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Divine Guidance - Jupiter in Pisces Transit - in the Houses

Updated: 3 days ago

On May 13, 21:48 UK time, Jupiter shifted into the Tropical sign of Pisces. In this post, we’ll walk you through what this means collectively and specifically for your Zodiac Sign.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the planet within Astrology that safeguards and protects the rest of us. Jupiter takes into himself any, and all, harmful things so we don’t have to carry or endure the burden ourselves.

When we think of Jupiter, you’ll often hear he’s the planet of abundance, growth and wealth. Jupiter’s expansion, whatever he touches grows abundantly, be it good or bad, it raises awareness over what he comes into contact with.

Within the realm of Astrology Jupiter rules children, guru’s, teachers and our life partner. Wise, generous, happy, loving and the energy that lifts us all.

Jupiter is in some ways our beliefs. It’s what we know through what we experience. What we believe, in turn, becomes what we experience.

Jupiter is a planet of luck and abundance because it grows whatever it touches. When we have an abundance of anything it’s deemed lucky. Jupiter is the planet of our luck.

The Jupiter Cycle

Jupiter transits each zodiac sign once every 12 years. So each year luck favours a different place within your birth chart, providing you with new experiences and opportunities each year.

Jupiter is representative of semen, it seeks to fertilise and help grow something of benefit. Once every 12 years, Jupiter will return back to the sign of your birth signalling a new journey, chapter and life story to unfold.

Jupiter is a once in a lifetime experience, it doesn’t happen every day, it brings blessings, knowledge and opens your mind to new possibilities.

Every 12 years Jupiter will expand each and every House within your chart. It will open you up to beneficial experiences to help you manifest your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Jupiter is like a guide, he will not push you but will offer you something that can change everything for the better.

The Energy of Pisces

Pisces is the segment of the cosmos that’s surreal. It’s the place where our dreams take place and where our imagination takes on a life of its own.

Pisces is the vastness of the Oceans, all that lies beyond, hidden, unknown and yet to be discovered. Pisces is without shape or form, it’s feeling, expression and free.

The dreamscape, our imagination and our subconscious mind is a place of endless possibility. It can be scary, fun, haunting and inspiring. It’s all that takes place when you’re on your own.

When we dive into those deep Piscean waters, we enter into an in-between state, of neither here nor there. It’s a kind of limbo where you’re along for the ride. There’s no past or future, just the present moment. There’s no choice or power, only action.

When is Jupiter in Pisces?

Jupiter will be in Pisces from May 13, until July 29, 2021, and then again from December 29, until May 10, 2022. Jupiter will reemerge back into Pisces from October 28, 2022, until December 19, 2022, before permanently moving out of Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces

When Jupiter activates Pisces, he expands all connected to Pisces. It’s a time of healing, spiritual awakenings, awareness over the collective suffering and injustice in the world.

Jupiter activating Pisces energy is about unity, freedom of love and being of service to those in need. Pisces has no boundaries, it’s the ocean, it lives only by the boundaries forced in place, but has none of its own.

Jupiter in Pisces helps each of us dissolve the boundaries that limit or hold us back. It sets us free, shows us the way and restores hope for a better tomorrow.

Being water, Pisces dissolves those barriers and boundaries that keep us segregated. It soaks into the earth, crashes against the rocks and boulders, and falls from the sky. Pisces is compassionate, understanding and love.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, as well as Neptune. Neptune is the planet of the Muses, inspiration, spirituality, soulmates and unconditional love. Venus is exalted in Pisces, but in a selfish world, this unconditional love can be taken for granted.

Pisces is an idealist, naive and trusting. It believes in a utopian world, where people are kind, giving and loving to all. They care for the planet and for all people. Pisces believes in a world where there’s no need for police because there’s no more violence.

Jupiter activating this energy can increase Piscean themes, trends and philosophies for life.

Jupiter was last in Pisces…

When looking back through history, it’s during the Pisces Jupiter periods where awareness and inclusivity movements rain down.

Jupiter in Pisces speaks of movements that bring people together, they seek to break down stereotypes. It’s about dissolving boundaries and labels that keep people segregated, instead of included.

Pisces focus is on what makes us the same, what unifies and connects us all, not on what makes us different. Virgo energy is about labels, it’s neat, tidy, organised. The Virgo energy is expected, classified, identified and labelled.

When we’re in Pisces we enter into understanding, acceptance and freedom to be who we are. Virgo (the opposite to Pisces) is about systems, efficiency and keeping categories. Pisces is freedom, it’s not about ticking one box, but seeing how you’re more than that one box. Pisces is messy, it’s chaotic, mixed, like diving into the ocean and all the colours and species that mingle and co-exist.

I guess what I am stating here is that Jupiter will bring awareness to things that people would rather gloss over. It will get you to face the homeless situation, children going hungry, abuse, crime, racism that still exists, anywhere where people are judged based on external and superficial things.

Jupiter in Pisces is the truth being put out there. It’s getting you to acknowledge something that’s been kept hidden or under wraps for far too long.

It may highlight the issues within the prison system, it may strive to legalise drugs, and perhaps address the real cancer of society, the paedophiles, the greed of the corporations that care more about the bottom line than those they claim to serve and help.

Jupiter in Pisces doesn’t solve these issues, it brings awareness to them on a mass scale. It dissolves the cages, walls and barriers. It’s not usually until Jupiter enters tropical Gemini that laws and systems are put in place to rectify the issues.

Jupiter was last in Pisces, January through June 2010, and September 2010 until January 2011.

