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Jupiter in Astrology

YOUR LUCK for 2023

Jupiter transit the houses for your Zodiac Sign


I want you to think of the luckiest person you know... go on I'll wait. Do you have them in your mind? Good, you can have that level of luck and In this post, I'll share a quick easy tip to accessing it. 


For thousands of years the ancients have been looking up to the stars for guidance, but modern-day today we look at those people as dreamers and unrealistic. There really is something to it, I'm not here to prove anything but to ask you to proceed with a curious and open mind.


Within the realm of Astrology, Jupiter is a planet we connect with luck, why? Well, because Jupiter governs our beliefs, and what you believe is what you create. It takes thought, feeling, or idea and it manifests right before your eyes, it literally gets plucked into existence.

Think about it, everything you have right now in your life came to you first because you thought about it. When you think about something long and hard enough, it will suddenly start to show up everywhere. Jupiter is a planet that expands the heart and mind to open the doors to endless and limitless possibilities. At least that is what it represents within Astrology. 


So before we proceed, there are a few things you will need to implement the tips that I'll share with you today.


First thing you will need is to find out where Jupiter was in the cosmos at the time of your birth.


This is your natural luck. I've created a post with where Jupiter was for the past 80 years if you wish to quickly look it up you can click here to view. 


Number two, what zodiac sign was the Sun in when you was born? 

Most people know there Zodiac sign, but if you do not there are plenty of free online birth chart calculators that will tell you for free. If not simply google, what zodiac sign am I if i was born... fill in your birthday. 


Finally, you need to know where it's located within your chart, for that you will need an accurate time of birth. Get your free birth chart


If you do not know your time of birth but know your Zodiac sign then I have created a post with where your Jupiter is from your Sun Sign which will still give accurate results. Click here to view.

The Journey Jupiter makes...

It takes twelve years for Jupiter to complete his orbit around the Sun. This means that every year, one of the 12 areas of life (1/12 houses in your birth chart) gets activated. The things you believe about that area of life will begin to grow, to expand, as things come into manifestation and you gain new experience. You will be learning and growing in relation to the area he transits. A time where doors of opportunity come in and bring more luck and abundance.


Think of this lucky transit as a journey of exploration and inspiration as you leave the past issues of that house behind and make positive movements forward. Once every 12 years, you grow and gain a new perspective and the bigger picture of the house it is transiting for that year.


Now we all have natural luck within our Birth Jupiter (find out more), but when Jupiter transits a new house every year you can be sure to gain a new understanding, more luck and opportunities within that area of your life.


From December 20, 2022, to May 16, 2023, Jupiter entered Aries & enters Taurus on May 16th, 2023, & will remain in Taurus until  May 25, 2024.


In Sidereal Astrology Jupiter is in Pisces until April 26, 2023, after which, Jupiter moves into Sidereal Aries.


Now you know a little more about Jupiter, you know what sign, what house he falls in your personal chart, you can click below to discover where your luck lies for the year ahead.








-- Let me know in the comments section below, where Jupiter falls for you and any experiences you have had during this or the previous transit --


Jupiter 1st House


  1. I relocated to a new area, a brand new me, reinventing myself and a new life.

  2. I began my business, I took my greatest passion and turned it into more... Before this time it completely alluded me that I could do such a thing.


By the time this transit is over, you will be a totally new and improved you. You will be embarking upon a journey of self-discovery. What begins now will lay the foundations of great learning and expansion for the next 12 years to follow. 


Something of great joy will enter your life, you will learn a lot, experience a lot that helps you to grow as person. Things that come about will over the next 12 years be a beacon of great happiness to you.


There is a light that radiates from you during this time that brings opportune moments your way. It often brings rewards, gains and a new life cycle.


Things to watch for: You can be prone to putting on more weight look to where Jupiter rules in your chart- The houses of Pisces/Sagittarius will areas that expand too. People may try to take advantage of your generous nature.

Jupiter 2nd House



Jupiter 3rd House


  1. I got involved with performing arts, something I had always wanted to do.

  2. My Business grew, I was kept busy with clients readings and putting out content online. I brought an expensive camera and new computer/laptop during this time.


Money, money, money... A time where you gain opportunities to increase your net worth, earn more money and invest in your future.


Often times this transit can expand your self-worth and increase your self-esteem. The second house is a place that sustains the first, the house of you,  Jupiter is helping you to set things in motion that will enable your way of life.


Investments are made during this time that can lead to rewards and bring long term results & returns over the next twelve years. 


You can find yourself making big purchases, costly things or larger things to help you on your way to building the life you want. Your bank account is likely to increase as will your expenditure. 


Your storage expands, as you seem to own a lot more this year.


  1. The first time around I become more popular at school, I also had a busy social life for a teen, I spent a lot more time with friends. I also moved again to another area. 

  2. My business grew, social media, followings all more than doubled, I took various Astro courses. I was constantly on the go and made some short trips. 


