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Control & Desire... Weekly Horoscope, October 12, 2020, Ashlesha

Weekly horoscope, October 12-18 2020, ashlesha, nagas, tunnel, dark, scary
weekly horoscope October 12-18, 2020

We begin this week under the Lunar Mansion of Ashlesha. Ashlesha is hypnotic, magnetic and seductive energy that creates a yearning for something. The tone set for the week is surrounding desire, a wanting to have something but also being held back from it. It's a need to escape the confines of control placed on you or keeping you from what you seek to experience.

Represented by the coiled snake, a want to shed one’s skin to emerge anew. Like a snake coiling around, restricting and clinging to something, devouring or seen as destructive. It can be seen as manipulative because it’s getting you to do something pulling out your inner desires. Ashlesha is phenomenal for overcoming your adversaries and opponents.

The Nagas live deep underground, and so much mystery lies within the week. Please note that not all is as it seems to be, a hidden desire, urge or impulse lies just beneath the skin waiting to be awoken.

We also have Venus opposite Neptune exact on the 18th, a transit that warns you to not be so easily fooled or to be deceived by someone who’ll take advantage of you. It’s not a week to be gullible, naive and overly sweet for you’ll be open to false flattery to get you to do or give up something. Remember that curiosity killed the cat. The transit could affect both finances and relationships.

Sun Square Pluto transit brings up the power, control and the fight for dominance energy. Be cautious for destructive behaviours and putting yourself in dangerous circumstances this week. Mercury may be Rx but don’t allow your better judgement to go out the window.

Mercury is the ruler of Ashlesha will go Rx this week on the 13/14th in tropical Scorpio or Sidereal Libra. A Video will go live tomorrow at 7 pm GMT, launching the start of the Mercury Rx Video series, so you’ll know what to expect over on YouTube. Another post will be up tomorrow going into detail about the transit.

The last thing I also wanted to bring to your awareness this week is we have the New Moon under Chitra, Tropical Libra, Sidereal Virgo on the 16th. A dark time of the month where new seeds are being sown to grow over the coming few weeks.

Where does Tropical Libra fall in your chart? Naturally, I’ll be posting all about this New Moon over the next few days.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead, stand up for Justice this week.

Much love & thanks for clicking


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