Things that happened last time

The 10-year marker for fighting human trafficking, Swine flu epidemic, Icelandic Volcano eruption, Killer whale attacked trainer at sea world, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, 33 Chile miners were rescued after being trapped after more than two months trapped underground, heaviest snowfall and bad weather in the UK, 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile triggered a tsunami, discovery that neanderthals and humans interbred, Bangkok and Thailand protests leaves 91 dead and 2100 injured, many cyber attacks, the Iraq war documents leaked stating 60% of casualties were civilians, Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami kills 400, Mount Merapi erupted repeatedly leaving 353 dead and hundreds of thousands having to evacuate, 2010 was the European year to combat social exclusion and poverty.

Most popular Books of 2010, Goodreads, NY Times and Barnes and Nobel.

What Pisces rules

Pisces rules hospitals, nurses, doctors, caregivers, cleaners, service workers. It governs the collective consciousness, drugs, medicine, and health. It’s inspiration, spirituality, music, creativity, books, media, movies, and social media. Pisces rules addictions, alcohol, abuse, the homeless, immigrants, dance, swimming, marine biology, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. It rules spa’s, resorts, rehab facilities, prisons, and mental institutions. Priests, religions, sanctuaries, temples, sacred places. Gangs, poor communities, hitmen, drug cartels, human trafficking, cults, brainwashing. Secluded places, isolation, imprisonment, rituals, “black” magic, conspiracy theories, secrets, mysteries and power control. Suffering, overcoming the odds, faith, hope, dreams and dreaming. Escape, freedom, following, selling the soul to the devil. The fast and dangerous life. The fringe of society. The living off the grid types.

What Luck can you expect from Jupiter in Pisces?

Jupiter pays a visit to each sign over 12 years. So, Jupiter entering into Pisces on a personal level is going to expand the area of life that Pisces falls within your chart.

If you don’t know where Jupiter is in your birth chart, you can check this post out to find out.

Jupiter transit the houses

Jupiter coming into Pisces is obviously Pisces time to succeed and receive the blessing to help them level up and gain opportunities. Let’s talk through each sign and what’s being brought forward.

Please check your Rising sign First and foremost. The Sun can resonate with external experiences like career, the moon can relate to home, family and personal life. The Rising sign shows how the energy is likely to unfold with the most accuracy providing your time of birth is accurate.

To state that the following insights are not inclusive of your personal chart. If you have personal planets in Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces the manifestation of Jupiter’s energy can alter as it fuses with those planets activating other areas of your life.


PISCES RISING | 1st House transit

When Jupiter enters your First House of self, it usually points toward the start of a significant chapter in one’s life. You’re presented with an experience and opportunity to expand your horizons, change and level up your entire life.

Jupiter shines some love over to your Fifth, Seventh and Ninth Houses in kind. It’s a common time period where one has a baby, gets married, makes a significant move or relocation. It can be a time where you start a business or take a new avenue in your studies.

Your entire world opens up, you begin to see things differently, beliefs and perceptions of the future alter due to the experiences you have.

Jupiter shows you what’s possible if you believe, in yourself, your actions and your capabilities. The things that unfold during this time will grow abundantly over the next 12 years of your life. It’s a time where you learn more about yourself and your purpose.

If marriage or a baby is not on the cards then a significant love is likely to come into your life. Someone who perhaps is foreign in nature, a Jupiterian man, who breathes life, wisdom and brings new experiences your way. Either way, you’ll learn a great deal about yourself, what you want and how to get what you want.

Jupiter will teach you about love, will give you experiences that help facilitate you on the path to connecting you with what you need to attract the right partner to you. Jupiter moving through the First House is such a happy time, you’re loving life, enjoying the new experiences and opportunities and as such, you’ll be attracting new, worthy and quality people into your life.

It’s the time where you set new goals for yourself and your future. It’s time to write your bucket list and make more time for fun, pleasure and doing what brings you joy. More times than not you learn something you’ve always wanted to know how to do. It’s something you’ve put off of felt like you couldn’t do but now an opportunity to do it presents itself.

Do you remember I told you how protective Jupiter is? Well, in the First House it’s rejuvenating, it’ll definitely magnify any overindulgence and bad habits you have, as a way to course-correct them. Jupiter in the First will bring great healing to you, your human vehicle and your mind. He will free you from a burden that you’ve been carrying for too long.

Say hello to the new and improved you for me! Growth is not always easy, but it is necessary. Keep learning, moving forward and saying yes to the new experiences and people who show up in your life.

AQUARIUS | The 2nd House

When Jupiter enters your 2nd House it usually points to a significant bump in your income stream. Essentially, Jupiter shows you how to invest in your future, boost your income and be able to make that big purchase.

The Second House represents YOUR money, it’s your time, values, family and needs to sustain YOUR life. So, when Jupiter pays a visit here, he’s showing you how to increase and expand on what you have to maximise your resources to provide you with what you need.

Jupiter will present you with opportunities and experiences that can increase your value to help increase your resources. It’s about boosting your self-esteem and value. It might be that you’re learning how to manage your money and assets to save more. It could be that you gain experience that helps set up a passive stream of income.

Jupiter seeks to grow and expand on what he touches. So, if you have bad spending habits, eating habits or are undervaluing your services and expertise... then Jupiter will blow it up, in order to raise awareness so you can correct it.

Jupiter shines his light on your Sixth House, Eighth House and Tenth House. Each of these areas connects to your work in the world, where you spend your time and what you gain as a result. Be it the recognition you get for what you do, your career path, the daily grind, money, debt, loans and other peoples resources.

