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A time to work your magic & Improve upon what already is...

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Mercury Retrograde 
Through the Houses of Astrology

How will Mercury Retrograde Influence you... Check your Ascendant/Rising sign along with your Natal Mercury Sign. I also have a Yearly Guide where I discuss the upcoming Retrograde period and how it will influence you specifically using your birth chart.



April 21, 2023 – May 14, 2023

It starts in 15' Taurus,

Goes direct at 5' Taurus, May 14



You know that thing that you had been meaning to do, well, this it's the perfect time to do it.

It's a time where you can improve yourself and your life. Forewarning though, people might be completely confused by you, you could find yourself running late, being accident-prone, breaking things, forgetting things, getting your wires crossed and all in all just feel like nothing is going right (especially if you're always in a rush). 

Mercury Retrograde here is saying "slow down", think before you act, pay attention to yourself and what you are doing. It's that time when you send an inappropriate message to the wrong someone, technology will bite you in the ass - so re-think, re-look over, make sure you are sending to the right person before you press send. It can also mess up or delay your communication, I recall a time where the other person - total confusion received none of my messages.

Mercury 1st house


It's not the best of times to buy any big purchases, I'd say research and look into it but don't buy anything you will later regret it or find out that you could have saved a lot of money if you had just waited. 


It's the perfect time to look at your finances and assets and perhaps create a budget plan for yourself, its a great time to set some money aside as usually there is something that may break or you could get an unexpected bill, fine or expense come through.


Other than that I'd say it would be a good time to look at your investments, assets, and values.

Mercury 2nd house


 It's a good time to retake an exam or test and have a lot more success. It's a time to hone your skills, to re-learn or brush up on things. A time when your car breaks down, there could be accidents that prevent or delay your journeys, you could experience hold up all around you, like red lights, no car park spaces, lines/cues in stores, ATM decides its out of cash, you miss your exits, you get given wrong directions, trains and public transports delays. 

Mercury Retrograde here is where there is a whole lot of waiting around and technical malfunctions. 

It's always good advice to leave early and set aside "delay" time as things tend to take a lot longer. My internet has a nasty habit of dropping out during a retrograde in the 3rd house.

Mercury 3rd house


You can experience old issues within the home or family tensions can escalate. It's as if everyone takes extra long in the shower, bathroom, getting ready, doing chores, getting stuff done around the house. It's a time where you might want to spend more time at home, and it's the perfect time to re-organize and have a good spring cleaning session. 


Something I notice with this is people sometimes think about selling their home only to change their minds later when Mercury turns Direct. 


It's a time to reflect, reconnect and reorganise the home sector. It's where you want to get around to the odd jobs that need tending to, the kind you only do 2 or three times a year. A time to re-do things at home, you could experience situations where things break or cause an issue, pipes burst (Neptune/Pisces influence) that causes you to re-do the flooring... anything that you have put off could get a lot worse, so leaky pipe means you should fix it, get round to doing all those odd jobs that you keep putting off.

Mercury 4th House


An Ex alert! A great time to edit things, like projects that you have not got round to finishing. 

You may experience old issues coming up with children (if you have any) there could be a little confusion and kids acting out happen around this time.

It could be the perfect time to take back up an old hobby, to re-connect or spend some time doing something that you loved doing and haven't done in a while. 

If you are single you could think on the past; an old flame could re-enter your life (although maybe not permanently), it's not the best time to meet someone new but to reconnect and gain a new perspective on the old. Something proactive you could do is to change up your dating profile, get clear on what you want from a relationship. 

If in a relationship, expect dinner parties and date nights to be rescheduled, this can be that your favourite restaurants close down, or goes under renovation, there can be delays and cancellations when it comes to having a bit of fun during this time, people can bail on you or there could be mishaps that take place.

Things seem to not go to plan.

Mercury 5th House


The ideal time to quit a bad habit, re-evaluate your health, have a checkup, go to the dentist, take your pets for their check-ups, a perfect time to sort out your lifestyle, work on your current routines. 


What I will say is this is a time where there could be things that happen that prevent you from doing things or getting things done on time. It's where you could have more accidents, be accident-prone and clumsy. 


Mercury retrograde could signal an old health issue that you needs attending to. Expect there to be miscommunications at work, causing conflicts and potential fights which could even influence your decision to quit or cause something to happen that you get fired. 


It's a time where you will need to double, triple check your work, and any fine details as you are more likely to make mistakes. 

Mercury 6th House


It's prime time to renegotiate old terms, conditions, promises and contracts. It's time you can experience a lot of needing/wanting to renew things. 

I most certainly wouldn't say this is the best time to sign or commit to anything new, in fact, if you are signing something you will want to re-read the fine print as you are likely to miss something. 

