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Understanding the influence the Moon has on you

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” — Buddha

The New Moon is the beginning of an entirely new cycle. Everything refreshes as new seeds of intention are sown. A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together in the night sky. Once they kiss and connect they plant the seed of all that will bloom over the coming few weeks to the Full Moon.



I've created a separate post that shows you where the NEW MOON is transiting for each month for each Zodiac Signs, Sun, Moon, and rising sign. You can check that out here, or click the button above. Once you have the house number you can click the relevant house for your prediction of this month's New Moon transit.


February 20, 2023, 🌙 ♓️ Pisces Moon​

March 21, 2023, 🌙 ♈️ Aries Moon

April 20, 2023,  🌙 ♈️ Aries Moon Eclipse



Astrology is more than just Planets, Stars, Asteroids, and Zodiac Signs... It's the blueprint to your Life!

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NEW Moon
in the Houses of Astrology


If you do not know where the New Moon is taking place this month, please click here to find out what house it's activating for your Sun, Moon & ASC, then return for your prediction

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1st House New Moon


New Moon activates your First house of self, health and your direction in life. The first house in astrology points to new beginnings, it’s your life path and how you take action. It’s your personal New Moon for the year. 


It’s a wonderful time for self-reflection, seeing how far you’ve come and considering your goals and where you want to go next. The New Moon is going to call you to slow down and give yourself what you need. It’s time to pamper, prepare and consider your best next moves.

The New Moon activating your first house is essentially potent energy that sets you up for the next year. It’s something that initiates that’ll continue to blossom as the year unfolds. It’ll highlight or manifest something in connection to what begins now when you reach the Full Moon in your sign, in about 5-6 months' time.


Essentially the New Moon is turning the page on a new chapter of your life. How can you work to manifest the life you always dreamed of?


New Moon activates your Second house of Assets, income and what you value. The Second House in astrology points to what’s yours. It’s what you need to sustain your life, it’s your voice, food, money, investments, family and sense of security.


The New Moon is helping you to better your financial situation. To aid in manifesting and providing you with what you need. Are you taking good enough care of yourself? Are you feeding your body with nutritionally dense foods or putting superficial fuel inside your human vehicle?

What are you in need of and how can you get it? Are you asking for help or trying to do it alone? Are you wasting your time and energy on things that don’t provide value to you? Are you living by your own values? 


The New Moon will provide you with the solutions you need, but you’ll have to meet the universe halfway if you hope to sustain it. It’s about putting yourself first and giving yourself what YOU need, separate from the others in your life. 


It’s a new moon to help you establish physical security and utilize your practical abilities. It’s in service to providing you with what you need.

2nd House New Moon
3rd House New Moon


New Moon activates your Third house of where you go, community and communications. The Third house in astrology points to news, information and communication.


The Third house New Moon is a time when we’re all a little more active, busy and communicative. It’s generally a time where you’re learning something of importance, providing you with a truth to something you’ve been looking for.


The New Moon in the Third house can boost your social media presence. It might be you’re sharing more of yourself, views and opinions now. It could also be that more people are noticing you, and what you’re sharing.

You could begin to find yourself venturing into new places and making new discoveries as the Moon grows over the coming weeks. It’s a time when your daily routine makes space to implement something new into it. You might change up the local place you go to get coffee, check your horoscope or even check the local news.


The Third house represents the places you go on a daily basis. So, a New Moon happening here is going to take you to new places, to make new discoverings and it could even bring you into contact with new people.

Essentially the New Moon is going to have you learning about a new subject matter and perhaps wanting to learn as much as you can about it. It might be as simple as there are changes to your local environment and so you’ll be making detours and seeing things you didn’t know was there.



The New Moon activates your Fourth house of home, family and security. The Fourth house in astrology points to our roots, the place we became who we are.


The New Moon in the fourth house can signal a renewal taking place within our home, family or history. It can bring a revival of familiar karmic stories passed down through our ancestral line. On the opposite spectrum, It can turn the page to a new chapter within our family story. 

The Fourth house New Moon is a time you’ll gain awareness of something you were blind to within the family, home, or living dynamics. It can, of course, point to bringing new things into the home, sprucing the place up, and cleaning the house top to bottom. It asks the question, How can you improve your home and family life?


The New Moon here is where you restore the home with new energy. You may be clearing things out, moving things around or bringing new additions into the family and home. It can be the time of home improvements, purchasing new household appliances, purchasing a vehicle or inviting new members of the family into the home.

4th house New Moon


New Moon activates your Fifth house of creativity, children, and all you make. The Fifth House in astrology points to fun, pleasure, and entertainment. It’s the space of procreation, what you breathe life into, and raw talent/hobbies.


The Fifth house New Moon speaks of following your heart and making more time for the things that light your spirit up. The New Moon in the fifth house brings the conception of a new creation: new love, new business, projects, ideas, work of art, or even a child.