Usually, what this means is either a job change, promotion or significant increase in your income. It can provide you with solutions to everyday problems you’ve been having. It can make your daily lifestyle and routine more fun and enjoyable. It can expand your reach to the point where people will want to invest or return your efforts in kind.

It’s a time where you can find yourself making large purchases or more expensive ones. Though your income increases you can find your expenditure also increases. Jupiter is expanding your assets, so you’re likely to acquire more stuff during this time.

Jupiter presents you with experience, opportunities and ways to sustain the life or new life chapter you recently began when Jupiter moved through your First House. You might start to learn more about building wealth, managing your finances, investing in the future and learning about health & diet.

Try to use this time to spend your time on things that matter, that add true value to your life. Use this period to clear any debt, make changes to build upon what began in prior transit, and invest in your future. If ever you wanted to go for a job position this is a wonderful time to do just that. Jupiter will grant you the access to gain experience.

Jupiter is protecting your assets, safeguarding against enemies and helping you work through the blocks that prevent you from gaining what you desire and deserve. Whatever you spend your time on, invest in and work towards can provide lucrative for years to come if you’re applying your experience.

CAPRICORN | The 3rd House

When Jupiter enters your Third House it usually points to a boost in your popularity. Daily life gets busy, you’re doing more, learning more, experiencing more and connecting more with your surroundings.

Usually, when Jupiter transit the Third House, you can find yourself learning something new, taking a short online course or a local class. You can look to your natal Third House ruler, (Jupiter/Neptune) to see what you might be learning about. You can also find that you’re more so inclined to share and express what you’re learning and experiencing during this time.

The Third House represents the places you go on the regular. It’s your local environment, your social media, online activity, where you go for information. It’s what you think, and talk about most, it’s your siblings, teammates and workmates.

So, Jupiter moving through this sector of your chart can increase your social media presence. It can state that you might be moving or relocating during this time. It might be that your friendship circle gets a little bigger or your sibling’s family increases. It might even be that your client list increases or your team increases.

Jupiter moving through your Third House helps you to heal old wounds around your intelligence. It provides you with more skills and knowhow to increase your confidence to speak up and be heard. It’s a transit that protects you from slander and gossip and improves your social standing within your community.

Jupiter also shines a light on the Seventh House, Ninth and Eleventh House. It essentially means that this transit is helping you to connect with people who can help you fulfil your hope, dreams and aspirations. It aligns you with your tribe, the kind of people who enjoy and can benefit from you as much as you benefit from them.

Jupiter is presenting you with experiences and teachings that can expand your horizons and help you fulfil your aspirations. It gives you the information and knowledge you need to succeed. Opportunities come through others, and Jupiter is simply connecting you with the right kinds of people.

So, show a little love to Jupiter for hooking you up, for expanding your reach and helping you to acquire the right ears for what you have to say. Jupiter’s showing you where you belong, it’s strengthening your skillset and connecting you with the right audience.

SAGITTARIUS | The 4th House

When Jupiter enters your Fourth House it usually points to a strengthening of your foundations, home and family. Essentially, Jupiter shows you how to create a sanctuary within your living situation.

The Fourth House represents your past, your roots, home, family and sense of security. When Jupiter activates this sector it brings healing, truth and wisdom from your ancestors. Jupiter is fun, he wants to free you from the shackles of your past. Jupiter seeks to protect you from what once was, in order to secure a firm foundation to enhance all areas of life.

Now, the same applies with Jupiter in that he expands whatever he touches. So, If you have issues and complications within this sector of life he can, and will blow it out of proportion. It’s presenting you with an opportunity, an experience of personal growth when it comes to the Fourth House matters.

Jupiter will provide the solutions you seek, by casting away the shadows, to reveal the truth you need. Usually, Jupiter’s visit to your Fourth sector brings an abundance to the home and family. Sometimes in the form of a new baby, in law, pet or some other addition to the home. The home and family get a little larger during this time.

When Jupiter ventures to your place of home and family, it inspires you to make the home a more enjoyable place to be. During this time, you can feel called to redecorate, move furniture around, or even buy something new for the home space. I’ve seen people purchase new vehicles or new Household appliances during this transit.

Jupiter is the planet of reaching new heights and can be connected to movement and travel. Jupiter happens to be the ruling planet of your home and of the self. It can be a transit where you could, in fact, move or relocate, especially, if your natal Jupiter is sitting here or in aspect to this area of life.

The Fourth House transit of Jupiter is bringing more to the physical dwelling. Jupiter is a loud planet, and so you could find many people coming and going from home. It makes it hard for you to get any rest. There can often be a lot of things happening in the home or within the family dynamics. On the plus side, It can also bring you closer to the family, It can teach you about your relatives, past and history. It would be a great time to learn about your family lineage.

Jupiter also shines a little light on your Eighth, Tenth and Twelfth Houses. What this means is that you can also find expansion within these areas of life.

The Eighth House receiving energy from Jupiter could manifest in bringing more change into your life. It might bring a release of past traumas, finding the truth to set you free. It could also be indicative of an inheritance as a member of the family passes or gifts you something. It can be a time of moving, getting hitched or pregnant or moving in with someone.

The Tenth House receiving some light from Jupiter can lead to successes and career advancements. The Twelfth House activation can bring great healing and release. It can also be indicative of one chapter of your life coming to a close ad you embark upon something else.

Jupiter First and foremost is your chart ruler, as so this transit looks to be about establishing your roots, finding your purpose and releasing all the baggage you’ve carried up until this point. It will bring a change, a big one, but it’s necessary for your personal growth.

All hail Jupiter! You’ll undergo some incredible changes but you’ll also discover where you belong and find the truth you’ve been looking for.

