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Acquiring Knowledge | Full Moon, August 3, under Shravana

Updated: Jan 24

Suddenly gaining what you were looking for, but it might not be as you expected it.

The Full Moon, August 3rd, will bring change or a sense of sudden unexpectedness to us all. Many of us look to our leaders to rescue us. Over the past month, we’ve been shown, how those in positions of power, exploit their power. There’s a truth that we’ve long known, yet we do not allow ourselves to believe because of what that’ll mean.

Tropical Aquarius is like the internet, freedom of information, no hierarchy just everything interconnected. What’s good for you is good for me, type of mentality. It’s community, justice and groups who share a common goal or interest. I said in my monthly insights that it appears the elite are giving the green light to the commanders and will begin to put something in place.

The Full Moon by both Sun & Moon has aspect with Uranus and an exposing or surprising turn of events. Sun in Ashlesha, Governed by the nagas (those who dig for truths). Moon under Shravana (acquiring knowledge and with knowledge power) calling for us to not blindly follow, but to listen, to learn, to educate ourselves. Both luminaries are looking at Uranus in Bharani, governed by Yama, the deity of death, transformation and dharma. Whatever is released or comes out into the open will change everything. Seeing something in a whole new light.

There’ll be some mass media topic of which everyone will be talking about. On a personal note… The Full Moon is going to be revelatory and full of surprises. It will take your attention to something that you hadn’t been focusing on like a jack in the box that’ll be adrenaline-inducing. Whatever you’ve been sure of, it will shift. It’s this jump scare gets you moving, action inducing and rebellion vibes on first insight.

A Full Moon always illuminates something that you couldn’t see before, pay attention to what comes to light over the next few weeks. Seek to ask why and how.

Uranus is a revolutionary, a rebel and seeks equality. Uranus motioning Rx on the 15th, so expect a reverting back of your freedom and further concealment of truths. My point is the Full Moon seems to be revealing matters kept concealed and hidden, but may direct attention elsewhere.

How quickly our rights are taken away from us. Laws being changed without vote or democracy, under the guise of the pandemic. When compared to the 2nd world war, in the UK, the level of control the powers have over us is in excess. When you take yourself away from the painted narrative, what do you truly feel inside about this, what does your spirit tell you about whats truth?

Without the unity of the people, there'll be no change, power serves power only. Power stays in power through division, through religion, colour, race, politics, it seeks to divide, to label you and place you in a box.

Be sure to seed your intention for truth tonight (on the night of the Full Moon). What do you seek to know if you could gain a single piece of knowledge, what would it be?

To find out about the Full Moon & how it will influence you … Read more here

Many Full Moon blessings


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