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Be Like Water...September 28, 2020, Weekly Insight

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The week begins under the lunar mansion of Dhanishta, the cosmic drum. A reminder to connect to our purpose, our drive and direction in life. Right now we’re all being driven into our tropical Aries house as Mars is Rx there… but where is your natal Mars? ⬇️

Mars is the ruler or influencer when it comes to Dhanishta, and all morning I kept hearing frequency, a beat to harmonise to and something that bruce lee once said: “become like water”.

There is a warrior type energy for the week, not necessarily about fighting or conflict but needing to endure and reconnect to our purpose. Asking yourself what do you stand for, fight for and what gives your life meaning? Where in your chart is Mars, it will show you what energises you, what drives and creates passion within your being.

Become like water is a message I feel to adapt to your surroundings, connect to the now and flow. You cannot harm water itself, only that of which contains it. The sense I get from the impressions I channelled is to harmonise or sync up to something, to get into the frequency of that of which you desire or gives you purpose.

Saturn has shifted back into Sidereal Capricorn. It’s beginning to seed or lay the foundations for the learning lessons over the next few years, of which, won’t fully initiate until the end of the year. What has the past few years taught you? What fears came about in the house area he transited? Of course, within the tropical Zodiac, we still have a few months to tie up these loose ends.

We’ll all need to pay attention to the themes around conversation this week with Mercury in Swati, as he will later return here when retrograde. Governed by the north node, Rahu there will be some importance to the ideas, information and exchanges you have, so be present to not miss the clues for when he turns Rx next month.

Let us not forget we have the Full Moon under Uttara Bhadrapada on the 1st. It brings me back to seeking something of which will last. The Bhadrapada mansions seek things of an eternal nature, and with the week beginning under Dhanishta, we’re all seeking a deeper meaning or purpose to the rhyme and reason to our lives.

There’s a belief in an ancient yogic culture that states we all only have so many breaths and our hearts are literally ticking down the time to our return to the spirit realms. Pranayama teaches us many ways to breath to enhance and live longer lives. In Mixed Martial arts, they also teach the importance of breath to control your Qi.

Mars is a warrior, a Viking who too seeks to die the ultimate death, with honour, courage and meaning. Much of why I choose the image of Vikings to symbolise the week. To live your life with such faith, purpose and courage, it was the highest honour to dye during the battle for the valkyries to come and take you to Valhalla and you can fight again in the ultimate fight, a war to end all wars.

I know I keep speaking of Mars it’s just what’s come through for the week. A lot of it about the learning when to push and when to pull, it’s movement and momentum. Mars spends much of the week looking over at Saturn creating this friction a reminder to know when to show constraint.

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Have a wonderful week


PS. The Full Moon insight I refer to in the Monthly horoscopes section, but another post will follow.

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