SCORPIO | The 5th House

When Jupiter enters your Fifth House of creation, it usually points toward teachings and wisdom into matters of the heart. It can be the transit of falling in love, with yourself, with another or even finding the passion and inspiration for life, and in creating something new for yourself.

The 5th House transit aids you in learning something that will assist in enhancing your future prospects. The gift Jupiter will bring will be in conjunction with your heart's true desire. Jupiter is teaching you about love, about what you want in life and how to get it.

The Fifth House being all we make and create. Jupiter here can be a time where you conceive a child. It could be the start of a new business or project idea. It's a new creation that'll be impactful to your future. It's the transit of uncovering a talent, turning talent into a business, and even finding a community of like-minded people, through a hobby or learning process.

Wherever Jupiter goes energy grows. In the Fifth House your passion, creativity and inspiration more than doubles. Many people find new hobbies during this time. Others take a new topic of study, fall in love, whether with someone or with themselves, a passion project or hobby.

Jupiter is teaching you to open your heart to something or someone new, to grow to a new level of understanding when it comes to these areas of life. Jupiter is bringing fun and enjoyment into your life, along with some recognition to say this is the way forward to continue going on this path.

Jupiter shines a little light onto the Ninth, Eleventh and First Houses in your chart. What this indicates is that these areas are also expanding to some level or degree during the transit.

When Jupiter looks to the future in the Ninth House, it’s aligning you to a new experience in connection to a new path, and your purpose. It’s a time where what you experience greatly alters your direction in life, small or big.

Looking across to the Eleventh House, Jupiter expands your world. It connects you to people who inspire, influence or open doors of opportunity for you. It’s showing you with whom you belong, the groups and networks that align with your hopes and wishes. It’s a wonderful time of opportunity, to learn, experience and receive a well-deserved reward for all your past deeds.

When Jupiter looks to the First House, it acts as a guiding force, helping you to align to your purpose and path in life. Your entire world is opening up and your future looks bright. Jupiter shows you the possibility of your future if you’re willing to work toward it.

LIBRA | The 6th House

When Jupiter enters your Sixth House of daily life, it usually points toward learning something that can add more enjoyment to everyday life. Jupiter seeks to teach, to expand and to bestow a little luck and joy wherever he goes. So, in the Sixth House, he aims to bring awareness over the simple daily measures you can take to enjoy your work a little more.

The transit to the Sixth House is about bringing you experiences to enhance your position in life. It’s about purpose, perspective and finding a way to enjoy your daily life. It might involve a new workout regime, diet, lifestyle plan and even a new work opportunity. We all have to earn a living in some way, Jupiter says, why not enjoy it.

Now, the Sixth House is not all peaches, it’s a House of dealing with other people's dramas, conflicts and problem-solving. So, Jupiter can, of course, exacerbate the issues you have around Sixth House matters to bring your awareness to them so you may correct them.

When Jupiter activates the 6th, he will bring awareness over the improvements that need to be made when it comes to your work, health and daily habits. In general, he wishes to make you more productive, as to help you reach your goals.

In matters around health, it’s time to review what's working, or not working, and finding new alternative ways to improve upon your health. Jupiter's a spiritual planet, so trying alternative lifestyles, nutritional diets can increase your energy and bodily functions. Learning about alternative health practices like veganism, Ayurveda, pranayama, or yoga could bring significant benefits to you during this time.

Jupiter is about thinking outside the box, your only limitation is that of your own mind and creativity. It’s about gaining experiences that instil wisdom. It’s about doing things consciously and with purpose. If you’re not learning or incorporating Jupiterian ritual into your daily life then you’ll come across these kinds of people in everyday life. People that are well-travelled, cultured, foreign, wise, happy and giving.

The Jupiter Sixth House transit can also bring more tasks when it comes to working. A busy year with lots of learning to boost your success potential. Jupiter always brings learning experiences. Jupiter will aim to help you utilize your time. You could develop a schedule or routine that helps you get all you need to get done, done & on time. It's about tweaking how you do stuff to streamline your productivity.

The only downside to this transit is having too much to do and not enough time to do it. It's about knowing your limits, not taking on everything all at once, but pacing yourself accordingly. It can be advantageous for getting a promotion or landing a job, which means more work and more money.

Jupiter also adds a little light to your 10th, 12th and 2nd House. What this means is Jupiter is instilling you with opportunities to advance your position in life. To increase your income and to manage your time better to meet the demands of daily life.

Jupiter looking toward your Tenth is saying, something you do now can provide you with the necessary foundation to which you can see your aspirations come to fruition. It’s putting in the work that will see you rise, it will provide you with a little recognition that could lead to a promotion.

When Jupiter looks directly at the Twelfth, it’s saying that there’s a better way to do what you’re doing. It’s saying it’s time to heal, to make time for rest, and you can kill two birds with one stone. The act of exercise need not feel like a chore. You could benefit from dancing, swimming, yoga, tai chi, a walk-in nature or taking a hike. It’s saying that alternative forms of exercise, like the ones mentioned, can be meditative as well as physically beneficial.

Jupiter shining a light on the Second House says, “you can earn more when you know your worth and are willing to show others what you’re made of”. Jupiter will provide you with the income you need to see a goal actualise. Jupiter says you don’t have to do the boring thing, there’s more enjoyable ways to earn what you need.

So, Jupiter transiting the Sixth House can mean more stuff to do, but it can also give you a rise to your status as you commit to a new path.

VIRGO | The 7th House

When Jupiter enters your Seventh House of relationships, it usually points toward learning about what it takes to have fulfilling relationships and to get the most out of your commitments. So, in the seven House he aims to open your mind, and heart, to truly understand what others derive meaning from.

