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False Promises | Weekly Insights, July 13, 2020,

Mercury is now direct, and we’re all awaking from a deep slumber. It’s not uncommon for people to go back on promises and commitments made during the retrograde period, of which I feel many will be experiencing this week.

For some, it could be going back on health style changes, for others, you might be signing work contracts. You must seek to read the fine print of what you are or aren’t committing to and the repercussions of that. People are going back on the terms of what was agreed upon, but others were present that can collaborate to ensure you get what was offered even if prematurely?

In other news, if you’re trying to bind yourself to another person, falling back into an old relationship, I’d seriously question why. Know that it ended for a reason, ask yourself if those reasons are now somehow invalid and if so, why. Relationships that begin during a retrograde are significantly less likely to succeed past that retrograde period. It's a gentle reminder to look forward instead of back.

Truth is we all find ourselves saying things that we later regret during a retrograde season… Some people based on there morals and integrity will follow through down the path they prematurely set themselves on eve if it no longer serves them. Others will go back on what was promised because it simply isn’t right for them or there future.

As we get into the New Moon, Monday next week many will break away from certain groups or social connections that they’re presently involved with. Discontinuation of communication, someone might share something you told in confidence that somehow could isolate you, willingly cut ties.

The Mercury Rx period revealed the real faces of those you call friend, foe, family or other… but what you do with that is up to you. I believe this week is about revising your commitments, loyalty and friendships.


For those who don’t follow me on social media, I posted on Sunday the effect of Mercury going direct...heres what was said >> Read more

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