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April Tarot for your Zodiac Sign - Ask a Little Witch

I felt compelled to get my Tarot cards out in the Spirit of Aries Season, and fresh starts, new energy and spring. I pulled a single card for each zodiac sign, but please ensure you check your Sun, Moon & rising sign for complete insight into April, and the start of the Spring season.

April Tarot for your Zodiac Sign by Ask a little witch



April calls for you to leave the past in the past, there’s no use looking back when you can’t do anything about it. Instead, April asks for you to think forward, someone may not be who they say they are, and once you find out who, you can move forward. You don’t want anyone in your life that doesn’t want to be a part of it anyway, do you?



April is all about gaining clarity with where you want to be and then mapping your journey to get there. It’s all about transportation, the act of getting from point A to point B. April is about pursuing your goals and getting shit done, plain and simple.



April is all about balancing the books, energy in and energy out. There’s room here for investments, sometimes with this card, there is a little imbalance, before the gaining of balance. It’s all about Money. Pay attention to your spending habits and save some for a rainy day. Your efforts are about to pay off but try to step into an abundance money mindset, instead of impulse spending what comes in.



April is all about overcoming bad habits, fears and temptations. You’re about to get all you want, but are you shrinking, out of fear of losing something you’ve not yet gained? Stay focused, keep aligned to your most important thing and allow your actions to help you get there. Step out of your comfort zone and watch the rewards flow in.



April is all about taking a step back, stop waiting for something to happen. The number one rule of magic and the law of attraction is to release it, it’s already on its way. When you keep staring at the clock doesn’t make it happen any faster. Release, let go and know what you’ve been working on and waiting for will arrive… Keep yourself busy.



April is all about showing others what you're made of, your hard work will NOT go unnoticed. April is encouraging you to keep striving, working hard and know that someone above you will reward you for your efforts. Keep on, keeping on!!!



April is all about decompressing, taking a beat and focusing on recharging your batteries. Cosmic orders are to NOT skimp on sleep and make sure you’re working on your mental health. As in to work in some gentle exercise to your routine, perhaps include a daily affirmation meditation, to keep you on the level.



April is all about conserving your resources while trying to work on getting more bang for your buck. The point in being, don’t stress so much about money, it’s abundant, it comes and goes. Instead, focus on what you do have, buy only what you NEED and leave the rest where it is. At the end of the month, you’ll have more than you realise.



April is all about making important choices and picking what’s best for you, not what’s necessarily the easiest choice. Try to get clear on your values, wants and needs. Then you can make the informed decision with which option best aligns with the choices presented. April seems to be all about important choices, likely connected to others and maybe love (or your children/business/creative project).



April is all about truth, duty and honour. Justice often brings up themes connected to legal documentation, work contracts, agreements and promises. April is all about speaking the truth and following through on prior agreements, promises and things you’re contracted to do. Read the fine print, know your rights and do the right thing.



April is all about planting those seeds of opportunity. It’s most likely that the universe is saying that luck is coming your way, an offering for a new beginning that could bring financial reward or answer a desire. Be on the lookout for new possibilities, for things will likely turn in your favour.



April is all about grounding your dreams into reality. It might be advised that you take up a mediation practice this month to help focus you on what you want to call into your experience. Typically a card of dissatisfaction, but only because you’re not thinking outside the box. If what you seek is not present, seek it out yourself.

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