The Seventh House transit is one of personal growth, it brings with it people who’ll enhance your life for better or worse, to teach you something you need to know. Jupiterian people tend to shoulder the burdens of others, they’re jovial, wise, cultured and well-travelled. When you truly connect with people and see things in the same way they do, luck, expansion, and wisdom are bestowed upon you.

It brings an expansion in your relationships, meeting someone who has a lot to teach you. Essentially, you can learn a lot from those who enter your life now, and they can become people you'll know for many years to come. Jupiter opens a door for you to connect with people who are truly a blessing.

Jupiter’s gift to the Seventh House will be connected to your partnerships, commitments, contracts, and public dealings. Jupiter brings those into your life, for better or worse, that’ll help your growth, and teach you about relationships, commitments, and opportunities that'll expand your life experience. You begin to envision what the future holds when it comes to the others in your life.

The kinds of people you can expect to come to learn about are those of a teacher, traveller or someone with a foreign connection. After all, we learn from those who are different from us. It’s with different experiences, that brings new insights and diverse perspectives that enhance our own.

When the Seventh House is active, your focus is stirred away from the self and onto others. As much as the transit can align you with people who have the answer you're looking for, you can also be the same for others. Jupiter can give you a sort of Sixth sense about what people want, and you can help them get it.

Jupiter transiting the Seventh House can make you a little more social, and some of the new people you meet during this time can turn out to be friends for a long time. Jupiter moving through the Seventh brings understanding, and so you have to be sure to listen to what others are telling you.

If there are issues in this sector, then Jupiter will magnify them. Jupiter’s growth, and so this sector wants to grow also, it seeks more. It's about having fun, exploring and bringing new purpose and meaning to the relationships you already have.

Jupiter also shines a little light on your 11, 1 and 3 Houses. Jupiter is working on bringing you purposeful connections. Everything in life comes through others, when you only mingle with the same 3 people you’ll only ever gain opportunities from the same 3 people. When you venture into places unexplored you open yourself up to the world and the world offers something up to you in return.

Jupiter in aspect to your Eleventh is about connecting to people who are on your wavelength. It’s about broadening your social circle, those you network with and through this comes opportunity. It’s about being open-minded and trying something new. Let’s say you’re a churchgoer, perhaps this is about trying a different congregation. It doesn’t matter what it is, but that you cast your net a little wider.

When Jupiter looks to you, it says through these new, Jupiterian folks that come into your life, you’ll grow and be changed for the better. Essentially, it’s a transit of personal growth, connecting to people from all different walks of life, which will gift you, perception. It’ll enhance you, open your mind and teach you a lot about people.

Jupiter’s looking at your Third House, it’s about finding hidden treasures in your local environment. It’s about connecting online and sharing what you know. It’s about learning, communicating and making a positive impact within your local community.

Jupiter transit the Seventh House is a wonderful transit and all it asks is that you’re open-minded and willing to listen without judgement and truly experience other people.

LEO | The 8th House

When Jupiter enters your Eighth House of metamorphosis, it usually points toward learning to change and purging fears. Jupiter connects you with a deep part of yourself, a lost and forgotten part that connects you and others in joint experiences.

The Eighth House is a dark and scary place. It’s where vulnerabilities lie, it’s deep, and it’s real. The Eighth expects truth and honesty, but at times it doesn’t fulfil this ideal. It’s a place of hidden power, and influence, it can present as wealth, association or secrets. What gives one person leverage over another, it’s an imbalance of power, be it money, knowledge or secrets.

Jupiter expands and seeks to discover truths about deep, hidden and perhaps taboo subjects. Think of the eight House as an iceberg, on the surface you see the superficial and material aspects, joint resources, all you gain as a result of all you’re connected to. It’s wealth, the family you marry into, it’s the associations and connections you now have through a partnership or other joint venture.

As you venture deeper into the Eighth you discover things that on the surface were unapparent. The truth is rarely simple, and people in power or of influence don’t just stumble upon it, there’s things that unravel. As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

The gift Jupiter brings you will connect you with your search for deeper meaning, truth and transformation. Jupiter's bringing about the metamorphosis of turning you from a caterpillar into a butterfly. It’s a time where your true self will emerge amongst the many changes that are likely to occur.

The 8th House is an area much like your support system, the things that keep it all together. Think of it as a tree, you're getting deep into the roots that have been sown. It’s a time where you’ll see who will stand beside you, like the branches of a tree, and which is temporary like the leaves that'll fly away when stormy weather comes.

It's a very psychological area of a chart, where you can be more reflective and reminiscent. It’s the Eighth House experience that truly shapes a person. It’s the place within our charts that we don’t hold total control or power over. After all, we can only control ourselves, and our actions. As a result of things you’ll experience, a lot of healing can occur during this transit.

It can be a time for getting loans or needing others' support to fulfil something. It's a big clearing out in the pursuit of a journey or venture that will come during the Ninth House transit. It's the transit of "Growing-Pains". During this time, I had many people telling me who I am, the expectation of staying one way when you're growing in another way.

Jupiter transiting one of the occult (hidden) type Houses, has been known to give experiences that turn your life around. It's a wake-up call, where you see how bad something could have been, but you end up being lucky. It puts your morality into perspective, which aids your quest for a better future when he reaches the 9th House.

Jupiter also casts a light towards your 12, 2 and 4 Houses. Essentially Jupiter is bringing awareness to the place where private matters reside.

