pathway is one that requires honesty. When you fall between Leo/Aquarius, all is on show, witnessed and documented. You cannot hide from the truth, although this axis will try to spin the narrative.

A question beckons, does it really matter what everyone else thinks? The only thing that actually matters is what you think. The pressure to fit into a box, yet the desire to be free from all labels and boxes is apparent.

Every artist, at some point, gets shaped by society. When you give others the power over your craft, art or gift, you lose the magic and essence of it. Ants don't tell Bee's how to make honey. Yet, those who reach positions where many eyes lay upon them, chip away at themselves to fit into a version of themselves that can appease the most amount of people.

It's a lesson given to us by the path of Leo/Aquarius.

Full Moon under Pushya Nakshatra.

The Full Moon falls under the sway of Pushya Nakshatra. A lesson we're given by this asterism is to put what we know into action, to learn from, but do not remain stagnant never applying what we know.

Pushya shows us the key to success is finding a good mentor. Whatever you seek to accomplish, there's someone out there who's done what you wish to set out and do. It's not about blindly following someone, they need to have the proof to back up their claims.

If nothing else Pushya Full Moon will bring clarity and awareness over where you want to go, so you can apply yourself to reach your aims. The Full Moon here is about seeking assistance and asking for help.

To recap, what you set intention for, under the Capricorn New Moon, is now bringing awareness to your preemptive action, or total lack thereof. To be successful at anything, you need knowledge, a mentor, skill of balance to know when to act and when to wait.

The Leo Full Moon

A Full Moon in Leo is going to bring up matters of pride, love and romance. If you think about it, Leo is governed by the Sun, the idea that all things revolve around the Sun. What has been reoccupying your heart of late? What is your life, do you revolve around?

Leo will fall somewhere in your astrology chart, but your Leo house shows great importance because much of your identity is wrapped up within it. The Leo Full Moon will bring real awareness over all you want, need and desire this week, it'll also enable you to let go of what you don't.

If you'd like to see where the Full Moon will be for your zodiac sign and a brief insight into what the full Moon in the houses means for you, click here.

Under the Full Moon, you'll realise that you've wasted your energy and placed unrealistic expectations on a person or situation. You know if you want to make something happen, you have to take action.

Lessons are learned, with the Sun and Jupiter conjunction, looking upon the Moon. Things fall into place, and you're able to honour and see what your heart truly wants and needs, especially in relationships.

Both Sun and Moon are fighting with Mars and Uranus, are you really standing in your own way of what needs to be done because you fear the change it'll bring.

Remember the lesson of Pushya, to know when to act and never taking action means only you'll never reach your goals and aims. The situation requires change, an update and upgrade. It's best to do this while Mercury is technically direct.

Have a little faith in yourself. You cannot control how others will react by what you need to do, for you. A divine move is required, and again, you know in your heart what to do. The universe has provided you with the tools, information or guidance needed to follow through, and the rest is up to you. Will you take action or will you stay stagnant?

Tarot Selected from Monday

On Monday, the cards I selected for the Full Moon were Five of Cups, Seven of Cups and the Queen of Wands.

Modern Witch Tarot | Lisa Sterle

It looks as though the energy is bringing an end to a relationship, and that with the prior astrological energies already discussed, building, you'll finally be able to see a situation for what it is, and with clarity, to make a choice, the right choice, for you.

You'll come to realise you cannot make someone do something they do not want to do. Manipulation will not work, coercion will not work, and neither will blackmail.

You desire love in its purest form, trickery into love, is not love. You'll realise you deserve more. You deserve all you want and more; it just might not come in the package you've stamped onto a person.

Embrace the energy of Leo, be confident and clear; let someone know how you feel. If you wait for the right time, you just might miss an opportunity.

Mercury is slowing down and will retrograde just a few short days after this Full Moon. It's time to learn from past mistakes and claim what your heart is calling for.

Recall, all I said above with the rejection fear-based mentality lives only in your mind, not reality. You won't know for sure unless your willing to be vulnerable, open and honest.

Your past doesn't have to dictate your future.


I've selected some cards for the Full Moon in Leo if you wish to, you can pull your own cards to discover personal messages for yourself. If you do, snap a photo and tag me on Instagram or Facebook @askalittlewitch.

Modern Witch Tarot | Lisa Sterle

What has manifested since the New Moon?

The 7 of Wands is suggesting a situation that'll require you to defend your honour. Not everyone will agree with everything you say or do, that's okay! What's not okay is being bullied. It seems as though someone is challenging you, your position or what you stand for or believe in. It's not a time to compromise or show weakness. Stand strong and firm.

The moment you avoid the argument or compromise to make someone else feel better is the moment you lose everything.

The Truth, the Full Moon, will illuminate.

The Emperor, as a truth card, shows what it takes to be a winner. When you reach a position of power, authority or skill mastery, there will always be someone who wants to usurp what you've worked hard to achieve.

The truth that the Emperor reveals is you have the power to overcome all who would challenge you. It shows you what you want, and how bad you're willing to fight to keep what's yours. A card of power and success, coming up as a truth, it shows you how to succeed.

How to Release what's no-longer Serving you.

The King of Pentacles says you do this with patience. You can't let the mistakes of the past determine your future. If you can, meet hostility with kindness and generosity. You decide who you become with your choices and actions.

So, The King of Pentacles strategy is connected to consistently showing up, it's your habits that determine your success. Give back to someone who needs it. Pass along your expertise, skills, time or money.

What opportunity is getting ready to emerge?

The King of Swords as an opportunity represents justice, truth and honour. In the position of opportunity, it brings you the answers, knowledge and advice needed to reach your desired goal or outcome.

The opportunity here is that your problem is about to get resolved, a truth revealed will provide clarity as to the best next move. Justice served, and knowledge offers solutions and places the power in your hands.

The Message for this Full Moon - with love from the universe

The Nine of Wands speaks of defending yourself, whether or not you wish to participate, the fight is coming to you, there's no sidestepping to avoid it.

Until you learn to stand your ground, there will always be people ready to tear you down. That's why they say stand up to the bully, and the bully will leave you alone. You need to show that you will not be pushed around.

You're not weak! The 9 of Wands says, do this, and you'll be in a much better place for doing so. Fight with honour, defend yourself and don't compromise now, you're almost at the finishing line. Finishing the battle will provide you with more than just a medal.

It's like at the end of Karate Kid, where Daniel LaRusso wins with the kick to the face. He was injured, felt like quitting, but that last ounce of courage enabled him to overcome his bully, and he wasn't bothered again.

We decide if we quit, our choices shape us, and the 9 of Wands begs you to not give up, for the victory is just around the corner. If Daniel LaRusso gave up, then Johnny Lawernce (his opponent) would have gone through life thinking that his behaviour was warranted.

It's your battle. You Got this!

If you took something from this, please feel free to share it, pin it.

I wish you a wonderful Full Moon in Leo, remember you can check where it's taking place for your sign here.

Kerry-ann | Ask a Little Witch

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