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What people are saying about The Ask a Little Witch experience


Vimbai, from Zimbabwe, Africa

She Predicted my Pregnancy!

I’ve had a reading from Kerry before which was extremely accurate, She’s so accurate that on my first reading she predicted my pregnancy! I got Reassuring guidance to a tricky situation I was/am in; sort of a crossroads. - THE FUTURE INSIGHT


The Results were Profound!

Julie, from New Orleans, USA

"I had been following Kerry for a couple of months and her sincerity seemed to leap off the videos, unlike any other person. The results of my reading were profound, this was my second reading. All of the things that she touched on were happening in either my career or love life. She even shared that a complete change in career was coming that I was not aware of at the time. I had just completed school and was on a certain path. Lo and behold I now am COMPLETELY somewhere else on my career path and loving it. I am grateful that I found Kerry and that she shares her gift to the world... Thoughtful, insightful, caring." - ASTROLOGY READING


Hollie, from Oklahoma, USA

Shocked at the Accuracy!

I'm normally quite sceptical about these sorts of things but I was truly shocked on how accurate my tarot reading was! I have recommended her to a lot of people and will carry on doing so as she is fantastic! Thank you very much! Amazing! - FUTURE INSIGHT


Helped me to improve my life as a whole!

Stephanie, from San Francisco, CA, USA

I got to learn ALOT about myself. Your reading helped me make sense of the signs, planets and houses in my chart. I can tell that a lot of work went into the reading. I had rewatched the videos several times just because there was so much to take in which is awesome! You read me like a book, In fact, I had a ton of moments where I'd be nodding away in agreement and moments where I'd be stunned because it was a truth about me I needed to hear. Overall I'm using this birth chart reading as a guide to help me to improve my life as a whole. I'm so happy with my results. I liked how you went about the sensitive areas of my birth chart. You were very professional and kind. I also like that in addition to walking me through my birth chart you also gave me suggestions on how to combat the tricky things in my chart. Like for my anxiety, I like how you explained how my signs and planets impact that area, and I liked how you then listed all the different methods that would help me release that energy. It was truly helpful and I'm so thankful that you went over that part of my chart so thoroughly. And lastly, thank so much for going over health and diet. It has given me options and also awareness for foods to avoid (which you were so right by the way, you nailed it, dairy has been giving me a hard time this past year). I recommend a million times over because it's so fricken accurate! It's as if you knew me, you read me like a book. It felt like you opened me up like a car at the mechanics. You got me down to the T. I had such a good time watching the videos, I was always excited for the next one to come up. I'm truly happy with my results and I full-heartedly recommend this reading, you definitely get your money's worth. You get to learn a lot about yourself and it is wonderful. Kerry is the nicest and the sweetest person in the world. If you're nervous about getting a full chart reading done, definitely go with Kerry, you'll be in good hands. She's very professional and kind :) - THE BIRTH CHART READING


Catherine, from Illinois, USA

Helped me Grow as a Person!

I thought the reading would make it even more difficult for me to live in the present moment, but it was quite the opposite. I knew something was holding me back and preventing me from being truly happy, but I was a tad nervous to find out what it was. I am very pleased with my reading. Kerry’s insight and wise advice helped me grow as a person. It was beneficial to hear what was keeping me stuck and unhappy, so I could take the steps you mentioned and make positive changes, I can already feel a shift in myself, but I can't really even describe it. I feel more calm, less depressed, and I feel like I am opening up more. You are not afraid to point out things that need to change and you do so in a very nurturing way. - SPIRITUAL CHECK UP


Truly Amazing!

Ellie, from Chicago, USA

Kerry is truly amazing, I do not hesitate for a second when choosing Kerry for a reading. She is an extremely gifted person who shares her talents, wisdom, insight for people to achieve their greatest joy and happiness in their life. We have roadblocks in our life that we don't even see. My belief is Kerry truly wants to help people to have the life that they imagine. She gives guidance or a road map on how to get there. I feel very blessed to have found Kerry. As a result of listening to her, I trust my inner knowing. I follow my heart and believe in my instincts. I think I make better choices and decisions. She is a jewel. - TRIED ALMOST ALL SERVICES


Monuka, from Cambodia

She Knows me like nobody else!

