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Are you pure of heart? Weekly Horoscope, October 19, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

weekly horoscope October 19 2020, Anuradha Nakshatra, friendship
A lesson in true friendship

Anuradha sets the tone for the week, teaching us to stay in alignment with love and friendship. Anuradha is about unity, bonding things together, and when times get rough, it’s these connections that aid us in pulling through and rising up.

Anuradha’s teaching is about love, love is not control or ownership, it's not convenient and self-serving... Love is an expression. It’s putting someone else's needs ahead of your own. Happiness comes through putting the needs of others first, making someone else happy in turn makes you happy.

We’ll all be reconsidering our commitments this week, with the Moon connecting with Mercury Retrograde and the Sun also bringing light onto the matter. It’s not about looking at what I want, what I can get, but balance. Do you treat your friends and loved ones as if they’re needs are your needs? Do they treat your happiness as a part of their happiness?

Anuradha doesn’t say to deplete your energies into those who take, out of selfish means. Pouring yourself to please those who only care for themselves is a dangerous thing, you won’t feel fulfilled in these kinds of relationships. Anuradha is about connecting to those who share something in common, bonding, finding strength and unity through these connections.

Mercury Rx will soon move back into the sign of Tropical Libra. Bringing the real tests to your relationships, commitments and promises. Which friends, lovers, or connections have repeatedly let you down, excuses or not. Love requires trust, the trust allows us to open up, and that allows for love to grow. When you’re simply out to get what YOU seek and want without, love in your heart for others, you’ll never find true satisfaction.

We’re all in a powerful time, Mercury is Rx, the most perfect time to write wrongs. A time to shift your alliances and give your energy and power into serving something more in alignment. When you authentically care for others without expectation of getting something that's when true love, begins to flow. Those kinds of connections that care for you and for where you sincerely care for them is when unity is forged.

Anuradha is loves reward.

We also have the ¼ square of the Moon on the 23rd, our first test from what we seeded last week under the New Moon. As long as your heart was pure, you should surely overcome the challenge that’ll be presented. I’ll try and post about this more later in the week. #mercuryretrograde

The Mercury Videos through the houses are slightly delayed due to filming issues. I need to reshoot some stuff. Patreons/YouTube Members will receive the entire series once complete, and the videos will go out one per day, fingers crossed from Thursday.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead, where does your heart lie this week.

Much love & thanks for clicking


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