Busy as a Bee... During the third house transit, you could find yourself studying something, learning some important skill, like driving for example.


This year you get more social, whether you like it or not.  Your social media can blow up, contacts lists, friends, followers, comments and likes. 


By the time the year is through you would have gained more skills,  friends or clients if you're in business. You may end up travelling more, here and there. Never a dull moment always something to be doing.


Jupiter assists you in healing old wounds associated with the third house, like your intelligence, what you can do, what you know, your experiences, you get heard and it improves your relationships with the people you're around, be this teammates, workmates, siblings, neighbours or friends.

Jupiter 4th House



  1. I finished school and was now thinking about college. I spent more time at home. The family got a new dog. I got my first job. 

  2. A re-connection with old family members as a result of grandpa passing away. I was thinking about moving the entire transit, instead, I got into Feng Shui, I moved my home around, I ended up shifting everything around and added some new things to the house. Most definitely had a lot more visitors at home during this time.


A new addition to the family...


Expect an increase in the activity at home, more people coming and going. Family like gets exciting, or your family will have big things happening in their lives.


It's been known over the course of the year that you could get a new addition to the family, this could be a pregnancy in the family, new in-laws, people getting married a new pet or relatives coming round a lot more, connecting with lost family members. 


It's not unlikely that you move home, or expand the home environment in some way, making it homier. It's the time of moving things around, sprucing the house up, decorating, adding some items and some new things to the house. 


Home is where you want to be, you don’t want to go out as much, you want to connect with those you love most. 


Negatives: You might not get so much peace at home, there always something happening, someone visiting, doing something. 


Jupiter 5th House


  1. I started reception/nursery I didn't want to make friends but everyone wanted to be my friend - also my first crush. 

  2. I started college,  I got into the performing arts course but decided on film making. I got a lot of attention - I guess you could say first "crush" experience. 

  3. I had spent a lot of time in deep research on Astrology, Spirituality & the Occult. I also took an online business course. 


A new creation...


A transit of lessons connected to joy and passion. You desire to experience more of what you love being in the house of creation. Learning things that inspire you, taking up new hobbies or finding creative outlets are high on the list of things to happen.


Your heart is forced open to exploring love, to connect to what brings you happiness. You will be more romantic or interested in dating.


There will be a need to have more fun but be careful with the kind of fun you have (ladies) you're likely to be more fertile during this time and pregnancy can occur if other planets and transits allow.


Healing to childhood, creative blockages or the past can also take place now. Business owners can expand their business. You could discover a new creative interest and attend an educational course. 

Jupiter 6th House



  1. I gained more opportunities in my work. I got a promotion so was earning more. I had more energy and enthusiasm. I was finishing college.

  2. Big turn around in my side job with staffing. I left part-time work to pursue my business full-time. I went from vegan to vegetarian due to health implications. 


Manifesting your dream Lifestyle...


The year you get healthy, you will be looking at how you can live a better lifestyle, interest in diet and different exercise routines. If you have been ill, during this year you get the right information as to heal yourself, through diet, exercise and lifestyle. 


Co-workers are more supportive and really help you out. Your working environment is going to improve, there could be new employees, your duties and responsibilities or workload, in general, can increase, you could gain a promotion. 


The year that you could end up getting a new pet. A beneficial time to find investors. It’s a year where Jupiter will help you pay your debts off too, and to gain more money or borrow more. So when I say Jupiter is going to help you pay off that debt I mean Jupiter is going to present you with the opportunities to pay that debt off.

Jupiter 7th House



  1. I got a stalker, I was a bit of serial dater and did not desire to commit even though I had the opportunity to. I did move out, signing my first contract and living with friends. People expected a lot from me during this time, and I never really got much time for myself over this year.

  2. Check back December 2020 for an update on this upcoming transit.


I do, I do, I do... Learning to commit


A time to learn a lot about the others in your life... The people that come into your life during this time bring great lessons, new experiences and a lot of excitement, adventure and fun.


A time where serious commitments, relationships or business partnerships will move to the next level. It can be a transit of marriage or if you're dissatisfied with a current relationship then it might dissolve away during this time.


You seek new experiences, connect with people who are Jupiterian, exciting, well cultured, well-travelled and have that zest for life. Growth and learning are key with relationships this year it's all about the future vision and where you're going.


 It’s a great time to gain a beneficial investor, business partner or serious relationship during this time, so collaborations can actually bring or be a source of luck for you.


Jupiter 8th House


  1. A lot of spooky things happened. There were constant changes. I moved so many times due to all the changes. I quit university. I had 3 different jobs during this time and went back to an old job when I moved back home. I was quite erratic. I quit a job, applied for uni, and got in but later quit. I got more serious about Tarot, the paranormal and supernatural things before it was just a fun thing. I went to my first ever circle. I also road-tripped around wales with friends to visit old castles. I was a nervous wreck if I'm honest, anxiety overload - but  Uranus was transiting my Sun.