Getting to discuss the problems from the root to receive lots of advice.  If you’re stuck, why not give it a try. Kerry is very gifted. She has the ability to connect to your situation and give channelled messages from spirit. Of course, all problems won’t be removed right away, but at least you will start to see some ways to deal with it. My experience with Kerry is like listening to a close friend who knows about me like nobody else does, very supportive, very challenging in a way that I can live my life to the fullest.


Exceeded Every Expectation!

Morgan, from Sweden

"I checked out a lot of alternatives before choosing, and I had high expectations for the chart reading, but Kerry greatly exceeded them to a level I didn’t even think possible.She goes in depth in great detail, but also gets to the point in a very practical and useful way. My highest recommendations!" - BIRTH CHART READING


Sabrina, from Germany

Amazing Accuracy!

"Kerry is a true gem, in just under 20 mins she pacified my fears with her spookily amazing accuracy - spot on with her predictions & her ability to pick up on my current situation and those energies around me was incredible. I have never met her prior and only knew about her through her Youtube channel. Honestly recommend giving it a go, you won't regret it! " - FUTURE INSIGHT


Highly Recommend!

Lesley, from Glasgow, Scotland

Just want to say how thrilled I am with Kerry's work. I received my reading from her a few days ago and she hit EVERYTHING that is currently going on in my life. Just uncanny!! I would highly recommend getting a reading. She is caring, professional and delivers. - EMAIL READING


Charmaine, London, UK

You Will be Amazed!

"Kerry is simply awesome. Whenever you purchase a reading from her you will be amazed. Some people got it and some don't Kerry definitely has a gift. One in a million she is...Thank you for all you do." - FUTURE INSIGHT


So Spot ON!

Shirley, from China

"I was bursting into tears when I heard this. You were so spot on..."  - FINDING YOUR SOULMATE


Stephanie, California, USA,

No Sugar Coating...

"I was wondering how accurate the readings would be since they were not going to be face to face... but online at different times... My reading results was a relief that it gave me a peace of mind. I like how straightforward the reading was, I appreciate that there was no sugar coating... It's a straight to the point honest reading. And Kerry checks up on you afterwards! How awesome is that?" - EMAIL READING


“...feeling guided & having a better sense of what step to take next”

CAROLINA From Miami Florida, USA

I most definitely recommend this reading. It's not only informative and generous in the level of detail but you also "leave" the reading feeling guided or having a better sense of what step to take next.


I trust my intuition has led me to come across Kerry-ann. On her website alone, even if you didn't purchase any of her services, one feels the amazing level of intuitive detail and genuine authenticity that Kerry-ann dedicates into her work and generously shares.


My reading was regarding a potential job offer and the results from the reading resonated strongly with what I felt about the situation. Kerry-ann's incredible intuitive gifts as a spiritual reader are beautifully intertwined with the fact that she is also an excellent tarot and astrology reader.  What she brings to light and shares with you is communicated in such a way that you can sincerely appreciate on so many levels.


I really enjoy Kerry-ann's recordings and the time she takes to describe the cards and interpreting those to your situation. This might also seem like a slight thing, but I also love the fact that she includes a visual of the actual cards she drew for you. As someone who is interested in growing my knowledge in tarot, it helps me to better understand concepts and meanings of the cards. Sometimes it's also fun to be able to refer back to the reading just by looking at the tarot spread she drew in order to quickly jog your memory about something.


I most definitely recommend this reading. It's not only informative and generous in the level of detail but you also "leave" the reading feeling guided or having a better sense of what step to take next. - 3 CARD READING


KIRSTY From Essex, UK

“Really In-depth and Helpful’’

Kerry is always brilliant when doing the readings and is helpful at explaining everything that comes through them. My reading was really in-depth and helpful. I like Just how personal it is and how she explains everything in detail. Yes, I would recommend this reading. - The Future Insight Reading

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