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Everything is Possible… Weekly Insight, August, 24, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Everything is Possible…

We set off this week under the lunar Mansion of Swati, bringing a sort of scattered energy to us all. Swati is Vayu, the breath, the air and vibrations. No matter what circumstances that manifest its a reminder to go with the flow to allow things to pass over and through without holding them inside of yourself.

The impression you’re given is that there's change afoot and things suddenly change. It could be that you experience something that awakens you and from there a shift in perspective or perception is all you need to overcome whatever block lies ahead.

Again, Swati is a vibration, its air, and just as you cannot see the wind, but only see the effect it has on the material things around you, you too will feel or experience something that changes your outlook on it altogether.

You can believe something so intensely, that you think it’s true only to have that truth shattered in a way that seems totally unexplainable or inconceivable. An example of this (& perhaps a bit extreme), is that I know there are forces out there what most cannot see, ghosts, spirits, lower level (vibrationally) beings, but I’d never expect anyone to take my word for it. It's something you have to experience for yourself to believe.

This week is asking you to embrace another side of yourself, to allow yourself to feel what it’s feeling. The presence of such things when it interacts with your auric field creates a physical response that you cannot explain, be it goosebumps, hairs standing up, a cold shiver, feeling sick or tension headache. It wouldn't be a week to challenge or dabble with things you think aren’t real as you'll likely have a rude awakening to the presence of such things.

Now, of course, this doesn’t just correlate with the spiritual realm, it can apply to all areas of life. Vayu is a force to be felt, you won’t see it, but it can interact with your surroundings and create a manifestation of something.

#8ofcups with #knightofwands and the #hierophant all speak of a change or a challenge to your beliefs, way of life and routines. Everything is possible if you first conceive it to be. A test of faith and perhaps needing to upgrade what you think or believe.

If you’d like a personal session please check out my services here, I am booked until Septemeber 8th.

Have a good week =)


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