Jupiter looks upon the 4th House of home, security, and property. It means that with the Eighth House activated, and opening up portals to such matters, it can also cast changes upon these areas of your life. It’s a time of sudden changes in the home, family or with the occupants you reside with. It might present as a moving or change of address.

Jupiter is a planet that connects to personal growth and can bring about a truth that was kept from you, and that aids in a change you’ve been too afraid to make, up until this point. It can bring unexpected circumstances within the home and family that prompt healing. It might indicate that the household gets a little bigger, with a new addition to the family.

On the other side of that coin, Jupiter does look also to the Twelfth House. It can resurrect past traumas, fears and repressed emotions to deal with and liberate. The 12th House is a divine House, it’s Neptune in nature. Your dreams can be fantastical or they can scare the crap out of you. It’s where unresolved things that are so well repressed in the Eighth get stored for karmic cleansing when a planet like Saturn visits every 30 years.

Jupiter shining a little light on your Twelfth House can help you realise your dreams. It can help you to face things that have kept you stuck, bound and without escape. It’s freeing you and guiding you towards healing and freedom. It’s showing you the past and it’s helping you to make the changes needed so you can liberate yourself from it.

Being as the 8th House sits also opposite to your 2nd House, it’s also a money House. So Jupiter shining a light towards the Second, while activating your Eighth, can bring themes around inheritances, taxes, loans, insurance, and financial aid can come throughout this transit.

The Second House, of course, is not just about money, and the material resources you think of, but also connects to one's diet. So, Jupiter can now bring your awareness to overindulgence in food groups or substances you consume that have long term negative side effects.


In health astrology, the 8th can represent long-lasting diseases. Now, if something came about while the 6th House was activated (Saturn, was in the Sixth House for the past 2.5 years, and Jupiter December 2019-2020), and no changes were made, it can resurface with long term effects during the 8th House activation. Now activation has begun in the Eighth, with Jupiter (represents truth and healing), you’ll want to take serious action before Saturn moves here (March 2023). Saturn does govern over your health being the ruler of your 6th.

Jupiter seeks to provide you with experiences that’ll help you make the necessary changes in your life. Some things will happen unexpectedly, and then shift your perspective, and others you might naturally resist, denial is real. Truth is not always easy or pretty, Jupiter will guide and present you with what’s needed. He protects us, like a gift that keeps giving, he wants to shield you from future pain. So, heed his messages before Saturn activates this space because he does NOT mess around.

CANCER | The 9th House

When Jupiter enters your Ninth House of aspirations, it usually points toward the promise of what your future could be. You see Jupiter in the 8th was about riding the waves of change and now, in the 9th you see what it was all for. Jupiter in the Ninth House is about possibilities. It's seeing how those prior changes have led you to where you are, and that aligns somehow to the big picture, your purpose.

When Jupiter reaches the 9th whole sign House, you know what path is presenting itself, and it brings great excitement, fun and opportunity your way. Jupiter enjoys the 9th House, its expansion, travel, higher learning, once in a lifetime experiences, its spirituality, different cultures… it opens your entire world up in new and fantastic ways. It's a transit of aligning to your aspirations and reaping the rewards in the pursuit of your goals.

When you voyage into your 9th House with Jupiter, you explore more of what your world has to offer you. You might travel, visit more places, find inspiration, and learn through what you experience here. It's a time where you might decide to study something, read more books or even take a class. Jupiter expands your horizon to look out into the world and beyond the boundaries of everyday life.

Jupiter transiting the 9th House is about aligning you to your purpose, seeking greater meaning in life. Your life philosophy deepens, expands, as you align with what gives your life meaning. You discover your reason for existing, for living.

The gift Jupiter is bringing you is the expanded view of your future, he expands your mind and presents you with an opportunity to learn something that will help you in the future. Jupiter moving through the Ninth House can give you more experiences, learnings, and teachings that will bring you great joy.

It's a time when you think more about your life trajectory. Where are you heading? What do you hope to gain in the next twelve years? The Ninth House is about connecting you with things outside of your local environment, it can take you places, either through travel, through studies or through interacting with people who are different from you.

It's a time where Jupiter is showing you what is possible. The gift is in gaining a glimpse of where you're heading in your life, the things you discover will help, and assist you, for many years to come. Jupiter here is fun and exciting, and it always leads you to faraway places, be it physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.

I guarantee you will learn something that changes your perspective on life, the future and what you're working towards.

You see the 1, 5 and 9 Houses in astrology, they connect us to our purpose. Why are we here, what brings us joy, meaning into our lives. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Naturally, coming from the 8th transit, where we can learn some of the more darker truths about life. In that, the cost of love, joy and connection is pain, loss and disappointment. I mean, you cannot have one without the other. The more darkness you experience in life the brighter the propensity for light, the more joy and love you can experience.

The Ninth House in many ways is life's reward. You get to experience more of what excites you, you learn, you grow and you align to the very reason for your being. It can be a transit that brings you closer to God, to your spirituality, it gets you thinking and experiencing things that you just don’t get to experience every day. It’s a transit that opens your mind to new possibilities.

Now, Jupiter also shines a little light on your 1, 3, and 5 Houses. In many ways, it’s what makes you, well, you. The First House is you, it’s your personality and how you take action. Jupiter activating your 1st House brings optimism. It’s like you get it, things just make sense when Jupiter pours his mojo onto you. It’s a transit where you ask for a sign, and you get it. The universe is communicating with you, and you’re receiving the message loud and clear.

Jupiter shining his light onto your 5th House is about pleasure, enjoyment, hobbies, fun and love. What’s the best way to attract anything in life, it’s when you feel gratitude in the moment with all you have. Jupiter really helps put matters into perspective. Looking upon your Fifth House he shows you what you love, what lights your spirit up, and isn’t that the point of life, to enjoy what you love?

