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Cutting Through The BS | Gemini New Moon |May 22, 2020

The New Moon to burn away ALL the BS! What is it that you value? What have you not been able to see clearly or express?

The New Moon plants the seed of potential where you begin to see the truth of something that has held you back and kept you "safe" out of someone's perception of fear. The Gemini New Moon looks to be unearthing something that was supposed to be kept buried.

In the Lunar Mansion of Krittika, you might say that this New Moon is the one to burn away all the BS and lay everything out in the open. The image that came through was a closed book… Open the book, turn the page, and you will not be able to unsee/un-know what's inside. 

For many, the New Moon is about discovering something new. It could be uncovering a secret, learning something, making a new friend, or having yourself changed through experience. Gemini New Moons alter your sense of perception. Check and see where Gemini falls in your natal chart to see how this New Moon will manifest for you.


Gemini deals with information, not the in-depth closeup and verifies the source info that's Virgo. Gemini deals with effortless, to the point, ain't got the time verbal information. Gemini is "Hey Google, where's the nearest…". Virgo is "let me open google maps, then plug the address is, and change the settings to avoid this and that and…" you catch my drift. 

Gemini is also your friendships, your environment that leaves its impression upon you, its communication, gadgets, social media and news. Now if you know Gemini's then you know just how gullible they can be, they want to believe what their bestie Betty tells them… but can they? The New Moon reveals all, and it is digging the dirt! The other good thing about Gemini is when they need to they remember EVERYTHING! Heck, might even still have the convo, message, video

archived somewhere. 


I see false promises, backing out of a long commitment, or yearly event, but its bigger than you there is something more going on that you don't know about. Perhaps gossip you were unaware of that had been going around for a while. An old rumour that was spread around that you find out stemmed from a friendship group or former lover. Being stabbed in the back. Truth is you might have had your suspicions, not really sure how you knew it was them... perhaps it just slips out, hearing it from the horse's mouth or someone confessing that they heard it from...

This New Moon leads into the eclipses in June and eclipses always bring transformations and significant changes. What I see for people is a chance to be given the official story that will provide the healing needed to push forward. A big love, an essential connection from your past that you never really got over... but as a result of the events to unfold that healing will come now. 


This Eclipse will change the way we do relationships, connect and exchange information. A friendship could very well end. What might be hard is this friend is someone you consider family you're that close. It could, however, for some, result in reconnecting with a long lost friend or family member and that's how the truth comes out. 

It's bringing something back up for closure. You might be finding something out that was said about you that can open an old wound but puts things into perspective. Someone dredges something important up to about the past.

As of right now… An online friend, someone in the same circles, could have feelings for you or know about someone who does. It could be a friend of someone you used to date that shares some hush-hush information.

Which leads to a strong foundation to build a stable, secure relationship on. Strong commitment, safe both emotionally and physically that will enable growth with what really matters.


I see one of two options or paths. A delay in finding something out meant it took you forever to learn the lesson because you didn't know. When you find out it means you can begin to move on and learn from that experience and embark on something new.

Pathway two… A Marriage proposal that's kept a secret amongst friends. An offer being made. I also feel that there could be some legal aspect that you're unaware of, or a cost and weighing the options. 

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