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A Time To Connect | Weekly Insights | June 9, 2020,




Plugging in or plugging out the theme of the week is in connection. We all have our quirks and interests, some are not so lucky to live in proximity to those who vibe on the same level. In today’s world, we’ve got the world at our fingertips. The internet can connect us with like-minded souls from all over the world that share a common interest or viewpoint. 

There’s still much to learn about the current state of affairs in the world that needs real in-depth understanding. In truth, there’s a lot of hurt/pain to our non-white folks that’ll need a lot of healing. There’s no fast track to this process, and there’ll be obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of a better, more equal and just world. 

If you’re white, try not to pass judgement this week, but listen and learn. If you’d had the same experiences growing up as most non-white people you too would feel exactly the same. Being white doesn’t mean that you’re life has been easy necessarily, but it does mean that our point of pain has never come from the colour of our skin. Also, we’re not continuously told that we’re white, there’s no focus on our skin colour. Be open-hearted and try to inform people who share our skin colour what it means to be an anti-racist. 

Remember that change only comes through doing something differently. Being silent doesn’t create change. New Action does. 

The theme is in and surrounding connection, community and gathering. I said at the beginning of 2020, we’ll all need to make a choice when it comes to relationships, to consciously connect. What do you value, what’s your standard and do you have people in your space that remain stuck in old ideologies and warped beliefs. As much as you can try to educate some sides need to be taken, and I hope you’ll be on the right side of history. 

We cannot change the past, but we can be part of the solution to a better today, tomorrow and future with our actions, choices and voices. Don’t judge yourself for past actions, be kind to yourself and strive to do better. I know some of the older white folks feel attacked, nobody wants to be wrong, but it’s not about that, it’s about doing what’s right.

I whole-heartedly believe that with every new generation born we get a step closer to a better, equal and just world. We’ve seen improvements with gay rights, gender equality and gender identification. As harsh as this may sound, and it’s NOT about ALL people of this group… that when the older generations die out, the Pluto in Leo’s/Virgos (with Uranus in Leo) for example real change will manifest. 

The universe works in interesting ways. You never know who might be the saving grace in your life. Treat people as you treat yourself. If roles were reversed, how would you want to be treated? Its that simple. Do all things with kindness. Judge people based on there merits not on the colour of there skin or what group they belong to. Break the stereotype this week. 

Help lift others up... There's a mountain to climb and to reach the top we must unite and join forces this week. Some groups might not be what you thought they were. Some friendships need healing, the way we connect needs healing, be kind to one another my loves + have a wonderful week

x o x o



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