The Fifth House is what you do in your downtime, it’s what you do for fun. Jupiter activating this area is showing you what you’re good at, your hidden talents are revealed, and it brings more fun, and love into your life. It’s all you make and create. Essentially the 5, 1, and 9 are Houses where we get to be who we are, with no judgement. It’s a time period of fun-loving times.

Jupiter in aspect to the House opposite, the Third is about freeing ourselves from our small-town mentality. I mean that metaphorically. Jupiter looking upon the 3rd is saying to grow you need to at least once go beyond your boundary lines. It says for you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You’re being changed in a good way by what you’re experiencing in the Ninth and now you need to share and connect it within your community or wherever you hang out.

In our local environments, we can be creatures of habits. We go to the same coffee Houses, supermarkets, churches and hangouts. Jupiter in this aspect is saying, to explore, connect with a different group, go try a new foreign cuisine, explore new restaurants and mingle with the people you find there. There’s always more to explore, and people you haven’t crossed paths with yet. When you enter the unknown you experience something new.

Jupiter for Cancer governs over your Ninth and Sixth Houses respectfully. So, when Jupiter ventures into the Ninth it sets in motion a new path, a doorway of opportunity to turn a dream or vision into something tangible. The things you experience will lay the foundation for a new way of life, a new dream, and a new lifestyle.

GEMINI | The 10th House

When Jupiter enters your Tenth House of career, it usually points toward an enhancement to your status. Jupiter really expands your horizons.

If Jupiter transits your MC point, then this will further align you with your purpose and provide clues as to what vocation you'd be most suited to. The MC (midheaven), is the highest point of the chart. It's labelled MC. The MC is not always in the Tenth House, if you use a whole sign or equal House system, it can fall in the Ninth, Tenth or Eleventh House, depending on where you were born.

The gift Jupiter brings you will connect you with greater meaning and purpose in your life. It's the transit that can open new doors and bring all kinds of opportunities to expand your professional life and social standing. It's a transit where you begin to think about what to do in life, you crave more purpose, and joy when it comes to where you spend your time.

The Tenth House is an action House, it's the activity we spend the most time on, and so it relates to career and work matters. The thing to note is Jupiter expands where it transits, for better or worse. So, if you've not been loving work, it will expand that issue as much as if you're thriving at work. Jupiter gives you more, but you ultimately decide with the actions and choices you make.

Jupiter transiting the Tenth House can give you promotions, pay rises, more recognition and chance opportunities, but you have to act on them. Jupiter is a gift, you don't have to take it or use it, and it certainly will not be rammed down your throat. My advice is not to allow an opportunity to pass you by, it only comes once every 12 years.

2010 was the last time you had Jupiter here, and you would have experienced something similar when he activated your 4th House in August 2015 through September 2016.

In the Tenth, Jupiter can bring a very social time, attract lots of attention, usually on a much larger scale than usual. It could simply mean you're more inclined to share more of your personal life than you'd ever normally do. People may want to know more about you, hang out and connect. You could find everyone wants your opinion or advice on stuff.

It's a time where you're likely to be favoured by those in higher positions. It means you're more likely than someone else not having this transit to gain a pay rise, promotion or even get poached to work in a better place. Generally, as you radiate those jupitarian vibes, people like you. You imbue the traditional feeling of Christmas. It's here you can gain more opportunities, through your benefactors and increased popularity.

Jupiter in this position enhances life and your status as a result. What I mean by this is that it’s mostly a time where you gain a career opportunity that could aid your reputation. Often a time where you relocate, or your work field expands and grows. You learn more during this time.

You can start a new business or job when this happens. Perhaps the way you are seen changes, your social status changes, you get married, have a baby, gain some other label, become a partner in your career field etc.

Now, Jupiter does shine a light on your 2, 4, and 6 Houses. What this indicates is Jupiter is strengthening your foundations to be able to fulfil some purpose in the world. The Second House is your wealth and resources. The Fourth is your home, family and security. Then the Sixth House is your job, the day to day stuff, your lifestyle and habits.

So, Jupiter in aspect to the Fourth House can indicate a move or relocation, perhaps a marriage or pregnancy. It’s enhancing your home life through what's expanding in the Tenth. What opportunities you receive in the Tenth will be advantageous to the Fourth, of home, family and security.

Jupiter in aspect to the Second House, also shows that the opportunities you receive will be in alignment with your values and needs. It will provide you with a little pay grade increase to support yourself, and your family during this period. Jupiter influencing matters in the Second House can aid you in getting your needs met, a return of your efforts.

Jupiter when he looks to the Sixth House, which, by the way, was activated roughly 5 years ago, is levelling you up further. Your way of life is improving, you have better habits and productive routines. Jupiter can also improve your health and wellbeing overall, with his aspect to your Sixth House.

Jupiter for you Gemini governs your Tenth and Seventh House. So, when he shifts into your Tenth it strengthens your foundations, partnerships, relationships and commitments. It brings you a better way of life, a more enjoyable way of life. Jupiter is the significator of life partner and transiting through your Tenth House could also show you could meet your partner in the work setting or through the work you do.

To wrap up, Jupiter moving through the Tenth House brings many opportunities. It’s a time where people will think of you when it comes to opportunities and positions. It provides you with the best recognition and recommendations. You can find your ideal mentor for the field your in, which again can advance your position. You’re aligning with a position that’s a right fit for you, something that will bring great meaning and purpose into your life.

