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April 2020, Monthly Insights | Ask a Little Witch

This too Shall Pass

I had spent a couple of days working my way through each of the Zodiac Signs. In all honesty, the channelling has not been a fun experience. In fact, it's been really heavy, and It's left me wondering if I should be posting anything at all.

It's true that it's become a repeating pattern of mine, to create content and then delete it. I hate to be apart of spreading any fear, channelling the collective with the energy being so fearful, uncertain and panicky, that I've decided to try something different for this month. Instead of posting predictive insight horoscopes, I have decided to instead channel messages from Spirit. With what they would like to share with each sign, as a way to utilise the time in self-isolation.

If you've not checked out my post on the pandemic, you can do so here. I give practical remedies as preventive measures and to share the reality of the situation as I do not buy into the mass hysteria and fear.


Aries | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

The message I have for Aries is the need to move, and movement is what I get for you. I hear the sounding of a drum rhythmically pound, and as an active sign, you like to busy and find it hard to be confined your energy is expressive. So the message Spirit has for you to find ways to move. 

Try not to look to the future and instead be in the here and now. You might find it beneficial to dance or work out at home. Move furniture around and deep clean the house space to get the Qi flowing. 

Taurus | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

The message I have for Taurus is practice mediation. I here a "shushing" when I channel you Taurus, a need to quiet the mind and it's not even that you have to sit and do nothing… You could do a walking mediation. When you cannot go outside, you go out by going inside. What I mean is you know what it feels like to have the sun on your face, to feel a cool breeze, to feel sand on your feet and hear the waves of an ocean. All you need to do is activate this memory, clear the noise, the chaos and just be there. Take it in, breathe and watch as your mind will clear, your breathing slows and collaborates to the waves of the ocean as they go in and out. 

On other notes I also hear you don't need to play hero, you don't get to it all by yourself. If you have children, this is a great time to teach them the simple things as they learn through you. A time to delegate chores, make it fun and enjoy the time you have to be with your family in your household. A stay in-cation. The main thing I get is to clear the chaos in your mind and Spirit suggests a monthly challenge of daily mediation.

Gemini | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Gemini the message I get for you is "air out your space", and you would benefit if allowed to get fresh air into your lungs and to feel the breeze on your skin. I know in the UK we are allowed outside to exercise or go to stores to get essentials, choose early sunrise times to get out. If you cannot get outside, you can do a similar thing to what was suggested to Taurus with visualisation meditations to visit your favourite places inside through the memory centre.

Every day ensure you're opening all the windows to air out your environment. Ensure your space is free of all dust particles. I know your one of the more social zodiac signs. So video chats and meetups of that nature could be a fantastic way for you to connect with others just keep the conversation light and fun. 

Spirit also adds this could be an excellent time for you to catch up on some reading or learning something new. 

Cancer | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Cancer the message I have for you is to focus more on the future and to not dwell on the past or old issues or problems you have no control over. April is a time for you to trust your instincts and to go after the things you want most. A time where you could do a lot of research and prep work to reach a goal.

I do feel that this month if you trust your instincts that you will find the truth to something but the aim is to focus on the potential of what could be, forward-thinking is where you need to be. A month for you to plant seeds for the future and to know that all conflict will be resolved.

Leo | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Leo the message I get for you is a wheel that spins around and around, a message I feel that is about honouring your cycles and patterns. Leo, it feels like you need to be aware of repeating things this month and to take stock of the omens or signs that Spirit is gifting you with.

Leo, you probably are the most sensual signs of the zodiac signs, and I do get the sense that with all this time indoors you will want to connect with your partner. I do get the message to honour your energy levels, the energy levels of your partner, and to not go OTT. The same goes for those who are pregnant to take time to rest and to honour how you feel as to no invoke early labour. 

Virgo | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Virgo the message I have for you for April is to speak your truth without attaching yourself to the outcome. The message here is all about unconditional love, to love yourself, others and whatever the situation no matter how things might appear this month. Spirit suggests connecting to yourself, your heart and passions in a way to express yourself. 

