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Get to know me

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Hey, I'm Kerry-ann

Clearly, I don’t have green skin, fly around on a broomstick at night, my preferred form of flight is actually dreaming... All jokes aside, I’m a cosmic translator, spiritual reader, or you can think of me as your personal guide to navigating your life story.

cosmic translator/ˈkɒzmɪk/ transˈleɪtə


  1. a person who translates the language of the universe.

  2. decodes the why to the what has happened in your life

  3. aligns you to your purpose  + your hearts true desire

Synonyms: Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, dream walker...

My Services

I Believe...

I believe that everything, yes EVERYTHING, happens for a reason. Every experience you’ve ever had in your life has planted the seeds or stepping stones to help you become who you were born to be. This includes the people who come in and out of your life, your situations and discoveries.

You’re here for a reason, there is no such thing as a mistake. This world we live in is older and wiser than everything and when you think about it… So many things had to happen for you to be created, to be born, to be incarnated, and that has meaning and purpose. It’s your job to find it, to step into it because the world really does need what you have to offer no matter how big or small it’s by no mistake that you’re here.

Embrace who you are because there is not another like you. It's so important to not let the world chip away at you and tell you who you should be - you should be who you are.

Black candle and old tarot cards on wood
Image by Rythik

It all began...

When I was little, I was less than ordinary. I spent most of my time conversing with ghosts, poltergeists and higher beings. My best friend was my black cat, I spent most of my days collecting spiders and talking with the bugs. I was a weird kid who had experienced things that I’ve come to realise most will never experience… like Murder.


Everything that happened in my life has happened and will continue to happen for a reason, and it's no different for you. Life is like a compass, and it is always directing you to what you want most but depending on how aware you are of the signs, signals and patterns you can find yourself missing the magic that is life.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied with “Angel”. Now, this was really not what my realist parents wanted to hear, but hey, I was just a kid… My dad told me that when I die and go to heaven, I will be an Angel and that for now, I need to think seriously about what I wanted to do in the life I have. 

I went away and sat for a long ole while thinking in quiet contemplation. What is the equivalent to an Angel, and in my head, I heard the word, Witch… Now, I didn’t know what a witch was at this time, I was only around 6. In my head, witches had powers, they could heal people, know things, prevent bad stuff from happening and make anything happen. I went and told my dad I know exactly what I want to be, he asked me, and I told him, and his response was “there is no such thing as witches, and you cannot make a living being a witch”.

Image by Marek Studzinski
Image by Ludovic Charlet

Witches DO Exsist!

Within a matter of a few weeks Witches began to show up everywhere, It was like the universe was saying “YES THEY DO” - Sabrina, the teenage witch, aired on Nickelodeon, The craft came out a few months later and a couple of years after that Charmed aired.

So witches didn’t exist the way I thought they did, but they belonged in the movies or on TV. Well, I know I want to be a witch that voice told me that’s what I should be… 

Fast forward to high school, I went to a teacher-parent opening evening, and my group was scheduled into drama class. It was the first time I had been singled out (for being good at something). Still, the drama teacher came up to my mom and me and asked if I had any formal training, he said I have natural talent and spent the next year trying to get me into a private drama school of which my parents didn’t like the idea of…


Harry Potter was then casting for Hermione Granger, and again my drama teacher told me that I should audition, I just had to get my parents to consent. Still, opportunities for me to play a witch. Naturally, my realist parents didn’t approve.

The point in me sharing that story is to show you that the universe is always talking to you. You're always being guided through life. You might think it odd that because a voice told me, I should be a Witch that my life has led me to exactly that, but the signs were always there. The people that came in and kept coming in all throughout my life to give me roles connected to Witches and the occult. With all the no's to acting that I got from my parents and then after their divorce... it was just a few short years that Life even conspired to send me to a performance arts school where I got to take a class with Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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Without getting too personal, dark or over-sharing, my adolescence was a particularly scary time and acting, dance and music became like a safe haven for me. You see, Acting was not what I wanted to do, it was where I went to escape my life. For those who don’t know me, I have extrasensory “abilities”, I’m sensitive to the energies around me, intuitive and empathic. The acting was natural; I could feel and become the character releasing myself from my life.

Having grown into myself and individuating from my parent's beliefs, I discovered witchcraft was very real, and there began my study into the occult. The Paranormal side of things had long always been a part of my life, even as a small child, spirits would always visit me. It was just a side to me that had to be secret because society deemed it abnormal.

I began reading bookings on witchcraft, I did my first spirit candle at age 12 and even messed around with glamors to change my eye colour from blue to grey. I couldn’t believe the results…. I then rediscovered Ouija boards and divination. I got my hands on Gypsy fortune-telling Cards, everything I was predicting was coming true, and I’ve been reading people's cards ever since.