It can bring up old issues, conversations, arguments and conflicts with a partner. Saying all that though, this is a good time for you to re-commit to something and to re-work over something with a partner. 

Top advice is to be mindful of the words you use as they can have a nasty habit of coming back to bite you later. Everything you say almost has a more significant impact on those you say things to, so maybe bite your tongue or at the very least be clear about what you are saying.

At the opposite side of that, make sure you understand what people are saying and try not to come up with assumptions as you may be way off.

Mercury 7th House


Many people experience a severe case of a suspicious mind. resurfacing things from your subconscious, stuff you had forgotten or filed away for later use.


The house of "others Stuff", the baggage we collect from our nearest and dearest, it could be time to clear that out. Get organised and decide what you want to keep and what is collecting dust. It's the things that we hide or keep secret or bury that rises to the surface.


It might not actually affect you but affect your partner's resources, money, and assets. I say "partner" but anyone that you have a serious commitment to, be it the father/mother of your children, a client, a husband/wife, anything that binds you. It can show that these people have more expenses during this time which could influence how they support you. 

An emotional transit, it can bring up a lot of things that you had been suppressing, as an encouragement to deal with and work through to let go of ultimately. 


On a mundane level, you can settle your debts, pay things off and do research work and gain excellent insights. It can give you an opportunity to face fear and overcome it. 


You can reconnect with an old flame. Mainly its a time of rewiring the brain, purging old things that have been worrying you and creating an action plan for the way forward. A typical time for depression, so don't listen to the voices but merely reflect and assess what comes up during this time.

Mercury 8th House


Whenever it comes to Mercury transiting through this house, you bet you start to doubt your long-term vision. It's not the time to change directions but to re-think your goals and ambitions. 


Of course, during this time your future vision may change, but I'd advise re-strategizing as you're given a new/old perspective. I know people who revert back to old belief systems during this time, it's as if you can become easily influenced in thinking a new way which can cause conflict later as you revert back. 


If it comes to higher education or studies that will further your dreams and ambitions then I'd say this is a perfect time to re-submit a work-paper, re-take an exam or test. Regarding higher education, if you submit something (new paper) electronically, it can get lost as there are bound to be glitches, best save yourself a hard copy. 


Now if you are flying or travelling anywhere do expect delays, hold-ups, and mix-ups. You might even experience your luggage getting misplaced, hotels can lose your booking, but it is an excellent time to re-visit a place you have already been before. 


If you travel somewhere new, it might not be exactly what you thought it would be. 

Mercury 9th House


Mercury retrogrades over you MC/10th house cusp, it can show that you either change jobs, as a promotion, lose a job or your status reverts to something it once was.

It's a time where you can complete or finish a work/career project, it's a time where you could re-apply for a position that you didn't get before (I know someone that this happened to), research the direction you are going into and this is not a time where new clients become permanent clients. 

I would also say the best way to utilise this energy is to take time off to relax, go on holiday and get away from the work/public sector. But Mercury Retrograde here is about re-examining and restructuring your status and work in the world. Be careful what you say, think before you speak someone could twist something or misinterpret something during this time that could hinder you later on.

You can experience delays in getting to and from work. Your boss can find faults in your work, so always best to double check before submitting anything. In general, it can just make the career sector a very confusing place to be in. 

10th House MErcury


You could experience returns on investments you had made prior, and you could also reconnect with an old group, friend, or friendship circle. 


Usually, this is a time where the internet can go offline; you could have an issue with your internet/phone provider, technology breaks down, you could have misunderstandings with current groups and associates that you correspond with. 


If you're a social butterfly, you might feel compelled to hide away or withdraw from the scene, if you are a hermit you might be pushed out into it. Mercury is switching to the less dominant side of the brain as to provide you with a new perspective. 


It is a time where you could feel a little more anxious nervous, and any past resentments with friends could come up for discussion. The classic break up with your BFF although it may not be forever.


Anything you have been putting off concerning your friendship circles, social groups or hopes and wishes, could come up for reevaluation. If something has been bugging you with a friend, they may now pick up on this annoyance and cause a bit of conflict so that you can rectify the situation. You are seeing things differently during this time.

11th House Merury


Secrets get revealed as you stumble into the past, you can all of a sudden remember something that you had long forgotten. You can find things that were misplaced or lost ages ago; it's a time where you're more aware, as your intuition heightens.

Most people during this transit have a little trouble sleeping, you could have vivid dreams, be more intuitive and something that you thought was long over could pop back up and into your life once more. 

It is a time where you can purge your past, heal and puzzle something together. It does make you more reflective and internal than usual. A great time to have therapy session or a spiritual session to help work through past things. A personal favourite would be a past life regression.

12th House Mercury
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