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Aries New Moon 🌙 Make it happen!

Today, we’ll walk you through the cosmic energies of the Aries New Moon, taking place April 12, 3:30 GMT at 22’25 Aries.

The New Moon has a determined spirited energy behind it being in Aries and merged with Venus in the Tropical zodiac sign of Aries.

Aries New Moon April 12 2021 by Ask a Little witch

The Sun and Moon Kiss


Each month the Sun and Moon come together to share a kiss, as they meet in the night sky. It's what we call the New Moon, that acts as a marker of a new lunar cycle.

Think of it as that moment where a connection is made that can show the potential of all that will unfold and follow in a relationship.

Each lunar cycle, the time it takes the Sun and Moon to join again brings a new storyline and calls awareness as something new is initiated and birthed.

New Moons are lovely for mapping your own cycles in life and fantastic for setting personal intentions to create focus throughout each month and to live a more divinely guided life.



The RAM, Aries, represents the joy that comes through being yourself. Aries is about being who you are, no mask, no hiding for that’s where happiness comes from.

Aries represents the individualistic qualities of each person, it’s about walking your own path and following your own goals as weird or wacky as they may initially seem.

Society today as in many civilizations that came before fall into trends and social standards. Aries as a sign is great at following those trends, be it fashion, beauty, social issues and the mainstream.

In truth though Aries struggles to express who they are truly on the inside with the world at large. Ram’s by nature are leaders of the heard, they’re about belonging and being a part of something. So, if they fear rejection or being different and unique they can hide and suppress aspects of themselves.

The Aries lesson is about being who you are, for you are who you are and you shouldn’t feel as though your uniqueness, your voice or expression is not high value. You were born out of love and there’s only one you, so be the best you that you can be, instead of imitating societies standards of what others tell you that you should be.

Social moreys, societies and cultures change over time, and Aries, you pave the way.

When you deal with the energy of Aries you deal with the ability to take action. To rally people behind a cause to challenge others to be better to not hide behind right and wrong, instead, to just be who you want to be.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, commonly called the baby of the zodiac. Aries, just like babies are fearless, there’s only space for wonder, curiosity and going after all you want. Like babies Aries are pretty likable, they know how to win, how to get others to help them meet their goals and needs.

Aries holds a fearlessness, a resilience to do anything because no is not their vocabulary. When you want something, you find a way to make it happen but giving up is not the Aries way.

When a baby stumbles and falls, they rise up and they try again. When you fail at something, you train harder until you’re the best at it. Aries is governed by Mars, the planet of war, battles and survival.

Babies rely on parents and caregivers to appease their needs and just like Mars there’s always a great sense of urgency. Aries knows to get their needs met they need a team or a tribe to back them up, but they always reach their goals.


Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, so try to think of its energy as the first initiating spark. The one that illuminates the darkness, provides the heat that sustains life. It’s not a constant flame or camp fire like Leo, or a wild fire like Sagittarius, but a spark that leads the way.

Fire is what allows us to grow, survive and protect ourselves, we need it, it lights up the dark, heats our bodies, cooks our food and burns away impurities. Too much and we burn, we overheat and dehydrate, it warms the soil, but turns it barren over time.

Aries being Fire in it’s igniting phase is illuminating, it points to inspiration, possibility or potential, that when accumulated in mass can rally the masses towards a new path, goal or objective.

So as much as Aries can inspire it can also burn those who stand in the way. Mostly when dealing with cardinal Fire is the need to be patient, relax and to have a plan.

Aries is successful because they act immediately as inspiration and motivation strikes. They don’t wait or plan too much, they strike while the iron is hot. There’s always an urgency around all they do and once they start they go until the goal is in reach or something else inspires them to focus on something new.

The main thing to take from Cardinal Fire (Aries), is it’s inspired, energised, it see’s possibility, flashes of what could be. Aries is not patient, if you want something you should do it! As Nike says ‘just do it’, Aries is all about action, why wait until tomorrow if you’re feeling it now.

If you don’t have planets in Aries in your chart, then Aries energy wherever it falls in your chart can make you feel like you’re always striving, there’s always more to be done and ideas just flow. Aries placements point to identity, ambitions and ability to make things happen.

