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My first official post of 2020, I usually take some time each Monday put out a weekly insight but as this is my first post of 2020 I thought it better to give my insights for what I see for this year as a whole.


2020 is a year that many are saying is a manifesting year, myself included just not in the way that the word is glorified. You see, when I look at the vibration of the year its aim or purpose is in establishing a solid foundation for which to build upon.

So what this year will bring is the destruction of what already is to ensure the strength of what will be. The old way is not working and can no longer be masked as such change in the form of destruction is necessary and should not be resisted.

Welcome to the fork in the crossroads where choices are needed to be defined in order to integrate and connect.


I have spoken already about Uranus bringing a wave of innovation in the wake of a new world order, of which we are already seeing with the state of the almost comedic state of the politics. Half clinging to the old ways and a half going along with the madness because anything surely is better than what was or has been. If nothing else this year is like riding a wave, it’s uncertain and yet we have to jump in and remain present with it as it guides and take us to our destination.

Uranus is the shock and awe, it brings things down to the basic level of we are all people, nobody above or beneath but we are all one, a single system, a unity and to end separation we have to come together. So what we are seeing is a shakeup in society, change is necessary and for change to happen people need to get real clear with who they are, what they stand for, and align to their morals and values as opposed to aligning to someone else’s, or what is being offered.

The way we do life will change forever over the next 6-7 years, you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you, and we are in it the process of it right now. Think back to when you were 10 years old, would your grandma, parent or elder believe you if you told them the world will be run by robots (and computers), there would be no more paper money, with technology becoming the mediator and basis of all life... Welcome to the future minus the flying cars.


The South node, Ketu is releasing the standards that are outdated within society, of which, will get a lot worse before it gets better in the aim to establish this new normal. When you begin to build anything new in life it first needs to destroy what is in the way of the progression or new build. Change doesn’t happen overnight and they say the foundations of a building take 3 times longer to build than the building itself, and this is where we are at right now the transition of destruction and establishing the new foundations.

In 2020 we are all in one way or another awakening to the truth, it will create a sort of breakdown crisis because everything we thought we knew, about ourselves, the powers that be, life, the planet etc will crumble, the illusions that have been put in place to “protect” the followers will dismantle. It’s like a game of domino's going off in the brain, the world and within society… that gets us all to question who we are and the values we actually have in the direction of awakening to the truth and promoting change.

Let me put it another way, each country has its version of history, it’s subjective to the person telling the story, but how much of it is real or true? The story changes depending upon the person telling it. There is a need this year to look at life in facts, to not believe or trust so blindly but to seek truth for ourselves... And what this does is it gets us to be more conscious of our choices and connections moving forward.


I already touched upon the fact that spirituality is becoming a trend (in other posts last year), and the issue with this is that it can bring rise to the false guru, spreading false information in a way to fluff people to believe certain things. In a time that is supposed to make us uncomfortable, to embrace our fear, you will get false gurus trying to pacify to bring false calm when change is what is needed. Spirituality is not all light and love, awakenings are not this euphoric experience, we grow and we awaken through change, through the hard stuff in life, the world we live in is equal measures of good and bad, light and dark, easy and hard, its made up of contrasts and we have to acknowledge these aspects within ourselves instead of hiding them. When we shine a light and do the work within our-self it transpires into the eternal world.

2020 is a year that brings new opportunity, it brings the potential to establish a new foundation, new connections, true unity, conscious connection but it will come through a crisis or destruction of something else. We all have to learn to stop placing blame in other peoples hands and take responsibility for what is ours. In a world that is lonely, we have to open our hearts like the bud of a rose, instead of walking around closed wondering when will I find love, we get clear on what we want and we consciously choose it instead of waiting for someone to choose us or choose it for us.


I already spoke about natural disasters in my nodal blog… but yes there will be weather cautions in 2020 for flooding and earthquakes that can lead to its own issues or literally shaking things up. Again, you cannot place the blame of flooding and natural occurrences on anyone because they happen, its nobodies fault but what you can do is prepare for it.

2020 is the year for you to redefine who you are, who you want to be and align your actions, intentions and motivations to manifesting it. The only person who can tell you who you are is you and 2020 is opening the doorway for you step into building a new reality for yourself.

2020 is the year where every choice you make is planting the seeds for your future (at a rapid rate) and you decide if you are planting weeds or flowers… With Jupiter in Capricorn for almost all of 2020, this is a time of gaining on the things you have seeded in the past. You know, when Capricorn gets activated or when Saturn and Jupiter come together, it’s a time where karma plays out… What goes around comes around, what you put out, the effort you put in this is a time you can now start to see the rewards of all of these things manifest.


The purpose of this post is show you that everything is energy, and all because a bunch of astrologers or psychics, myself included tell you that 2020 is a manifesting year, doesn’t mean that it will fall into your lap. I’m sure you’re fed up of people telling you that this year is the year, the best one yet! I’m being real with you, life is what you make of it, you can have the best chart in the world but if you don’t activate your chart, work with the energies you won’t manifest anything. 2020 is the year to actively participate.

2020 is asking for you to open up, there is no unity and connection with everyone on guard and hiding away. 2020 will bring you karmic returns and this is the brand new cycle of Venus, birthing a new relationship story but it will be a year that brings a lot of change after destruction both globally and personally.

Wishing you a fantastic new year, may you plant the right seeds for yourself and step into your own personal truth.

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