The New Moon in the fifth house is the next chapter in your love story. It brings excitement, inspiration, and pleasure on all accounts. It’s a time where everything is speaking with you, inspiring and guiding you to embody more love and fun in your life.

There’s something you have to share and now’s the time to share it. It calls for you to step into the spotlight, to share your truth, your story, or a work of art. It’s your time for you, to shine bright and to know that what you have to say or express matters. We all have a special gift to offer the world. It’s a gift that only you have, a way to share, do or express it that can inspire, aid, or provide insight to the world around you.


Essentially this New Moon say’s “you do you, boo”, find the freedom to be who you uniquely are, and shine bright, no apologies.

5th House new Moon


New Moon activates your Sixth house of lifestyle, routines and working environment. The Sixth House in astrology points to the daily grind, what you’re in service to and your health. It’s what every day looks like for you, the job you do, it’s the cleaning up after, organising and fixing of issues.


The Sixth house New Moon is reminding you that health is the ultimate wealth, it brings into question your lifestyle, stress management and how you can improve your working or daily environment. 


The New Moon in the Sixth house is going to plant the seed to a new and improved way of life. It’ll get you to establish a new lifestyle routine so you can ensure your health and wellbeing are taken care of. 

The New Moon will show you the improvements that can be made but you’ll have to be the one to put them into action. Committing to healthy morning and evening routines has been known to prompt success. 


It can of course be a New Moon to signal a new working situation, colleague, environment, or job role in the making. It could point to a new lifestyle and health regimen. It might even point to a new pet or animal you’re thinking of taking in. 


When the New Moon plant’s its seeds in the Sixth house, it’s helping you to gradually improve upon your daily life. How can you make the daily grind a more healthy and happier place to be? How can you improve your health and way of life?

6th House NEW Moon



7th House NEW Moon


New Moon activates your Seventh house of commitments, relationships and intimacy. The Seventh House in astrology points to the others in our life: best friends, roommates, intimate partners, business partners, it’s those we make a commitment, promise to or sign a legal contract with.


The Seventh house New Moon plants the seed for new relationships, friendships, business partners, clients, and contractual agreements. 


The New Moon in the Seventh house is really pointing to a new relationship story about to unfold. It’s where you take things to the next level, you experience a new aspect or storyline to your connection. 

When the New Moon takes place here it also connects to your Maternal Grandmother, Paternal Grandfather, Nieces, Nephews, and your second child if you have any. It connects also to anyone with whom you share a mutual exchange and gain: like a doctor, greengrocer, banker, and so on. 


The New Moon of course could bring in a new relationship altogether, it could present some new or important situation that takes place within the lives of those closest to you or have regular exchange with. 


It might also present a new contract in the making, needing to renew a contract or commitment. It could present negotiations, lawsuits, and other legal documentation that’ll need signing and agreeing to.


New Moon activates your Eighth house of joint resources, secrets and change. The Eighth House in astrology points to what you gain as a result of other people.


The Eighth house New Moon can open the door to having access to something you didn’t before. Being as the Eight house deals with other people's stuff, be it money, trauma, assets and family. It can connect to things like loans, inheritances, alimony and connection through association.


The New Moon in the Eighth House can point towards a change in financial opportunity, as much as it can point to a change or unexpected event that takes place in the life of someone you’re connected to.

We don’t have control over the Eighth house, it’s a place that we become entwined in someone else's stuff. It can present the themes around transformations, change, and sudden events because we don’t have control over those things. It’s a place of vulnerability, intimacy, trust, truth, secrets, fear, and trauma.

The Eighth house New Moon is one that plants the seed of change in our lives. It’s a time where we can become aware of the baggage we carry with us as a result of other people. It’s a wonderful time to get a psychic reading, to see a therapist, or a tax accountant, hire a PI or seek out the truth behind something that feels off or suspicious. It’s a time to trust your instincts and investigate for the proof.

It could be a time to work through your fears, the things that create blocks and barriers around intimacy. Seeing a sex therapist, or a fertility doctor if you’re trying to conceive are all things that can be seeded now. 


The Eight house deals with issues around control and power. How much do you give away and how much do you keep for yourself. Do you give people what they deserve or what you want to give? When we give abundantly, it comes from a good place, but over time if the energy exchange isn’t balanced we can begin to feel like we’re being taken advantage of. 


It might be time to consider your power/control balance in your relationships. Consider what you think people deserve before you give everything and leave nothing for yourself. 

It’s also a time when I warn people against con-men/women. The Eighth House is a space that is riddled with mystery and intrigue. It’s seductive, exciting, and deals with privacy themes. It’s a space where the Sun begins to set and everything begins to get dark that we cannot see as well as maybe we’d like to.