The New Moon in Aries


When the New Moon takes place under Aries, you're called to question what you actually want right now in your life. Aries New Moons are fearless, they’re about making anything happen.

Aries is about action, training and working hard. It’s the age old saying of practice makes perfect. So, if at first you don’t succeed, you must try and try again.

If you want to be fit, you work out and you train. If you want to be a singer, then you sing, you train and perform. Aries is who you are, and you are what you do most often. Are you who you say you are?

If ever you wanted to achieve a goal, doing so under the Aries New Moon with Mars championing you onwards is sure to provide success. You have to embody the warrior's way, Mars doesn’t like cry babies, he expects you to train, to stick to a schedule and a plan.

Mars expects you to follow his commands in making you stronger in the pursuit of your goals. Aries New Moons are great for beginning fitness goals, health, diet, as well as, personal ambitions and goals overall.

Mars is competitive and so setting small goals in the build up to the main event is something that Mars enjoys. A reminder to break your goal down into smaller steps and mark them off one by one.

A New Moon to begin a challenge and build strength and confidence with each milestone.


What do you want most right now in your life?

Who do you want to be?

What’s stopping you?

What’s the one thing you can quit to get closer to it?

What’s the one thing you can implement daily to get closer to it?



Revati being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings a test of self, are you who you say you are? A week that’ll challenge you to remain true to your ethics and morals in the face of temptation.

Anything is up for grabs under the influence of Revati, it’s all very possible because do we ever truly stick to our convictions? Revati is flirtatious, charming, hypnotic and some might even say seductive. Would you turn down the object of your desire if it was dangled in front of you, even if you knew it was “wrong”?

Revati challenges our society's standards of right and wrong, good versus evil. It merely wishes to lure the suppressed and oppressed version of ourselves out into the light. Revati is truly curious, and begs the question, do we really mean what we say we do? Is the no, I’d never, really a yes in time, if the variables were right?

Revati is the tempress. The always curious, observing, watching, challenging your identity, convictions, morals and ethics. Is something bad if it feels right? Is something only ever good if it ticks certain boxes? It questions and tests absolutely everything.

When you deal with the energy of Revati, you’re dealing with the lack of something, in the pursuit of what was never given. We’re all victims of our past, our childhoods and part of Revati is about healing those parental, familial cycles and patterns.

Revati speaks a lot about parenting, and what it means to be a good parent. A parents job is paramount, they’re responsible for how tiny humans impact society in the future. If you give a child what they need, they grow to become an asset to society, if you raise them wrong they become a drain on it.

Being a good parent is not about showering them with “stuff”, it’s about listening, being present with your child and giving unconditional love and understanding. To be a good parent is to nurture them, encourage their innate gifts and talents, and allow them to cultivate their own ideas and thoughts.

Vic Dicara says how can we give something if we don’t have something? You can’t, you cannot give love if you’ve never received it. Revati craves attention, and so part of being a great parent is to give attention, so they don’t grow up to always crave it. You must give your children what they NEED.

If you’ve never had something, you’re always going to be in search of it, and the best way to break the cycle is to give what you get. It’s the parental dynamic to give and receive. Seek it out and then give it back to society instead of hoarding it.

A week beginning under Revati is about overcoming our past, the stuff we felt we never got by seeking it out for ourselves. It’s about questioning everything and testing our own standards to see if we truly align with them. It’s easy to be tempted away, but if you stay strong and true to your morals and ethics the rewards will be truly fulfilling.

It’s the difference between crappy sex and amazing sex. Amazing sex is only truly amazing, when all aspects come together, body, mind, spirit and soul. When you connect to someone not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, that’s when true intimacy is forged and there is nothing that comes close to that.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs, you should try Subliminals. I've started a new YouTube channel with safe Subliminals, and I'm taking suggestions for future videos.

In my' Yearly Guides' you can find the house placement of your New Moon for each month and what it means.

If you enjoyed this post, took something from it, please feel free to share it & I’ll see you in another post sooner rather than later.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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