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Aquarius New Moon 🌙 Planting Seeds for the Future.

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the cosmic energies of the Aquarius New Moon, taking place February 11, 19:05 GMT at 23’17 Aquarius.

It’s wise to mention that this New Moon has a plethora of energy behind it with a Stellium of Planets all sitting in the Tropical zodiac sign of Aquarius.

New Moon in Aquarius by Ask a little witch, February 11, 2021, in Dhanishta

The Sun and Moon Kiss


Each month the Sun and Moon come together to share a kiss, as they meet in the night sky. It's what we call the New Moon, that acts as a marker of a new lunar cycle.

Each lunar cycle, the time it takes the Sun and Moon to join again brings a new storyline and calls awareness as something new is initiated and birthed.

New Moons are lovely for mapping your own cycles in life and fantastic for setting personal intentions to create focus throughout each month and to live a more divinely guided life.



The water bearer, Aquarius, represents the trends and standards within our society. It's groups, communities, humanitarian efforts and ideals for a better tomorrow and future.

Aquarius is the scientist, the nomad, the revolutionary and the one that strives for equality. When we think of Aquarius, we can think of the misfit, the weirdo or even the non-conformist.

In truth, they're the minds that are ahead of our time. They are the ones that make the impossible a reality. They're the bringers of change, and that's why they're the trendsetters.


Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, so try to think of its energy as a powerful Tornado. A storm that blows through, tearing up the limited and outdated structures while pulling out at the roots of which has been deeply embedded within our society, but holds no place within our future.

Tornados have the power to change our landscapes of life, and change is a necessary part of life. For something new to be planted, you have to destroy what was in the way of future progress.

Aquarius teaches us that anything is possible, with perseverance and community. Only Aquarius is not a leader, it believes in equal opportunity and freedom of choice.

When there's a lot of energy manifesting under this celestial energy, you know that the world is upgrading and innovating. We're all being asked to adapt to the changes being made. As long as freedom and power to choose is not being neglected.

Aquarius wants you to follow your own path, he's not a shepherd, he wants to show you the facts, the data, and the possibilities but he wants you to decide for yourself.

The world would be a very dull place if everyone had the same beliefs, thoughts, and looked and dressed the same. It's when diversity comes together that real progress can be made.

There's not another person on this planet that's like you, so honour that because your experience matters, your perspective and ideas matter. If nothing else Aquarius tells you to NOT diminish your light to appease someone else, just be yourself because your perfect as is.

The more you grow, experience, adapt and evolve, the more impressive you'll become, dare to tread where others shy away from, follow your own path and begin to build your own future.

The right people will find you and then magic happens, as you form a network of like-minded souls that can bring innovation and change to the world.

The New Moon in Aquarius


When the New Moon takes place under Aquarius, you're called to plant a seed for the future, the key to turning your dream into a reality is in using what you got to acquire more of it. It's a law of attraction type of New Moon.

When it comes to the New Moon in Aquarius we think ahead to the new year, what we hope to call into our life experience. I always say that the year doesn’t truly begin until we embark upon the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, which often falls under the energy of Aquarius, the bringer of change, initiation and future progress really is when the year begins to take off.

The Aquarius New Moon is a time to plant seeds for your future, it’s one of the best times to make changes, try something new and to network. Afterall, everything in life comes through others and Aquarius is known to be granted access to people from all walks of life.

The New Moon in Aquarius, is about calling in your most desired outcomes, being the eleventh sign of the Zodiac pointing to manifestation and the law of attraction.

It’s not the end of the year or January to set your intentions, but during the Aquarius New Moon. If you want to claim success, set and create a clear plan of action to achieve your goals, because the energy allows for change under Aquarius, it encourages it.


What do you want most right now in your life?

What do you need to manifest it?

What’s the one thing you can quit to get closer to it?

What’s the one thing you can implement daily to get closer to it?

The New Moon The North Node/Rahu


The New Moon will loosely Trine Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, which is a promising sign that the universe is willing to align you to what you desire most.

A Trine in astrology is an easy flow of energy, it's supportive, and it's helpful for those who work their magic under this influence.

Think of a trine as a magical portal allowing the energy to pass through unencumbered. Like magic, it's not something you see, but its energy will be present if you wish to take action upon it.

When the nodes are involved in a new lunar cycle, you know that there are Karmic forces at play. Something that was always supposed to be will come into being.

You 'wanting what you want' is meant to be, you're supposed to have it, and if you follow the signs, be consistent and do the work you'll have it.

It's a magical aspect of a magic spell being completed. It's a sign for you to work your own magic and take this lunar cycle seriously. It's likely to initiate an experience you're supposed to have to manifest or align you to something more than you can imagine right now.

New Moon Mars


When you look at a Square in Astrology, you can think of them as extra fuel added to the fire. A royal kick up the butt that sets you off into action.

It’s the kind of action that if forced upon you because of external or outer situations. Think of it as someone egging you on, pushing your buttons and you just have to do or say something.