Essentially the Eighth house New Moon says shine a little light on it! To investigate, to reclaim your power and step into the truth.

8th House NEW Moon


New Moon activates your Ninth house of aspirations, experiences and Spiritual beliefs. The Ninth house in astrology points to your personal life experience, a pilgrimage and journey of life. 

The Ninth house New Moon brings forth a new experience, the next phase or chapter of your journey. It’s something that aligns with your aspirations in life, it expands your views, beliefs and experience on something. It’s all about expanding the mind and your horizons, providing gnosis and opportunity.

The New Moon in the Ninth House is offering up an experience that can help develop a belief or something you think you know and have you know it through experiencing it. A New Moon here will teach you something new. 

It’s time for you to reconnect with your aspiration in life, where you’re at now, and where you hope to be. It’s about making strides and taking action toward your aspirations. It can present a time where you’re seeking truth, discovering something potent to your purpose or life story.


Essentially, the Ninth house New Moon is planting the seed to a new quest. It’s to question what you know and present you with an experience to open your mind to the possibility of something outside of what you claimed as truth.

You might have had an idea about something, but the New Moon presents you with the experience of it.

9th House NEW Moon


New Moon activates your Tenth house of reputation, career and where you spend your time. The Tenth House in astrology points to our life mission, position in society and our achievements.


When you have a New Moon planting here, you can be assured that what begins now will somehow aid in you reaching your goals. It’s bringing a new chapter to your occupational story. Something new will begin to occupy your time: a new project, a new member of the team, change in management or regulations.


The Tenth House is where we spend time, it’s what we strive for and it’s our responsibility and duty to society or the world at large. So, a New Moon here is planting seeds from aspects of this to bring to grow and branch off.

The tenth house New Moon could signal an evolution in the role you play for the world. A new chapter begins as opportunities here begin to arise with the Moon growing over the coming weeks but manifesting something much larger by the time we enter Scorpio Season for the Full Moon that’ll activate the same space.

Essentially it’s the New Moon that brings you closer to a goal, success, and accomplishment. Gaining recognition over something you do or accomplish is highlighted now. Sometimes it points to a new station in life, new status, like gaining a promotion, changing jobs, relocating, getting engaged, married, or divorced.

10th House New Moon


New Moon activates your Eleventh house of belonging, gains and the networks, groups and organizations that you belong to. The Eleventh House in astrology points to your hopes, wishes and friendships.


The New Moon can seed a new alliance, a group or friendship that offers up an opportunity. It can point to you gaining recognition for something that you do and gaining something in return for that.

In some cases, the New Moon can bring rise to a new group, organization, or network that’ll bring a sense of belonging. It’s a time where you can manifest or grow your following. You can connect with your soul tribe and connect with people who are on your wavelength.


The New Moon in the Eleventh seeds a new wish and will begin to aid in its growth. It’s the New Moon of benefactors, unexpected bonuses, recognition and returns on investments. If ever you were looking for an opportunity this New Moon could hook you up!


The New Moon screams for you to not let this opportunity pass you by, it’s not what you know, it’s whom you know. If someone is helping you out, shut up and say thank you! The universe doesn’t give us anything less than what we can handle, and this is connected to a wish, each step will get you closer.

11th House NEW Moon


New Moon activates your Twelfth house of imagination, dreams, and your past. The Twelfth House in astrology points to your connection with spirit, with self, or your subconscious mind. 


The New Moon will bring rise to something that’s been lying just beneath the surface. It could manifest in your dreams, a time of spirit communication or the signs could appear when you’re alone, resting, or just before you fall asleep or moments after you wake.

The Twelfth House is a space similar to a haunted house. A place of curiosity, fear, and the unknown. It’s another world, a place of your childlike wonder, hidden treasures, monsters in the closet, and repressed memories locked away. 

Something that’s been taking you away from, instead of toward your dreams will begin to haunt you. Raising your awareness of bad habits, thinking, and memories that keep you stuck. As a way to free and liberate yourself from them.

The Twelfth house New Moon is about taking the time to heal, rest, and reflect on the journey thus far. Look at where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. It’s about beginning to purge, let go and release all that stands in the way of your happiness and fulfillment.

The Twelfth house New Moon will begin to bring your awareness to things you couldn’t see before. Secrets, mysteries, people working in the shadows at a cross purpose to what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s a New Moon that asks for you to be present with the moment, be present with fear, or whatever begins to unfold.


It can be a wonderful time to journal your dreams, to learn to meditate, or take your spiritual practice to another level. Swimming, yoga, hiking, and mixed martial arts could all be ways that could bring forth the answer you’re seeking.


New Moon’s bring new energy. The twelfth house, traditionally the space of endings, or undoings, is a space that can provide you with the tools you need, to overcome addictions, habits, or activities that take you away from what you’re trying to manifest in your life.

12th House NEW Moon
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