The Turning point. After college, I again experienced something traumatic. As per my philosophy, everything happens for a reason, and it's that reason that created a stepping stone to me realising my purpose. 

You know the saying that it's about the journey, not the destination... Well, it was the weeks leading up to me going to university after me taking a couple years off to work that changed my life direction. Up until meeting a lady named Pam, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a Medium, tarot reader, clairvoyant or psychic. As in it being a paying job, make it a career or vocation type of thing. 

My dad's voice echoing in the back of my mind..."there no such thing as witches and you can't make money or a living being a witch". I'm sure there is a lesson somewhere in childhood conditioning. That belief kept me stuck, limited, and its beliefs you don't even realise you have, that have been passed down through our parents that keep us all stuck and act as roadblocks or misdirects.

So I met Pam, she led a circle in a spiritualist church that I got to attend before university. It was here that I was told I could be a professional Clairvoyant someday with a little practice, of course. This was the seed that was planted so firmly inside my brain. 

I did go to university for all of three months. The screen acting and film classes I loved, but If I was honest, acting has always been an escape from being me. Instead of discovering my story, and who I am, I poured myself into other stories and characters. We are all victims of our childhoods and upbringings. Any who, I found myself reading cards for everyone and contemplating what Pam had told me. A series of events then unfolded, and all signs pointed home. I dropped out of University, packed up and moved back home.

Meeting Amber the Gypsy Fortune teller

I used to joke that I'll join a circus and be a Gypsy fortune teller after all my Grandpa came from the blood. My great Grandfather was supposed of Romany descent and travelled around a lot. Even though nobody in my family does what I do it's my grandpa's families on both sides that I know nothing about, I came in this way so the DNA or ancestry must be there somewhere...

A few months after I returned back from University, I made it my mission to learn as much about my self as possible. I began reading and researching Astrology, Numerology and everything that could to help me better understand my potential. Now that I knew there were real readers out there in the world, I wanted to meet some. I found Amber a Gypsy Fortune teller temporarily based in London.


It felt like divine intervention, I set the intention to find the best reader there was to help guide me, and the universe delivered me, Amber. Everything about her drew me in and even the way I found her was magical, and a few years later, she stopped doing readings, so my timing was perfect.

You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you would love to swap places to do what they do, well I had that. Amber was a Gypsy fortune teller, she specialised in Tarot, Palmistry and reiki, she also did clairvoyance all in one package. I have never met anyone like her since. I have had many readings from many readers over the years.

I feel like the entire experience set me on my path... You see, I found someone who is doing what I wanted to do, therefore breaking that belief that my father planted in my brain all those years ago. It was confirmed that there are successful, genuine readers who help people make sense out of life. Amber had become something I aspired to be. Maybe I'll share one day what she predicted for me.



For the first time in a really long time, I was truly happy and loving life. I joined a spiritual Circle and participated at board nights (Ouija). I got to put my Astrological know-how to the test gathering real-life examples and research of punters in my bar jobs.  I was healed from the previous traumas that took place to get me to the place I was now in my life... That I decided to manifest a soulmate.

I set my intentions, wrote my petitions and did a little Witchy-woo and boy ole boy did the universe provide.

I dreamt of the man for months... Each dream giving me insight into who he was; what he looked like, what he was like, what he did for a living and how we would meet. Just like in my dream of how we would meet, it played out exactly. 

It's so true that people come into your life for a reason, and even though that relationship has now ended, I wouldn't change a single thing. I learnt so much about myself, about men, and it was this man that encouraged me to start my own business. Maybe I'll share this story in more detail at a later date.

Black candle and old tarot cards on wood

Becoming A Professional Reader...

I then asked the universe “okay, so how do I become a professional?”

Again I could not make these stories up even if I tried... I was back from University and unpacking some old boxes that I had left from my previous place, having now moved back home. I found a flyer from the job that I left that led me to University in the first place. It was a Flyer for a Spiritual Reader who gave accredited Tarot courses. 

I mean I had to laugh, I asked and the universe provided... Now, of course, you don't need a piece of paper to state you can do something, the work you do speaks for itself. The experience, however, was rewarding because it confirmed to me that I could already do it. 

I'm not saying that in an egotistical way, my classmates would always ask me why I was there if I could already do it. I had no formal training in Tarot, I was a Gypsy fortune teller who used Gypsy cards and oracle cards. Alas, I passed my exams with flying colours, and I got the experience of reading cards for complete strangers. Up until that point, I had only read for people who knew me through my side jobs. In a sort of word of mouth kind of way, It was through friends of friends. 


I again asked the universe the question, how do I start my own business...