When Aquarius energy squares Taurus energy you’re dealing with a why change something if it’s not a broken type of situation. Taurus likes things comfortable, they want to know what to expect and tend to stay away from unknown outcomes.

Aquarius likes change, improving things and doing things their way. It’s like a genius engineer coming in and making adjustments to your tools, or the way you do what you do. The old way works just fine, and you know what your doing, the new way simply saves time, and improves upon the old way, but you have to adjust to the new way.


It’s like a tornado blowing through ripping up the trees or foundations to your home. It’s a force so intense trying to move, change the seemingly unchangeable.

It’s like a battle of egos, which is stronger? Fixed Earth wants to hunker down, stick to those roots and avoid change. Fix Air wants to improve, innovate and create change.


It's clear that you have to weigh out your priorities and decide what matters most to you. The New Moon Square Mars is saying you might need to take a different action to get to the result you want. It's calling for you to change your approach if you're going to get the result you want.

Adaptability and remaining flexible to the changes is what's called for with an overpowering force within Aquarius. The western ruler of Aquarius, is actually in Taurus, it's all about changing the way we do life.

You're called to innovate, change and adapt to the global changes. You can still get results; you just have to implement new techniques or find new ways to get things done. The old ways are on the out, and it's best to get with the program now or risk falling behind when eventually the old way becomes null and void.

You might be feeling really defensive and protective over this new thing, thinking that your way is the right way or the only way. Aquarius New Moon will show you that there's many ways to get to the destination and perhaps even better ways that can fast track your progress.

Don't allow your ego or your anger to blind you to future progress. You may be stepping into unpredictable territory, questing and doubting whether it will or will not come to fruition. The unknown is scary, and it's normal to want to take the predictable path, but perhaps the road less travelled is actually the way to go.

Saturn Uranus


Saturn and Uranus in a Square aspect is about finding a middle path where you're not just following the path laid out by traditions or others in positions of power or authority.

Now I don't wish to ruffle feathers, but I'll be referring to contradictions within the Bible to better explain my point.

The Bible was supposed to be a guide book for the best way to live one's life, and today it's still a well-regarded religion even though some of its philosophies are vastly outdated making it subjective.

The basis of my understanding of the Bible, is to not judge, to be kind and that humans are made in god's image. Yet there's mention in the Bible of hate against groups of people, there's mention of oracles, astrology, and magic, yet it's frowned upon.

The Uranus square Saturn would take the basic principles of being a good person, being kind and compassionate and discard the hate, choosing to implement their own spiritual practice alongside their religious path.

Realising that the Bible was written by man, and man is flawed like we all are, it's our imperfections that make us perfect.

When Uranus and Saturn square, they challenge the status quo, they question the narrative presented. 100's of years ago, the Bible was used as a tool, as with all religions, to segregate and group people. It was a genius idea to control groups of people. Today's world it's social media, TV, Movies and media in general.

Saturn square Uranus, the traditional ruler of the New Moon in conflict with the modern western ruler Uranus, points to social reform. It's a new way of life, you don't need to eradicate all transitions, but there are more than a few that are outdated and should never have become part of our history.

It's the formation of a new world order. Boundaries, rules and laws might be necessary for an organised and functioning society… but not at the expense of freedom and the ability to choose for oneself.



The New Moon falls under the Nakshatra of Dhanishta, the cosmic drum. It's about connecting to your heart, to your own personal rhythm and finding what moves/motivates you.

Dhanishta teaches us so much about manifestation, it is the famous one, after all, pertaining to success. To manifest anything, you have to use a little to get a bit more.

Dhanista is about finding what moves you and finding your own way to see something through to fruition. Manifesting 101 lies within gratitude, when you have something, you hold no resistance to it because you already have it. You can use what you have to acquire more of it and leverage that to attract what you seek.

When you think of a Drum or anyone who has dabbled with drumming, it quickly enters you into a trance state. It's hypnotic as is the lunar mansion of this New Moon. When you feel, believe, see it and take action, there's nothing you cannot accomplish or obtain.

One thing Aquarius is not is conventional. It takes the impossible and makes it possible. It takes a theory and trials it to prove it right. It's not about following what others tell you during this New Moon but finding your path, your way of doing something.

Under Aquarius, anything is possible, which is why this New Moon is one to plant the seeds for the future. I already mentioned that Saturn, the ruler of this energy, is in Aquarius, along with Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury at least, sidereally. You'll need to think out of the box, try a new approach, be open to change and adapt accordingly.

The other rulers of this New Moon are in Tropical Taurus when you connect to the 'why' you want it, you begin to prioritise and make it happen because it's necessary. It's a kind of drive that overcomes anything.

In true Aquarius fashion, anything can happen, and everything is possible, you just have to find a way. Everything you need is already around you, follow the signs and piece it together.

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If you enjoyed this post, took something from it, please feel free to share it & I’ll see you in another post sooner rather than later.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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