  2. Profound changes took place in my life, experienced death, financial instability, spiritual developments, things breaking down (laptops, cameras, fridge freezer, roof, etc). 2022 was a year of purging, releasing, and letting go. Themes around control, things around me were just chaotic and finding peace within it. A new philosophy for life emerged or was resurrected, in that, life is a movie, none of it's real in the grand scheme of things.


Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...


A new awareness in your life begins to unfold. A year of big changes and awakening to the truth. A spiritual awakening, you may uncover something from the past alongside it will bring healing. 


A time where sudden and unexpected things happen, and quickly during the year. You feel out of control as your life shifts and transitions for your greatest and highest good. 


Things feel chaotic but It's a good thing, like a divorce,  or losing your job. It creates change to align you with something better. 


You could increase your income through other people or support by your partner. Your partner earns more during this year, gains a promotion comes into a bit of money, or business is good.  


Truths come up and out into the open. People who are trying to hide things from you cannot, you find them out. It is a time of change. A time you'll be called to ask for help and lean on someone as things can feel uncertain or unstable either financially or as a direct result of an awakening experience. Take note of your mental health.

Jupiter 9th House



  1. A fun transit, I got to do so much of what I love. I saw so many musicals at the west end, partying a lot during this entire year. I learned to salsa, I had my first ever Spiritual reading with a Gypsy palmist, she did reiki on me as well, everything she has said is still playing out. I got promotions during this time. I was reading people's cards all the time. Joined a Circle.

  2. Check back in 2023 for an update


Your life unfolds with an abundance of opportunity.


A big expansion in your life is going to take place this year. A time where an important person enters your life like a teacher or a guru of some kind.


A year to explore new horizons, learning, travelling and discovering what's out there in the world. You focus on the future, what you want most in the world when it comes to your ambitions, dreams and direction in life.


Your beliefs could evolve, expand or change due to an experience you have during the year. Spiritually speaking you can discover a newfound faith or belief in something or at least have an interest in expanding your mind. You will be able to tap into and become more aware of spiritual concepts.


Opportunities can come through Foreign countries, people or places through travel or through higher education.  Perfect time to travel and study and to explore something new. 


If you move to foreign countries this can be you becoming official there. 

Jupiter 10th House



  1. I was seen as a "woman", developed a lot sooner than my peers.

  2. I came out of the "witchy" closet. I was very social and outgoing and public with this transit. I did a lot more with Tarot. 

  3. Check back in 2024 for an update.


A change in status...


Advancement in your field of work, breakthroughs, recognition and promotions in your field. It makes you popular, people love and appreciate you more and so you're recognised in your field. 


A career opportunity that could aid your reputation. Often a time where you relocate, or your work field expands and grows. You learn more during this time. 


You can start a new business or job when this happens. Perhaps the way you are seen changes, your social status changes, you get married, have a baby, gain some other label, become a partner in your career field etc.

Jupiter 11th House



  1. I received a tax rebate, I travelled during this time to Barcelona and Egypt. This was a time that I met my First Love. I was also doing charity events raising money for charity.

  2. Check back in 2025 for an update.


A dream come true... Manifesting magic!


A year that will increase your assets in some way, making easy money, getting an award or reward for something. 


A time to heal or grow your friendships and networking circle. You can gain a new social circle, with like-minded friends and a new life long friend. 


You gain through your network, opportunities, connections, invites that help advance your goals. You can meet benefactors that help you with your vision or hopes for the future. 


Another year of focusing on the future. Your social life, friendships, network circles should all expand during this time.

Jupiter 12th House



  1. My Jupiter Return aged 12, was a time I had to travel to go to high school, gaining more independence.

  2. My Jupiter Return - A time of spiritual growth and connection. I met a soulmate {a karmic past love}, my first Love. I grew so much as a person and in life in this year. My first serious relationship.  

  3. Check back in 2026 for an update.


A year of divine intervention...


A year that can bring opportunities to travel to foreign countries. A year that will unlock hidden talents and things buried deep within. 


People can experience a need to escape or be alone during this time.  A desire to be far away from the place you're in or have been. A need for greater freedom.


A year where the divine, your subconscious mind, god or guides are giving you important signs. A time where your creative mind, your intuitive mind is heightened. You may have vivid dreams, experience more deja vu more than before. 


If ever you wanted to develop a spiritual practice this would be the year to do it. A time to do healing, to find the right kind of therapist, past life regressionist or alternative healing practitioner. 


It can bring an end to any fears or worries as you close off an old cycle making way for the next cycle the following year. 


A year of spiritual awakenings. It can bring a deeper understanding of spiritual and otherworldly things. A time where you can clear old past karma, gain new enlightenment and understanding of such things. 


It opens you up to relax, heal, getaway for a while and come back to yourself. 

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