I do feel like you need to set boundaries this month and saying no and standing up for yourself is what Spirit urges for you to do. People may test these boundaries, but Spirit is saying that this is a time for you set boundaries when it comes to your love, time or self. To spend time doing that thing that brings you joy.

Libra | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Libra the message I have for you is to step powerfully into what you want most. A need to put your hearts desires into action in April. Intuitively or instinctively you know what you want or how you could get what you want. Still, April presents an opportunity for you to actually make it real or official. 

The best thing that self-isolation is gifting you is that nobody is around to turn you around or distract you. April is a time for you to stand tall and strong towards what you want, you just have to have more faith in yourself. It's the perfect time for you to start something new, start a YouTube channel, Instagram feed, blog, website, or whatever your creative passion is… you have time to make something happen without distraction. 

Scorpio | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Scorpio the message I have for you is to focus on home, family, belonging or resources this month. Spirit is really confirming you will have the resources needed to see you through. Still, you also might need to purify, deep clean and clear your home space. There is a restrictive and stagnant vibe when I channel you. The best way to get out of that state of mine is to get your Qi moving. 

It might be an excellent time for you to research a little about Feng Shui instead of jumping into escape mode. You might also find Tai chi a great aid in your daily life this month. Spirit is saying that home will improve, but you will have to play your part to aiding it getting to that zen vibration. Use your resources effectively, eat healthily, get creative and just re-energise your space and watch it energise you back.

Sagittarius | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Sagittarius the vibes and message I have for you are to learn some form of esoteric or occult study this month. It feels to me that April is about you uncovering something truly healing for you and perhaps stumbling upon something that opens up and clarifies your purpose. Spirit is saying this is the perfect time for you to begin new projects. Access some ingenious ideas and insights just through mindfulness practice and have this birth to your brand new conditions. 

I get a lot of vibes suggesting that this month's experiences are almost opening you up to greater healing. Clearing the clouds of the past and finding ways to incorporate a spiritual practice in your current lifestyle or daily habits.

Capricorn | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Capricorn the message I have for you is to embrace your increasing sensitivities. A sign with a mission, a purpose and a need to be productive is gifting you time to connect with aspects of the self that you're usually to busy to acknowledge. I feel as if you need to take time away from certain friendships, relationships or connections this month, not just physically but also virtually or on every level. 

It's not the time to drown your sorrows or go off the deep end with whatever situations, feelings or emotions arise this month but a time to free yourself from limiting or "using" energies. What I mean is there is a need this month Spirit says in connecting to your internal and emotional self. Connecting with a new group online that take you away from negativity, violent media or toxic things of any nature.

You might like to work from home, and that's cool, you might decide to build a new business from home, and that's cool too… I feel Spirit is saying though that April is a time to self-care and give some love to your inner self. 

Aquarius | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

Aquarius the message I have for you this month is to indulge in your creativity. Spirit is saying this is a time to be more receptive to allowing yourself to receive the inspiration that is being funnelled to you through your intuition and emotional centres. You may want to rebel, to head off in search of a new adventure or to just explore during this time of self-isolation.

Spirit is saying that your creative energies are high this month, and you might want to knuckle down and utilise these insights and ideas. Get artistic in whatever way comes naturally to you this month you may just create and do your best work. Much like Libra, Aquarius, it's a great time to put yourself out there artistically, musically or expressively. Whatever you have to share, can and will help others in some way.

Pisces | Sun - Moon - Rising Signs

The message I have for you Pisces is about being honest with what you actually want out of life. April looks like a time to create a plan of action for what you want, who you are, and how you want to be seen in the world. When the world is hurting, you can feel it the most, and you can get lost in the sea of pain when you have a gift for aiding or helping those people.

Spirit is saying for you to act on an opportunity that will present itself to you this month. Spirit is saying its time to commit to what you want and knows that you have the time now to make it happen. No excuses Pisces just do it. Perhaps this month opens the door for you to turn a passion or something you naturally are gifted at into a potential business. Perhaps April shows you what your purpose is and now you have time to execute it. 

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