The universe provided me with two options, I found a How to Start or Grow your Tarot business online and the renowned BSchool. It's funny to me because I made the mistake of rushing the purchase/investment. Mercury Rx, and at the time, I was still mapping transits and should have waited before committing. 

Any who, Marie Forleo from B School kept showing up everywhere, so it was clear that the universe was saying "THIS ONE". Note to self, never go against your vibes even if logic is telling you to. The Start your Tarot business online was niche more specifically to an area that I was going into (tarot), and so I made the abysmal investment choice of opting for that one. It was, in my opinion, the worst experience, but it did teach me a couple of things. 



It taught me how I will never treat a client or student (If I ever one day have something to teach). The support and exchange felt more about the transaction of money than helping me work out where the problem might be. Considering this was a prominent person featured in so many magazines and online blogs, I was shocked by the exchange. The program system didn't work for me, and the whole reason for me opting into this option was that it was tailored to my specific field, was promised it was the right fit at the start only to fall short of said promises.



The second thing it taught me was to think about my stand out quality, what separates me from other readers and have that as the point of marketing. In case you have never had a reading with me, I incorporate Astrology into my readings along with clairvoyance. I also will never B*** Sh*t you. I tell you exactly what I see and am told - I'm not a fluffy reader, and I will always keep it real with you. I am not about stringing people along to get them to buy another and another, I want you to reach results not stay stuck.


After I paid off the bad investment, I did go with B School and I must say, It's worth every penny. I'm still not yet a graduate, as I am working through the reading lists and tweaking and incorporating my findings. 

It's been a good 6 years learning about business part-time, and I have come to realise I am not a savvy business person, but I will continue to learn and grow as I still do with my Astrological research and study. Might just be my Gemini Moon but I am always reading 3 books at a time, one astrological, one spiritual and one related to business.

Having a Spiritual Business is not like having a regular business... I mean yes you have to get paid that's what makes it a business, it's a form of energy exchange. What I do is not and will never be about selling there is only one of me, and I put a lot of time and energy into every reading I do... 


In the past 10 years, I have studied with Western Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers and Chinese Astrologers, taking webinars, classes and of course, reading and doing my own research.

I love to learn, and I aim to share some of these insights on YouTube - I have just come out of my Saturn Return age 31, and it probably is time to show my face - It's been a long time. 


  1. Everything happens for a reason

  2. Trust your vibes & trust yourself

  3. Follow the stars and signs. The universe is always guiding you to what you want most just remember to meet it halfway.

  4. Do ALL things with Kindness

  5. Stay True to yourself and speak your truth

  6. Do more of what lights you up.

  7. Do the work


I fuse western Astrology with sidereal, using equal house system and an avid user of asteroids.

Astrology has explained so much about life, about why certain things happen to certain people. It's helped confirm to me what I am here to do and your birth chart is your birthright. Life always felt like chaos, and the stars and planets create a sort of order to things. It's patterns, cycles and energy frequencies - its life and life can be magical. 


So here I am, you're all caught up... I guide people through their life story. I help people make sense of their life situations, helping them to better understand themselves, their lives, purpose and potential... and I must say I have never felt more fulfilled doing this work. 

peace & love

Kerry-Ann x o x o

The Little Witch

"we are all the creators of our own realities.
The life you have is YOURS and only you can live it.
There is no one like you so honour that and be the best you that you can be.
The greatest learning comes through your own experiences."

The Little Witch



I never knew any spiritual people growing up. I was continually seeking to find someone who could explain why I am so different, and that resulted in me being on a path of searching. I was always seeking out different cultures, religions, spiritual practices and beliefs that couldn't be found within my own.

I love to learn, to grow and expand my mind to becoming the best possible person I can be. I didn't have the best first part of life, but I choose it, to incarnate here and now, had I of had different parents I wouldn't be who I am. Life is about taking responsibility for it for your life because it is YOURS.

The universe is always communicating with us, everything in life is patterns, cycles and when you notice and take stock of those patterns, you work with instead of against life it can be truly magical.

We all know and take in so much more than we think we do, tapping into that less dominant side of the brain is the key I feel to living a more fulfilling life. What I mean by that is looking at any given situation differently expands your perspective upon it. 

There is so much of the world that is unseen, unknown, undiscovered, unbelievable and un-explainable.

I have come to realise is you're only ever capable of experiencing that in which you believe in. If you don't believe you shall not experience unless you're surrounded by a lot of others, who do believe.

Everything emits an energetic frequency, our brains give off signals that can only experience or receive a connection to those on the same wavelength - Like a radio . 

I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe you stumbling upon here has some meaning, be it to teach me something or for me to help you with something.

If you would like me to decode your birth chart or take a peek into your beautiful future, please do check out my services. 

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