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A moral test... Weekly Insight, September 7, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The week begins under Bharani, the Lunar mansion of the cosmic Yoni (vagina), meaning creation, rejuvenation and purifying or cleansing. Bharani is governed by Yama, the god of death and the protector of our dharmas. Dharma, meaning, the right way of living.

Straight away having Bharani at the beginning of the week, we know there’s going to be some heavy stuff to deal with, Bharani governs over serious matters. When you give birth to a baby, for example, you’re then responsible for that life for a time, if not the rest of your life. Bharani teaches us the power of our creations, your actions will always have consequences. It’s endings and beginnings like Yama.

As such, this week presents an ending and beginning to perhaps right a wrong. For others, it could indicate someone else’s perspective on something that happened in the past and denote your perception being vastly different, and a need to remedy it. Someone might be returning back into your life, like the solider returning home, or it could represent holding onto a relationship that's destructive for your well being... it's a week that'll caution you from impulsive action until you learn more about the situation in its entirety not just from your single perspective.

In truth, many people have remained stagnant and stuck in fear with the uncertainty of what would/could happen if they were to take action. It’s this week you’ll come to realise that the fear you felt before was actually just fear. Fear is not real, it lives only, in the mind, and Mars Rx will give you the courage to see that nothing is stopping you from moving forward, but you. Whatever was holding you back will no longer be doing so. Allow the courage to empower you in the direction of your truest aims not as a free pass to do as you please. Remember Yama is judging your actions so, don’t act immorally, you know what is right and you know what is wrong, don’t do something just because you think, nobodies watching, because someone is always watching. #marsinashwini

Mars goes retrograde on the 9th if you’ve missed the Video you can watch it here. Just to summarise, when Mars is retrograde we’re more likely to be impulsive and reactive, we no longer have the Sun keeping us on a leash. A great question to ask is, what would you do if nobody was watching? Mars Rx can ignite this urge to do something because you think you’ll get away with it. We must be mindful of our actions during this time especially, as the planet begins to shift and change direction. Around the 9th, or pretty much all of this week, be mindful how you exert and use your power (your Mars energy).

The week has an air of nostalgia if I am honest, for some people things you’ve repressed in the past could now be triggered to be dealt with, to heal and move forward. Moving on is easier said than done and as the planets suggest we must journey back to course-correct wrong deads as to properly heal and then and only then will we gain, what’s needed to move forward.

Mars, in many ways, is our desires, what we seek to conquer or win. So when retrograde we might be able to now see peoples true motivations and what they truly stand for which can cause anger if it’s not as expected.

What would a rogue Solider do if not under the eyes of a general? If given free rein to do as they please? What action would you take if you thought your actions would have no consequence?

Mars Rx always gives off strange energy. People seem to have less control over their impulses, and therefore their actions. A moral and just person maybe just that, but someone who hides themself and their actions or motivations often seem to be exposed, its harder to conceal. I believe this is why its best to plot to plan than to take forceful action, to remove yourself from temptation if you have immoral needs or desires.

An angry person may have many episodes during this time because the nature of Mars is unleashed.

Anyway, this is what I have for you… I hope it can offer some insight into the week ahead. If you’re looking for a personal session, please do book in here.

Lastly, if you like my weeklies and want me to continue making them please give us a like/thumbs up it’s free, share with a friend or drop me a comment, it helps me to know who likes or doesn’t like, what I put out so I can focus on the stuff people do. Thank you so much.

I’ll be seeing you soon. Have a good week =)


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