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Remedies, Solutions & how to Navigate the global pandemic

Updated: Jan 24

The Corona Virus | How to take control without boosting FEAR

First of all, wherever you are in the world I hope you and your loved ones are safe. The global pandemic is real and I get that everyone is in a state of panic and fear - I am here to help.

In this post, I am going to share some natural remedies as preventive measures, how to check yourself before your wreck yourself, what we know about the COVID-19 and the facts of the global situation.

The truth is there will always be a new virus, disease or other factors that take the world by storm. A few short years ago we had Ebola, I remember in the UK we had the Mad Cows disease… There is always going to be something and we shouldn’t fear this it’s just another part of life.

What Fear does to the body…

Let me just say that fear doesn’t exist in the way we think that it does. Fear is a by-product of your imagination of what we “think” might or might not happen. The brain doesn’t comprehend between what is and what is not actually happening, what you think is what the brain responds to. So when you enter into a state of fear your hormones spike and you enter into a fight or flight mentality. 

The body is perfectly designed to heal itself… If you give the body what it needs to do the healing. When you enter into a fear-based mentality it triggers feelings, emotions which vibrate outside of your physical self. When you enter into this vibe (energy) your body is weakened and you can become susceptible to infection and illness taking place. 

It’s proven that prolonged states of fear, anxiety and worry all lead to immune dysfunction, meaning you can become more susceptible to infection. It also leads to lower energy levels, circulatory and respiratory stresses.

If you think back to every time you’ve been sick, ill or unwell in the past you will notice the pattern. What I mean is you only get sick when you’re a vibrational match to getting sick. Meaning, if you’re not giving your body what it needs, nutrition, exercise, sleep, water and you live your life under great stress your body will get run down and there comes the sickness. 

What we know about COVID-19

We know that as of right now the virus attacks the respiratory system, leading in trouble breathing, sore/dry throat, fever, tiredness and runny nose. 

Natural Remedies

  • Elderberry syrup - A 100-year-old flu remedy that boosts the immune fighting against getting sick

  • Foods high in antioxidants like Blackberries

  • Anti-inflammatory like Ginger

  • Linden is perfect for the symptoms reported just not advised for those who take lithium or those who are pregnant or nursing.

  • You want to ensure you consume food rich with nutrients like Veggies

  • Increase in Vitamin C

Other Remedies

  • Lower your stress levels

  • Get some fresh air (avoid public or crowded places) - good for you

  • Salt baths - detox and purifies the body

  • Meditation - Calms the mind

  • Yoga - relaxes and balances your Qi

  • Comedy shows/Movies at home - sparks joy and humour boosts your immunity

  • Music at home - Lowers stress

Give your body what it needs and it will look after you.

How to deal with the Corona Virus?

  1. Wash yo hands!

  2. Eat nutrient-rich foods + powerful antioxidants

  3. Keep your environment clean and well aired

  4. Skip Social interactions for virtual ones - Face-time, Skype to connect with loved ones

  5. Don’t go to the doctors or hospitals unless your 1000% need to - there are no cures so don’t put yourself in the danger zone. Ride it out, boost your immune system and follow the remedies given above.

  6. Those who work hands-on with the public, don’t directly touch people with cuts, don't share the same water, cosmetics or other products if applying to the public wear gloves.

  7. If your sick, stay home and if you cough or sneeze use a tissue (discard immediately and wash hands), cough into a sleeve limit skin contact.

  8. Take some time to chill at home, watch things that make you laugh or spark joy step far away from fear. Remember fear lowers your immunity and joy increases it.

  9. Don’t buy into the mass hysteria, if you follow those steps, give your body what it needs you will NOT get sick

The Facts

More people die from hunger, car accidents and fires per day than the Corona Virus. I am not saying that the “organic” virus is not deadly I am saying that it is getting blown out of control and creating a lot more fear and panic (the main issue). I won’t get into conspiracy theories but I have said it a lot that the Earth is overpopulated and the way to regulate that is with viruses, chronic illnesses and so on.

You only get sick if you’re a vibrational match to getting ill. Fear makes people act irrationally if you think the end times are near it puts you into a survival mentality. The fear is going to be the thing that destroys the globe not the Covid-19. Since the wide and ongoing spread of fear the death rates have increased, you are the master of your own ecosystem (body). Fear makes you susceptible to catching it and your body is a perfect machine at protecting you so give it the fuel it needs and keep it hydrated.

Know that the average death age is between the ’70-’80s. Most who have caught the Covid-19 have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular issues and so on. Do your part and do not spread fear. 

By the time of the next Eclipse in June, things will remedy, the issues lie in the damage the fear is causing. So take a breath, be thankful for your health, give your body what it needs and do not act impulsively. 

Check your self before you wreck yourself!

If you find yourself falling into fear ask yourself “do I know that for sure?”, a little time spent in quiet self-reflection will do everyone the world of good.

All my love - this too shall pass xoxo

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