You can also relate this position to your Jaimini karaka. Whatever Jupiter governs for you can be found now in the Tenth House arena. Please relate this technique to your Vedic positions, not tropical western astrology.

TAURUS | The 11th House

When Jupiter enters your Eleventh House of your tribe, it usually points toward gaining benefactors, supporters, and the right audience, and colleagues for your career sector. Jupiter is aligning you with the right kinds of people, those who you can serve, and those who you can bounce ideas off of or who know people who love what you're about.

Jupiter shows you want you've got to look forward to with his entry into a new domain. The Eleventh House is our hopes, wishes, and fulfilment, representing all the causes that're near and dear to us. The Eleventh House is the community groups we belong to, the friendships, networks, colleagues, and peers.

So in true Jupiter fashion, he expands upon this sector. He brings important people that can connect us with more like-minded people. He aids fun and enjoyment to our social connections. It's here that in the modern world our social media followers can increase.

It's a time to network, and socialise to attend events and functions relative to what you do or are passionate about. Jupiter grants you access to many people, online, socially in your environment and personal one to one. Remember that it's the people you spend the most time with that determine your level of success. Again it’s a transit you do not want to miss out on.

It's a fantastic time to give back and get involved with a charity, and humanitarian work during this time. The Eleventh is all you gain through what you do, and poses the question of how you're making the world a better place?

Jupiter's gift connects you with the true meaning of friendship. If everything comes through others, then it's the Eleventh House that can bring the most opportunity, as it connects with many people. The people you come into contact with now can open new doors and opportunities for you. It's a time where your social circle will expand beyond what's been.

You connect with those, outside of who you'd typically associate with. It brings a strong Jupiter vibe to the new people in your life, foreign, well cultured, bilingual, fun, friendly, intelligent and wise. It's through these people that your worldview expands, opens up, and you get to experience things that you've not experienced before.

Jupiter teaches you about sharing common ground, cooperation and joint interests. You can gain a lot through this transit. It's time to mingle and widen your net. You become a lot more future-orientated and big-picture-minded. I often view it a little like when Jupiter returns to the same place he was at during your birth.

It's a transit where a wish fulfilment can come in. Let us not forget, the Eleventh House is also a money House. So it's also an increase of income, usually through a bonus, commission, getting money back (tax rebate), discounts and perks through the connections you make or winning something. It’s spontaneous money, not long term or consistent flow.

Jupiter shines a little light on your 3, 5, and 7 Houses. What this means is Jupiter is really connecting you with your tribe, finding the people you belong with and forging connections.

The Third House is local people, people you interact with, those who are around and about. It can highlight community, small groups, teammates, online people you connect with or people from your local environment. Jupiter is connecting you people who gel well with you. It’s bringing a sense of belonging, shared interests, someone you can share what you’re into, believe in or do, in a way that they get it and understand you.

Jupiter casting his light to your 5th House brings people who have a similar skill or passion in life. It can connect you with someone on your wavelength. It can bring love into your life. It’s a transit where you can meet someone new through a hobby or talent of yours.

Jupiter looking at your Seventh House can add to its influence aspect to your 5th. The Seventh, is a deeper connection, more than just passion, lust, fun and play its soulmate energy. Jupiter can connect you with people to who you form a deep connection.

The Jupiter transit through your Eleventh aligns you with your tribe, and people who can help you rise in life. The people who come into your life can teach you a lot, they resonate with a deep part of yourself that feels right. It brings a great sense of belonging and finding your tribe.

ARIES | The 12th House

When Jupiter enters the Twelfth House of your subconscious mind, it usually points toward one phase of your life that is coming to a close in preparations for the next stage. It's one of the most spiritual transits one can go through and comes once every 12 years. It’s the alignment of body, mind and spirit.

During this time, most people go on a retreat from their world and embark on a deeply provoking journey into self. Now, you don't need to visit a monastery, take an iowaska (ayahuasca) trip or trek the trails of Kalalau valley to get in touch with your inner being. Still, there is a theme around self-discovery, spiritual awakenings and experiences tend to take place.

Some people spend a lot of time in places far away from their usual stomping grounds. People often travel in one aspect or another, travelling abroad, astral travel or regression work. Wherever Jupiter goes, he expands the energy of that place, your imagination, vision and ability to heal oneself.

I've seen this play out in so many ways, people heal from drug addictions and attend rehab. I've seen people not deal with life and land themselves in prison (usually with a Saturn energy present). I've seen people go on holiday to not return back, but decide to stay and explore some more. I've seen people take up a yoga practice, learn mixed martial arts, or learn to meditate during this transit.

The things you endure during the year expand your mind, you gain perspective of where you are and where you're going. It's a transit that can turn your whole life around. It can teach you a lot about alternative forms of therapy and healing. It can help you discover your own spiritual talents, and even help you find a guru that can teach you the way.

The Jupiter transit 12th House is very much a eat, pray, love moment in one's life. It's a time to find yourself, you need to be alone, to be by yourself. It's a journey that only you can take. What happens is likely to birth a fresh perspective on the brand new cycle that'll begin when Jupiter enters your First House. You have to go through it to understand what you want moving forward. You can start the cycle, believing you'll be in one place to have everything change before the cycle is through.

Jupiter moving through your Twelfth House is like divine intervention, every step you take it’s as if Jupiter is guiding you. He opens the locked vault from where you store the memories of the past twelve years, the stuff you forget and that gets remembered.

Jupiter in the Twelfth is a healing experience, it brings tremendous amounts of personal growth. Signs, omens and messages befall you everywhere, in dreams, when alone, through mediation or even just walking in nature. Intuition is heightened and as you clear through the baggage of your past, the more clarity you gain.