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Time to work your magic, manifest and upgrade your life...

The Mercury Report is a complete guide to navigating Mercury Rx to manifest the thing you seek most. You see Mercury goes Retrograde three to four times per year usually within the same element. What this means is that a portal to manifestation opens up within the trine houses (those of the same element) of your personal chart. 


Mercury works hand in hand with Uranus (the higher mind). Mercury retrogrades through all 12 signs of the zodiac over a period of 7 years, the exact time Uranus stays in a sign. Did you know that Uranus governs over the cells in the body and that every 7 years your cells completely regenerate making you an entirely new person? 


In occult practice, Mercury is the gatekeeper, the messenger that travels between all realms. To manifest anything in this life you need Mercury to grant you access and this energy can be most felt during a retrograde, in conjunction with the nodes of the moon or with the outer planets. So when Mercury Rx that energy is magnified and felt much more deeply. He motions Rx for about three weeks, the number of mercury. Three correlates with the three realms, as well as, the past, the present and future, its increased expansion, creation and abundance. 


Your Mercury Report will look at how you can manifest with Mercury Rx and what this transit is opening you up to. We will discuss what’s being updated and upgraded, along with tools you can use to manifest what you seek in alignment with where the transit is taking place for you. 


What’s included…

  • A guide to explain Mercury Retrograde

  • How Mercury Influences your sign EVERY day

  • How this transit will Influence your Zodiac Sign

  • How to manifest during this time

  • What is manifesting, updating and upgrading

  • Oracle Insight


For the first 13 Orders, you will also get...

  •  A short audio reading talking about your Natal Mercury and how you can manifest, connect and work your magic every day (limited availability first 15 orders only)


This is a personalised Ebook, please allow me 72 hours to put yours together.


If you preordered yours will be delivered on the day of the Retrograde 18th June 2020.

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